By Addie Balenger

As summer winds down, the August issue of Best Self Atlanta Magazine is packed with ideas to make the most of the end of the season. Pick up your August issue on newsstands next week. Check out the list of pickup spots located around the city.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

  • Dealing with muscle or joint pains that won’t go away? In our Best Finds section, learn about the different types of sports therapies that can provide relief to all sorts of aches and where they are offered in Atlanta.
  • Learn the truth about what healthy eating can do for you in our feature story, The Real Cost of Today’s Food. Associate Publisher Patti Stephens and her family share their healthy meal making secrets and tips.
  • End the summer right by participating in one of the charity events in our August give-back guide, and read about other fun activities, like rafting down the Ocoee River in our Best Fun section.

As always, keep in mind that it’s important to take measures that help you be your best self. Whether it’s trying out a sports therapy, changing your eating habits, or taking a fun day to rejuvenate, do something to improve yourself!

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Atlanta’s local doctors provide answers to all your medical questions. One Best Self reader asked: Are there any other symptoms that I should be aware of that could indicate the presence of venous insufficiency (a condition in which the flow of blood through the veins is impaired)?

Darrell Caudill, MD, FACS from VeinInnovations: Yes. Common symptoms include swelling of the feet and swelling of the ankles. The legs may also become more restless and easily fatigued, particularly at night. Of course, an acutely swollen leg may also indicate a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, which is a serious problem and requires immediate intervention.

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Kick start your workout at the newly opened The Bar Fitness. Created by a group of brothers who share a love for fitness, this facility offers yoga, kickboxing and unique workouts named after mixed drinks.

Their B-Fit group training program incorporates exercises using kettlebells, climbing ropes, sledgehammers and more to target each of your muscle groups. Come take a free intro class every Saturday at 10 a.m.
908 Bowen St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, (678) 264-8025

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By Addie Balenger

If you’re looking for an offbeat way to spend this Saturday at 5p.m., consider joining Jonathan Prince, a renowned lifestyle runner, philanthropist and OrthoLite brand ambassador, at his Runners Exchange campaign. Prince will lead a one-mile run tour at Piedmont Park as part of his efforts to promote an active lifestyle. In addition, all race participants will be provided with OrthoLite insoles. Prince will personally testify as to how the strength and cushioning of the insoles has positively impacted his running.

Dubbed the “Prince of Strides,” Jonathon uses his endurance running to encourage others to put their dreams into action. Prince always runs for a cause, recording over 12,000 miles in his career. His first major feat was to run from California to Georgia to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims.

This past June, OrthoLite and Prince announced their partnership. OrthoLite supports Prince as he travels the country in his Runners Exchange campaign, a multi-city one-mile tour led by Prince to encourage active and healthy lifestyles. OrthoLite is the leader of open cell foam insoles that reduce moisture and provide layered comfort.

The event will take place at the Piedmont Park, 400 Park Drive Northeast at the 10th street entrance.

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What’s the Difference?   
Whether to go with saline or silicone breast implants is a matter of personal choice. Before you decide which is right for you, it is important to make sure you understand the pros and cons of each.

Saline implants are filled with saline, typically at the time of surgery. These tend to feel firmer than silicone implants. There could be a slightly greater chance of visible rippling or wrinkling with saline implants. The chances of this are reduced when implants are inserted under the pectoral muscle.

Silicone implants are prefilled with silicone gel, which is a thick, sticky fluid that mimics the feel of natural tissue.

In most cases, there is little to no difference between the appearances of breasts augmented with saline versus silicone. However, each patient’s individual muscle stiffness or looseness is important to consider when choosing the implant type.
-Courtesy of Dr. Robert Colgrove, Vinings Surgery Center

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Atlanta’s local doctors provide answers to all your medical questions. One Best Self reader asked: Why would I have a plastic surgeon do a hair transplant 
procedure for me?

Keith Jeffords, MD, DDS from Paramount Plastic Surgery: Hair transplantation is a reconstructive surgery. Most providers for hair transplant procedures are not experienced facial surgeons. One procedure for reconstructing all types of hair loss including baldness, loss of eyebrows and post-surgical scarring is the NeoGraft follicular unit procedure.

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If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, head just 90 miles north of Atlanta to Lucille’s Mountain Top Inn and Spa. This cozy bed and breakfast is located near the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers all the comforts of a relaxing inn and day spa. You can enjoy nature walks and breathtaking views of the Sautee Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains, and then head over to their spa for a massage or anti-stress facial. There are 10 rooms at the inn, so it never feels overly crowded. This retreat is ideal for a romantic vacation for two or a girlfriends retreat.
Details: 964 Rabun Road, Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571, 
(866) 245-4777,

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iOS health 
management app
Launched by Kaiser Permanente, this app offers patients access to all of the same time-saving tools they can use through My Health Manager on Patients can check lab test results, order prescription refills and manage appointments.
Get it: Free at the Apple iTunes store



Slim Down For Women App
Created by iTRAIN, this app is an easy-to-use six-week weight loss program that you can take anywhere. Each workout provides you top celebrity trainer guidance remixed with heart-pumping music.
Get it:

Gain Fitness 3.0 App
This iPhone app personalizes workouts based on your needs and schedule. It also tracks your progress while the algorithmic workouts help you stay fit and active.
Get it: The Apple iTunes store,

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Learn healthy eating habits while cooking up three different delicious Italian dishes at Chef Linda Harrell’s Healthy Eating and Fitness class at Cibo E Beve restaurant.
While you cook and enjoy “skinny cocktails,” fitness trainer and registered nurse Debbie Roness will give you inside tips on different foods and exercises that can help burn off calories. Classes are $50. (404) 250-8988

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By Anne-Marie Berte @am_sunshine

Retro Aerobics at Exhale Spa literally lit up the studio with all its florescent splendor on Sunday. I came ready in my hot pink top, sparkly headband and side pony.  I couldn’t find my leg warmers so the next best thing had to be florescent socks.  Interesting how styles come back around and all the bright colors we wore back then are hot in the fashion world right now.

Added to the schedule as a special class just for this Sunday, the class had a great turnout. It kept an intense beat and Barbara Schultz led with enthusiastic knee raises, pony kicks, swimmers, grapevine, skiers, box jumps, heel jacks, twists and much much more.

What I loved the most was the way the music kept the energy in the room light and fun.  Guests were smiling as they bounced around working up an incredible sweat.  I felt like a kid again- light on my feet, not a care in the world as my body just moved to the sounds of the 80s.  It’s interesting the memories that can come to mind through music and how we sometimes forget, myself included, that exercise can and should be fun and not so serious all the time.

My heart rate definitely peaked as I burned some serious calories!  So next time you’re bored with your workout routine, don’t forget how fun it is to mix it up – not to mention good for your body and mind!  Turn on some 80s music in your own house and dance around or look to Best Self to find some new, challenging workouts in and around the city.  Heck, I will even take the class with you if you’re looking for someone to motivate you along the way!

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