In case you missed Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s January cover girl Kat Carney’s interview this morning  on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, she spoke about her new show “The Weigh We Were” and gave some great weigh loss tips including:

1. Keep a food journal

2. Make sure half of your plate consists of vegetables

3. Cut down on high calorie beverages

4. Start walking!

To watch the complete Better Mornings interview with Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s January cover girl Kat Carney click here!

Read more about Kat Carney and her amazing weight loss journey by picking up a copy of Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s January issue.

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By Iman Naim

celebrate the holidays with lift up atlantaMake a child’s Christmas special by participating in a Christmas Carnival and toy drive on December 22 hosted by Lift Up Atlanta, a nonprofit organization that benefits homeless women and children.

The carnival festivities include food, games, prizes, face paintings, clowns, magicians, plays, balloon twisters and more. There will also be a silent auction with donated products and services.

Toy sponsors have also joined in on the Christmas spirit by buying toys for the children and their mothers. The carnival will take place  from 2-4 p.m. at the Pinckneyville Community Center in Norcross. Admission is $6. Toy and winter wear donations are welcome!
Pinckneyville Community Center, 4650 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard  Norcross, GA 30071, (770) 417-2200

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Best Self Atlanta’s December issue is packed full of wonderful beauty tips – here are just a few from local experts:

best self brings you beauty tips from local expertsDid you know?
When you’re looking for dramatic results, the best thing is to go prescriptive. Look for free radical scavengers and collagen boosters like vitamin A (Retin A), vitamins C and E. You can enjoy the benefits of anti-aging through oral supplements and topical serums like Revisions Vitamin C Serum 30%.
Alethea Tinkle – Bella by Alethea Medspa

Two products everyone needs to combat signs of aging:
A daily sunscreen with high UVA/UVB protective factor
A medical grade antioxidant with stabilized L-ascorbic acid over 15% – this is clinically proven to correct existing damage, firm/re-texturize skin, lighten discoloration, prevent free radicals and stimulate collagen.
Jill Barron, spa director/licensed aesthetician – Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa

Beauty Secret
To keep your mineral foundation looking flawless all day, spritz a toner on after you apply. This leaves your skin with a beautiful, dewy finish and sets the makeup to perfection!
Lyn Ross, L.M.E. President – Institut’ DERMed

Make yourself a priority

Whether it’s taking a yoga class, getting an airbrush tan or turning off the alarm clock, find out what makes you look and feel your best and make it happen.
Tiffany Terranova, owner – RAW Bronzing Studio


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Best Self Atlanta’s December issue is packed full of great fitness and nutrition tips – here are just a few from local experts:

A great way to reduce calories and fat and to add a healthy bonus of gut-friendly probiotics is to replace that dollop of sour cream with a spoonful of plain greek yogurt.
Allison Wildenburg, ND  Natural Health Atlanta

When it’s cold, we tend to eat more just to keep our body temperature up. You can find warmth in foods like avocado, quinoa, chicken breast and fish. Eat as if you’re on an island and you’re seeing snow outside.
Dovett Quince, Celebrity Trainer – Body Sculptor, Inc.

Kick up a fuss
Whether you are a hard-core swimmer or a boot camp devotee, incorporating Pilates into your workout routine helps keep your muscles loose and flexible, and allows your body to recuperate while still working your muscles.
Stability Pilates & Physical Therapy 

Just say no
Keep it simple:  avoid sugar and flour!
Linda McIver-Duxbury, Nurse Practitioner & President – 2UMedical Weight Solutions

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Tony and October Gonzalez speak to Best Self Atlanta about family, health and what the future holds for them.

For Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez and his wife, October, the NFL is just the beginning of their very big life.

This dynamic couple has used their celebrity status to bring attention to a number of causes and organizations that are close to their hearts, and through it all, they’ve managed to put family first.

Now that Tony’s football career is coming to a close, they have big plans for their next chapter.

Read more about Tony and October in Best Self Atlanta’s December issue.

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By Iman Naim

Now through Dec. 31, Anisa International’s Challenge Grant will match any donation up to $25,000 to LifeLine Animal Project.

LifeLine has worked for 10 years to help tens of thousands of animals and prevent death from disease, neglect, and euthanasia.  The organization also promotes pet adoption, provides spay/neutering services, and increases public awareness towards animals.

With programs like “Feral Freedom,” stray cats are being spayed/neutered and either returned to their neighborhood or adopted. The program reduced the euthanasia rate by 78 percent in just one year. LifeLine also trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD.

The donations will be used to promote pet adoption and to provide low-cost spay and neutering to pets in financially struggling homes.

To donate to LifeLine Animal Project, visit or mail a check to: P.O. Box 15466, Atlanta, GA 30333.

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Best Self Atlanta’s December issue is packed full of great food and nutrition tips – here are just a few from local experts:

Veg Out!
Eat a cup of veggies before 10 a.m. as a morning ritual. Think of it as taking a vitamin instead of part of your diet. Even if you don’t do it every day, try it for one day, what do you have to lose?
Scott Isaacs, MD, Medical Director Atlanta Endocrine Associates

Did you know?
Drink red wine for a healthy heart. Studies show adults who drink a moderate amount of red wine are less likely to develop heart disease than non-drinkers or heavy drinkers. Red wine can raise HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and prevent LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), decrease inflammation and prevent blood clots.
Kyla Cox Grape Crush Productions

Pick 1 not 3
Dining out can be tempting and treacherous between the bread, drinks and dessert. Do yourself and your dining company a favor pick one and be done. You will not feel deprived knowing you can have one of the “dining out disasters” and keep focused.
Valorie Ness BS, CES, CPT Catalyst Fitness Midtown, Inc


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Iconic actor, writer and producer Henry Winkler spoke at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta this week to raise awareness about upper limb spasticity (ULS). While he was here, he also took the time to chat with Best Self:

Best Self Atlanta: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about ULS?
Henry Winkler: The unfortunate fact is that too many people don’t know they have upper limb spasticity (ULS) – a debilitating condition that can occur after a stroke or other neurological injury or condition that can be very uncomfortable, producing disfiguring muscle contractions that can result in stiff, tight muscles in the elbow, wrist and fingers, or a clenched fist.

Many people also don’t know that there are treatment options available. That’s why I’ve joined forces with an incredibly passionate coalition of national patient advocacy organizations to launch the Open Arms Campaign and spread the word across the nation. I’ve been traveling the country the past two years speaking to support groups, at patient expos and at hospital and rehab center seminars, to educate the many people who still do not know about ULS.

I recently made a stop in Atlanta to share my personal experience with patients, caregivers and doctors at Shepherd Center. I know all too well the toll ULS can take on a person. Before she passed, my mother suffered from this debilitating condition for 10 long years following her stroke, and I remember all too well her struggle to perform some of the most basic tasks of daily life. Unfortunately, there was so much less known about ULS back then.

Today, not only do we have a better understanding of ULS, we know more about how to manage the condition, including botox which is FDA approved to treat ULS in adults. The good news is there are treatment options and resources available to help people manage the condition through the Open Arms Campaign website –

BSA: What are some important questions people can ask their doctor about ULS?
HW: The unfortunate fact is that despite very visible symptoms, ULS often goes under-recognized and under-diagnosed because it may develop weeks, months or even years after the original injury – after discharge from the hospital or when patients are no longer seeing specialists familiar with the condition. If you think you or someone you know may be suffering with ULS, I encourage you to speak to a doctor, such as a neurologist or physiatrist, about the symptoms you’re experiencing because in many cases, treatment options are available to help manage the condition. Even if you have been struggling with the condition for many years, it is never too late to speak to your doctor. When you do, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

-        Have your medical history handy, especially information related to the injury or condition that may have led to your ULS

-        Know and share your personal health timeline with your doctor, as it will be important in evaluating and diagnosing ULS

-        Be prepared to describe your symptoms, when they started and their severity

-   Ask what treatment options are available and appropriate for you

BSA: How can people get involved to raise more awareness?
HW: As I crisscrossed America for the past two years exchanging stories with patients and caregivers, it has amazed me just how powerful and impactful it can be for those living with ULS. Whether you are someone who has ULS or care for someone who does, you likely have an inspiring story that can help inspire others. You can read more about my story and others and also submit your own at

BSA: How has your personal experience with ULS changed your outlook?
HW: We all face challenges in life, and caring for someone who has survived a debilitating injury or a chronic condition can indeed be a challenging experience.
As a caregiver to my late mother who suffered from ULS for ten long years following her stroke, I know it can be difficult to watch someone you love struggle with simple daily activities.
It is nothing less than inspiring to me to have met so many compassionate caretakers and it has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to connect with them through my traveling across America with the Open Arms Campaign.

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Best Self’s December issue is packed full of great tips to help you be healthier and feel your best in today and in the New Year.  Here are just a few of our health and wellness tips from local experts Dr. Leslie Gray of Dermatology Center of Atlanta, FusionSleep and Piedmont Hospital.

Don’t sweat it!
If you sweat excessively, you may want to try miraDry. This non-invasive solution provides lasting results with little downtime. The procedure delivers precisely controlled energy to the region where the underarm sweat glands are and eliminates them. The sweat glands don’t grow back once eliminated, so the result is a reduction of sweat.
Dr. Leslie Gray Dermatology Center of Atlanta

Identify yourself!
Carry or wear a medical emergency identification tag, bracelet or card, which identifies special medical conditions such as diabetes, hemophilia or allergies.
Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

The power of ZZZ
To maximize the restorative powers of sleep and to make falling asleep easier, good sleep hygiene practices help immensely. The following suggestions can help both people with sleep disorders and their families: exercise regularly, but not within 2 to 4 hours of bedtime; don’t have anything with caffeine or nicotine for at least six hours prior to bedtime; and don’t watch television for at least one hour before bedtime.

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By Deena Spell

Hurricane Sandy might have disappeared off the radar, but the impacts are still being felt by the New Yorkers who lost everything in its wake.

With friends and family still reeling in the hurricane ravaged area, the New York-born owners of the 101 Concepts Restaurant Group (Food 101, Cibo e Beve, Meehan’s Public House) are going to do something about it!

They are hosting the “Southern Comfort Relief Dinner for Sandy Victims” fundraising event on Wednesday, Dec. 5th at Food 101. The dinner will benefit relief organizations in the specific areas where their friends and family live in New York. The event will also serve as a grand re-opening of Food 101, which has been closed for the several weeks due to major renovation.

The Southern Comfort Relief Dinner fundraiser will begin with a cocktail hour featuring original cocktails and appetizers, in which guests can purchase raffle tickets. The raffles drawing will be held during dessert. Proceeds will serve the needs of those devastated by Sandy. The five-course dinner fundraiser will feature a delicious dish from each of the company’s culinary master chefs. Tickets are $125.

For more information, call (404) 497-9700 or visit



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