Niece of a Moustache Dash runner staging her own international Moustache DashTo get involved with our upcoming 2013 Moustache Dash 5K/1M run, you have lots of options: registering for the race, growing your own moustache, sporting your moustache products, or banding together as a team to raise money for a men’s health-related charity. The Maloney Center for Plastic Surgery has already formed their team, and they’re not the only ones–one of the team member’s nieces is currently serving in Afghanistan. She and her unit have donned moustaches to support the cause, and they will even stage their own overseas Moustache Dash on the same day. Join these international (or inter”stache”ional!) supporters and form your own team right here at home for the 2013 Moustache Dash.

To learn more about the race on November 9, click HERE. For ideas of fun moustache related products to bring to the race and show your Movember pride, click HERE, or check out our Facebook event page. See you at the race!

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Allergy DropsAccording to current estimates, as many as 50 million Americans suffer from nasal and sinus congestion known as allergies. If you experience seasonal allergies but don’t have the time or the stomach for weekly shots at your doctor’s office, the solution is under your tongue.

Oral immunotherapy by sublingual drops, commonly referred to as allergy drops, is an individually customized alternative to shots designed to desensitize you to the things that make you sneeze, wheeze, cough, itch, scratch and suffer.

Based on what you are allergic to, sterile extracts are prepared from allergy-producing substances such as pollens, molds, house dust and animal danders. These tailor-made drops are then taken under the tongue in increasingly stronger doses over several months until your maximum or maintenance dose has been achieved.

Allergy drops are convenient for many people because they can be taken at home with a dropper and save patients the travel time needed for regular trips to the doctor’s office for a shot. Oral immunotherapy also carries a much lower risk of anaphylaxis when compared to allergy injections.

Oral allergen immunotherapy works just like a vaccine, as your body responds to the increasing amounts of a particular allergen by developing a tolerance to it. As a result, you will experience far fewer allergy symptoms or none at all. Some patients will stay symptom-free, while others may need to do maintenance drops from time to time.

–This Best Health article courtesy of Jeffrey Gallups, MD, FACS of The ENT Institute


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PureMoist lipsticks

One of the many reasons to love Jane Iredale makeup is the natural ingredients found in their lipsticks, including their PureMoist lipsticks. The new PureMoist lipsticks glide on effortlessly thanks to a formula containing superfruit extracts like moringa, avocado and sunflower oils, orange peel wax, and pomegranate and blackberry fruits. These fruit extracts provide antioxidant protection and soothing hydration to lips. Choose from shades like sheer honeysuckle or bubble gum pink. $25

Details: Natural Body Spa,,

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Recycle your old electronics here!It’s time to clean out the junk drawer! Make a positive impact on the environment this fall by recycling your old electronics during the upcoming Keep Forsyth County Beautiful “E-Recycle” event. The event will be held on Saturday, October 26, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Cumming Fairgrounds’ parking lot 3 off of Castleberry Road. This event allows you to get rid of your old electronics without contributing to landfills. Accepted items for recycling include laptops, stereos, CD players, cell phones, microwaves, cameras and more. Some items will not be accepted during the event, so check or call 770.205.4573 for the complete list of acceptable items.

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Marriage and family therapist Dr. Shatavia Thomas gives her advice on how to get rid of guilt.

Q: How can guilt be described?

A: Guilt typically refers to feeling bad about behaviors conflicting with your morals or values. It impacts families because it can lead to emotional distance in relationships.

Q: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about guilt?

A: Guilt can be a good thing! Accepting responsibility for your actions shows growth and emotional maturity. This may lead to closer relationships because you can reaffirm shared values and commitment.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of guilt?

A: Reflect upon how what you did goes against your standards. Acknowledge, apologize and ask what you can do to make amends. Forgive yourself. Learn from the experience.

Q: What do we need to recognize about guilt?

A: It can damage relationships in that the person/people may not be willing to forgive and forget (at least not right away).

Q: What is a positive affirmation someone can use to help deal with guilt?

A: “Grow and go from guilt!” Learn and apply the lesson. Don’t let guilt paralyze your personal development or limit your potential in other relationships.

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Monique Shaw from Get on Board ATLAtlanta isn’t exactly a waterfront city, but don’t let that stop you from surfing with Get on Board ATL! Local trainer and owner of Get on Board ATL Monique Shaw is bringing the boards to land with SurfSET Fitness. These unique classes involve using the RipSurfer X, a portable surf board that uses resistance bands to mimic the instability of being on water.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever been surfing because this class is great for the beginner or the skilled athlete. Engaging your core muscles and balancing skills, Monique will take you through a variety of movements all designed to improve and tone your body. Choose from four different programs including Balance, which is yoga-inspired, Burn, which is a high-intensity cardio workout, Build, which is focused on building strength and muscle definition, and Blend, which is the interval-based core session that combines it all. Monique offers group classes and one-on-one instruction as well. Sessions start at $45 per person, so what are you waiting for? Get on board today!

Details: (678) 951-5823,

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Sally B’s Skin Yummies is hosting Vision Day, a workshop on Sunday, October 13th that will help you de-stress and align your life. Led by Master Life Coach Elaine Alpert, the day will consist of many different elements (Vision Board creation, tapping techniques, and coaching) to help participants identify self-sabotaging patterns and explore techniques to find their best selves. The workshop will last from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. and costs $65 per person.

Details: 800 Miami Circle, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA,


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Rachel Stroud, a Registered Dietitian and Community Wellness Representative for Good Measure Meals, shares her food substitution ideas for healthy weight loss.

Rachel Stroud from Good Measure MealsLosing weight can be a daunting task.  So here is my favorite weight loss secret: slow and steady wins this race. Small changes over a longer period of time are much more likely to result in sustained weight loss and healthier behaviors than cutting massive amounts of calories all at once or using any method that promises quick and easy results.  Which means not just switching your favorite foods to their respective “diet” versions – I’m talking about small changes every day with real food.

Below is my list of 100 calorie changes based on my philosophy that a healthy diet can and should be delicious.  If you eat just 100 calories less than what your body needs per day for the next year, you’ll lose over 10lbs!  (The math: 3,500 calories cut = 1lb. lost.) 


  • Instead of a 12 oz. glass of orange juice, reach for a medium-sized orange.  104 calories cut.

  • Trade a 3-egg omelet in the morning for one whole egg and two egg whites.  114 calories cut.  Bonus points for subbing your meat/cheese for an array of colorful veggies. 
  • Rather than 1 cup of ice cream after dinner, fill a bowl with ½ cup of ice cream and one cup sliced strawberries.  More to munch on and 93 calories cut.

  • When you’re aching for a bubbly drink, skip the can of soda and reach for a glass of sparkling water with squeezed lemon or lime.  110 calories cut.

  • Plan your snacks.  Pack one cup of raw veggies with ¼ cup hummus, or an 8 oz. serving of yogurt and skip the vending machine bag of M&Ms. 106 calories cut.

For the rest of Rachel’s list, make sure to pick up your copy of Best Self Atlanta’s October issue at any one of these local places around the city! You can also check out her great advice on how to save time in the kitchen.


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Natural Health Atlanta’s Marcia B. Williams, ND is here to give you her best advice on dealing with guilt.

Marcia B. Williams, ND from Natural Health AtlantaQ: How can guilt be described?

A: Guilt is a feeling of personal failure to oneself or to others. Nutrition is my area of specialty, and I see many clients with uncontrolled food cravings who feel guilty because of over-indulgences.

Q: What is the one thing that most people don’t know about guilt?

A: Most people don’t understand that focusing on the guilt they feel about eating unhealthy food lessens the control they have, and therefore makes the cravings stronger.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of guilt?

A: As guilt relates to food, a good strategy is to find foods that taste good and are also healthy. You will then feel good about yourself and the guilt will disappear.

Q: What is the one thing we need to recognize about guilt?

A: Guilt will prevent you from achieving your goals. With food, the more you overindulge, the guiltier you feel, so you keep eating to feel better, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

A: I allow myself a very good dessert on special occasions. Chocolate truffles and strawberry shortcake are my favorites. I don’t feel guilty because normally I eat very healthy and exercise, so I deserve it!

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Emory-Adventist Women's Wellness ForumEmory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna is hosting a Women’s Wellness Forum on October 22 at 7 p.m. Dr. Melinda Miller-Thrasher will be discussing proper self-breast exams, unusual uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, hormones and even fertility problems. She will review the latest treatments and procedures, so come get informed about all aspects of women’s wellness! Please call to register.

Details: 3949 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, GA, 770-319-2025,


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