Take advantage of the diversity the Counterpoint Festival has to offer from September 27 to 29. Featuring works from local artists and art schools, as well as food from some of Atlanta’s favorite restaurants, food trucks and breweries, this event will satisfy the likes of art, sports, music and food enthusiasts alike.
This two-day festival boasts a lineup of bands including Bassnectar and Lotus, and with performance stages set up on acres of land and on the backdrop of a beautiful lake, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time all weekend long.
9445 Browns Lake Road, Fairburn, GA.

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By Intisar Seraaj-Sabree

With school back in session, many students bring laptops, cell phones and other valuable electronics with them. The Atlanta office of Signal 88 Security is sponsoring the Campus Crime Prevention program as part of an initiative to help college students and their parents take measures to proactively protect their personal belongings while away at school
Here are some tips for keeping your property safe:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings, especially while your valuables are out in the open.
  • Lock your car doors if something valuable is there. Hide anything valuable, if possible.
  • Have a security lock on your electronics, if possible, and be aware of ways to track your device, whether by GPS or by serial number.
  • Lock you dorm room while you are away, even if you are just taking a shower or going down the hall to visit a friend.

For more safety tips and statistics on college crime visit www.signal88.com

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quit smokingHere are some helpful advice to curb the craving to light up:

Plan activities. Schedule activities that you enjoy (but don’t associate with smoking) to stay occupied.
Lean on others for support. Ask friends and family to help motivate you, or call the National Cancer Institute helpline (877-448-7848) for encouragement.
Get physical. Take a walk or jog.
Fiddle. If you enjoyed the feeling of a cigarette in your hand, find a small object, such as a paperclip or stress ball, that you can play with instead.
Keep your mouth busy. Try chewing sugar-free gum or noshing on fruits and veggies whenever you get a craving.
Cut back on alcohol. Alcohol can often act as a trigger for smoking.
Distract yourself. Keep yourself busy with an interesting book or a puzzle to solve.
—Courtesy of Piedmont Hospital

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In Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s upcoming September issue, multiple Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks about the 2012 Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge and ways to form healthy habits today.

Dr. Gupta gives an exciting and thought-provoking interview about the health challenges we face. This special men’s health issue is also dedicated to Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, health checks for men and an interview with former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga method.

Don’t miss out on picking up your copy of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s September issue with Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s in-depth interview. Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s September issue will be available at Whole Foods Markets, Publix and many other locations throughout metro Atlanta.

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global keratin treatmentYour questions answered about Global Keratin Treatment for hair   

Keratin is a protein found in the skin, hair and nails. When used in hair treatments, a global keratin treatment restores hair, increases shine and reduces frizz by repairing and providing long-term conditioning and protection against UV rays and pollution.

What types of hair qualify for the treatment?
The global keratin treatment is designed to reduce frizziness, so all hair types such as kinky, curly and straight hair qualify.

What do I have to do to maintain the treatment?
The formula will gradually wash away over a period of time. It will last up to three months, depending on the hair type and maintenance. To maintain, you must use the global keratin balancing or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, none of which contain formaldehyde.

What is the cost?
A keratin treatment without a hair cut, $79.

—Courtesy of Pat Alessi, Salon 1580 at Solera Salon and Spa

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Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s September issue is dedicated to men’s health and has a not-to-be missed candid interview with multiple Emmy®-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Dr. Gupta’s exciting interview sheds light on some things you can do in your own life to improve your health and gives insight in the 2012 Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge which culminates at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in September.

The 2012 Tri Challenge Team also includes local radio personality Jeff Dauler of Q-100’s The Bert Show who talks to Best Self Atlanta about how he prepared for the triathlon and the challenges he faced.

Don’t miss out on picking up your copy of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s September issue with Dr. Gupta’s in-depth interview. This special issue will also shine a spotlight on Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and showcase a talk with former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga method.

Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s September issue is available at Whole Foods Markets, Publix and many other locations throughout metro Atlanta.

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high country outfittersIf you are looking for an exhilarating summer activity, try rafting down the Ocoee River. Whether you’re a novice or veteran rafting enthusiast, different course levels make for a good time for kids and adults. First timers will benefit from expert guides who lead rafters through tumultuous waters, all while witnessing beautiful scenery along the way.

While in the raft, it is important to be alert for what is next around the bend. However, there is no need to worry, since your guide will tell you exactly how to take on the rapids and navigate the rocks in stride. Though your arms may be sore from paddling, it’s a great rush and a challenge to be out on the river whitewater rafting.

High Country Outfitters’ outpost on the Ocoee River (known as High Country Adventures), is the place to go for this exciting whitewater rafting adventure. If you feel daring, raft down the Ocoee River, or take it slow down the Hiwassee River.  Trips down the Hiwassee are open to ages six and up, while the Ocoee is open to ages 12 and up. Pricing varies, but there are specials on Sundays and combo trip special offers available. (800) 233-8594, 430 Highway 64 East, Ocoee, TN, 37361, www.hcrivers.com

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A Meaningful Massage
I love a great massage, but there are times when a body needs more than a “frou-frou” rubdown. Whether you are an avid athlete or a novice who has pushed yourself just a little beyond your physical limit, I recommend Body Mechanics Sports Massage Therapy in Norcross.

As the official sports massage provider for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks, Dr. Malucci and his staff have treated a lengthy list of pro athletes and celebrities, making them a trusted source specializing in corrective care.

Massages range from $90 to $150, and they also offer a hyperbaric chamber treatment, great for injury recovery and improving runner endurance. (770) 447-9090

For more info on Jessica visit www.jessicashops.com

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DiabetesEmory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna now offers a free “Managing Diabetes with Insulin” class at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of every month.

In addition to the monthly diabetes education classes, they have added this adjunct class for people who take insulin.

If you are knowledgeable about diabetes, but just want more information or are having problems with your insulin, this would be a great review class. Call the education department to register at (770) 437-6913.

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By Erin Cotter

Best Self Atlanta is so excited to announce that CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be appearing on the cover of our September issue. We will be featuring an in-depth interview with Dr. Gupta, in which he will be giving us the inside scoop on some simple things we can do to lead healthier lives.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta also spoke with Best Self Atlanta about the 2012 Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge, how he handles his busy schedule, and what are the most important steps people can take today to improve their overall health.

Don’t miss the September issue of Best Self Atlanta Magazine and Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s insightful interview. September is a special month for Best Self Atlanta, because it is our Men’s Health Issue with special information on Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, a talk with former pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page and some great ideas to ramp up your workout! Enjoy fitness tips, great recipe ideas and the special interview with the fitness guru himself, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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