Atlanta’s doctors provide answers to all your medical questions.

One Best Self reader asked: My teenage daughter has psoriasis. She is embarrassed to wear short sleeves and has become very self-conscious. She has started exfoliating in hopes of removing the dry skin, but it seems to be getting worse. Is there a better solution?

Mark Knautz, MD of Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Cancer Center responds: With stress to the skin being a trigger for psoriasis, using an abrasive product can aggravate the condition and cause further challenges. As we enter cold, dry winter weather, lack of sunlight can also be a trigger. When at home, keep in mind that the skin is sensitive. Stay away from products with heavy perfume and fragrance.
Step One: Try apple cider vinegar (which soothes skin inflammation) diluted with water as a compress.
Step Two: Mix two teaspoons of olive oil into a glass of milk and pour into the bath water as a soak.
Step Three: Eat your green vegetables, which act as an anti-inflammatory. The best tip is to see your physician for suggestions on the ideal treatment for your individual needs.

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Goga Studios is a health and wellness studio where you can experience the unique fitness technique called Whole Body Vibration. A 10 minute session on the Goga Vibration Platform produces an oscillation movement that triggers involuntary muscle contractions. The program is designed to help with weight loss, improve circulation and muscle tone. $49 for a monthly membership.

Details: 3005 Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek, GA, (770) 343-6007,

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It’s the muse of countless songs and sonnets, the muscle we all need to keep strong, and it’s at the “heart” of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s February issue. We gathered information from long-time couples, heart specialists and relationship experts on all the best ways to keep your heart healthy and happy.

No matter what stage of life you are in, keeping your heart strong is not just about fitness and a good diet, but emotional health too. Sometimes finding that partner to work out with can help give you that extra motivational push.
Best Self interviewed six Fit Couples who spoke about how exercising together has made all the difference. Looking to find that special someone? Then make sure to read all about where the singles in Atlanta mingle in our feature, Finding Love Over 40 and Making it Last.

Although primarily thought of as a man’s disease, heart disease is the cause of death in one in three women each year. National Wear Red Day in support of heart disease awareness in women is Feb 1. Do your part by wearing red and reading up on all the latest advances in heart health, treatments and services that Atlanta’s medical institutions are offering.

Whether it’s finding a new flame or fitness routine, remember to always keep your ticker in top shape and pick up a copy of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s February issue today!

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Growing up in Hawaii and Arizona meant I spent a lot of time outdoors.  I love the beauty and intrigue of the ocean and the desert.  Naturally, I was thrilled when I discovered a new product line that uses ingredients indigenous to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, my old backyard!

Sia Botanics Prickly Pear Collection, uses the cactus’ antioxidants to fight free radical damage and detoxify the skin. I never imagined that one day Prickly Pear would be touted as the next pomegranate or acai nature cure.  Its juice and seed oil contains high levels of betalains, a class of super-antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and speed cellular turnover. The products help fight the good fight against aging without the help of sulfates or skin-irritating fragrances.

The packaging is beautiful and the company is passionate about skin care.  The Prickly Pear collection, contains five products for just $100 but there is a variety of products to meet all skincare needs.

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Thrill-seekers can gear up for some fast, flying fun as they take on Serenbe’s new challenge course. To foster teamwork, leadership, problem solving, communication and fun the course offers nine different levels of zip lines and various team-building exercises.

Whether you’re looking for an activity to unite your employees and colleagues or want to just have fun, don’t be afraid to zip through Serenbe. $49 per participant.

Details: 10950 Hutcheson Ferry Road, Chattahoochee Hills, GA, (770) 463-2610,

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Get the motivation, helpful advice and knowledge you need to kick off this new year in a healthy way.

Owner of West Coast Workout studio, Tammy Stokes kicks off her special event Live Your Healthiest Life on Jan. 13 from noon to 2:30 p.m.

This one-day event will include cooking demonstrations, weight loss secrets, stress reduction techniques, beauty secrets, fitness techniques and more. Come on over to West Coast Workout studio in Buckhead. Tickets are $100

For more information call (404) 467-0602 or visit the West Coast Workout studio’s website

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By Neal McSpadden

The first impression that you get upon walking into Soho restaurant in Vinings is warm and welcoming. It is no accident that Soho is the neighborhood destination for the Vinings crowd that wants good food and friendly company. While I was there, I saw several people walk into the bar area and run into friends already there.

Beef and Crab Cake Sliders

One of the unique things about Soho is their menu. Every restaurant says their menu is special, but in Soho’s case it is actually true. It’s unique in the sense that there is something for everybody.

The picky eater who wants his food prepared only one way can choose from burgers, sliders, fish, and chicken with standard side items, while the adventurous eater who is up for anything has Wagyu beef carpaccio and elk tenderloin as selections.

Fried Quail

Fried Quail

My favorite was the southern fried quail. It is close enough to a typical fried chicken to please the picky eater, while at the same time it has a hint of spice and that slightly different flavor of the game bird to interest the adventurous eater.

Soho might be the perfect destination for your party when you want something that will please everyone and still be fantastic.

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Organize your plan to achieve happiness and success in the New Year!

Whether you call them goals, priorities or New Year’s resolutions, almost everyone has them. Some of us even go a step further by making a resolution to change, but not everyone sticks to it.

Before you can set your resolutions in motion, begin to assess what it is you really want to change in your life. This could be anything from getting more fit to saving money or spending more time with loved ones. Once you understand what you want to change, you can begin forming a plan on how to make your resolutions a reality.

The interactive resolution journal in Best Self’s January issue will not only help you organize your goals, but also help you set up a plan to achieve them. So get a pen and start planning your best self for 2013!

Check out the resolution journal in our digital issue!  Or pick up your own copy at our various locations around the city


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In case you missed Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s January cover girl Kat Carney’s interview this morning  on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, she spoke about her new show “The Weigh We Were” and gave some great weigh loss tips including:

1. Keep a food journal

2. Make sure half of your plate consists of vegetables

3. Cut down on high calorie beverages

4. Start walking!

To watch the complete Better Mornings interview with Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s January cover girl Kat Carney click here!

Read more about Kat Carney and her amazing weight loss journey by picking up a copy of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s January issue.

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By Iman Naim

celebrate the holidays with lift up atlantaMake a child’s Christmas special by participating in a Christmas Carnival and toy drive on December 22 hosted by Lift Up Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that benefits homeless women and children.

The carnival festivities include food, games, prizes, face paintings, clowns, magicians, plays, balloon twisters and more. There will also be a silent auction with donated products and services.

Toy sponsors have also joined in on the Christmas spirit by buying toys for the children and their mothers. The carnival will take place  from 2-4 p.m. at the Pinckneyville Community Center in Norcross. Admission is $6. Toy and winter wear donations are welcome!
Pinckneyville Community Center, 4650 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard  Norcross, GA 30071, (770) 417-2200

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