Dr. WhitemanDAVID WHITEMAN, M.D., F.R.C.S.



Although every woman ages differently, it’s a fact that our figure can be significantly changed by pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and natural aging. It’s only natural to pine for the trimmer, pre-baby body of your youth. Unfortunately, as we age, it only becomes more difficult to rejuvenate our figures with diet and exercise alone. at’s why I offer my unique Mommy Makeover procedure.

By combining a tummy tuck (using my signature Scarpa fascia waist enhancement technique), liposuction, and cosmetic breast surgery, the Mommy Makeover is designed to provide comprehensive, long-lasting body contouring results for women trying to rejuvenate their appearance and regain their younger figure. During the procedure, abdominal muscles are tightened, stubborn excess fat is removed with liposuction, and the breasts are augmented, lifted, or reduced depending on the patient’s aesthetic needs.

To help patients complement the results of their Mommy Makeover, I recommend that they undergo Viora ReactionTM skin tightening treatments at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. Viora uses RF energy to help achieve healthier, firmer skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fiber.

The consultation phase is especially important for Mommy Makeover patients due to the highly customizable nature of this combination procedure. To schedule a Mommy Makeover with Dr. David Whiteman, please contact Southern Plastic Surgery.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.48.02 AMDR. DIFRANCESCO


DRDIFRANCESCO.COM | 404.377.3474

When we hear the term “breast augmentation,” we tend to think of bigger breasts with more cleavage. Due to aging, childbirth, weight fluctuations and genetics, your body and breast shape may not reflect how you feel or want to look. Implants not only enlarge naturally small breasts, they can restore volume and symmetry in breasts that have deteriorated from pregnancy and breastfeeding or a major weight loss. This will create a more balanced and proportional look.

Now more than ever, we have more implant choices available to meet your aesthetic goals. Although the most popular remains the round silicone implant, an increasing number of patients choose an anatomically-shaped implant to create a more natural look with less cleavage. Implant style, shape and volume can all be adjusted to best fit your body.

Another option for breast augmentation is fat grafting. Fat grafting is rapidly increasing in popularity as a stand-alone option for breast augmentation or in conjunction with implants to enhance breast shape and size. While using your own fat may seem more desirable than an implant, the procedure is limited by the amount of body fat you have available for transfer to the breasts.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.48.10 AMIn addition to augmentation, you may need a breast lift, or mastopexy, which raises and firms the breasts by removing sagging or excess skin caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. At DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery, we offer breast augmentation and mastopexy consultations. During your consultation, time is spent discussing your aesthetic goals and concerns. We evaluate your current breast size and shape, quality and quantity of the breast tissue, as well as the quality of your skin, and nipple/areola position. We will then come up with an exclusive plan tailored specifically to your desired look.

Contact DiFrancesco Plastic Surgery to schedule your makeover consultation. 404.377.3474


www.DrDiFrancesco.com 1800 Howell Mill Rd NW Suite 400, Atlanta, GA 30318

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Dr. Elizabeth WhitakerDR. ELIZABETH WHITAKER



Permanently reducing up to 25% of stubborn fat in just
25 minutes: too good to be true? SculpSure®, the latest technological advancement in body contouring, makes it possible.

“Almost everyone, even those who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, can have localized areas of stubborn fat. To be able to reduce that area nonsurgically with a treatment that’s fast, safe, comfortable, effective, and with no downtime is a game-changer,” says Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker.

“One of the focuses of my practice is offering the latest technology for nonsurgical and minimally-invasive procedures, as well as my Signature surgical procedures. Atlanta Face & Body was the first plastic surgery center to bring SculpSure to Atlanta.” As a light-based treatment, SculpSure preferentially heats the fat cells to the target temperature that destroys them. The fat loss is permanent. Over time, the body eliminates these cells with results evident in 6-12 weeks. Individual results may vary, but the satisfaction rate in studies is over 90%. SculpSure has been featured on The Doctors, Dr. Oz, and Real Housewives.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.29.15 AM

“Life is hectic, and finding downtime sometimes is the hardest thing for people to do,” says Dr. Elizabeth. “I have literally had patients go to the gym that afternoon or run a marathon the weekend after treatment! With the speed of the treatment (25 minutes), I can treat more of your problem areas in a shorter amount of time.” She also notes, “Like most technologies I choose for my practice, I and all of my staff have had the treatment, so we speak from personal experience, not just statistics. I look forward to introducing more Atlantans to this breakthrough new technology.”

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Dr. Elizabeth WhitakerDR. ELIZABETH WHITAKER

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker is a Master of Makeovers indeed, having transformed thousands of lives with her natural- looking Signature facial procedures. Dr. Elizabeth is the first female, Fellowship-Trained Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon to practice in Atlanta. She is among the most experienced facial plastic surgeons not only in Atlanta, but the country. Unsurprisingly, she’s been selected as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons (Castle Connolly, 2016).

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.23.28 AMDr. Elizabeth founded Atlanta Face & Body Center to offer the latest technology for nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedures, as well as her surgical expertise. “Rather than waiting until you need a surgical procedure, you can maintain a youthful look with smaller procedures at every stage of life, which I believe is the new ‘aging gracefully,’” says Dr. Elizabeth. “That being said, one of the most rewarding procedures I perform is lifting of the face and neck. My Signature Lifts can be performed with gentle numbing and relaxation, avoiding general anesthesia, and emphasizing a natural, not overdone look.” She adds, “Enhancing appearance is just the beginning. Transforming how people feel about themselves and helping you find your Beautiful You is incredibly gratifying. My philosophy is that the best facial plastic surgery doesn’t draw attention to itself. ‘Everyone will notice, but no one will know’ is the ideal outcome, in my mind.”


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Dr. Monte Slater & Gail SlaterDR. MONTE SLATER AND GAIL SLATER


SLATERMD.COM | 770.777.7707

Dream Body Sculpting is now offered by Dr. Monte Slater in Buckhead, Atlanta. This “top” noninvasive treatment reduces unwanted fat in many areas—tightening and toning the skin, while removing unwanted toxins from the body. It is a great way to sculpt your body without undergoing an invasive procedure.

The best part is that it is painless, affordable, and you will see immediate results. Dr. Slater, Medical Director of Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging, says he added “Dream Body Sculpting Treatments” to the menu of services for his patients because, “This is the best noninvasive fat reduction/ skin-tightening system I have found. We have our own patient photos to prove it! This technique destroys fat, tightens skin, and reduces toxins.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 10.08.28 AMSo many of the current treatments on the market require multiple visits, are painful with less than promised results, and have a high price tag. We utilize ultrasonic cavitation (USC) coupled with radio frequency (RF), which destroys the fat cells and tightens skin while cleaning and detoxify the fat cells from the body—achieving beautiful and permanent results.

Both men and women can get rid of unwanted fat and visibly tighten skin at the same time, with no downtime. Each session takes 90 minutes and three to four treatments are recommended for optimal results.


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(L to R) Dr. Ken Anderson and Dr. Daniel Lee

(L to R) Dr. Ken Anderson and Dr. Daniel Lee




Now with two locations in Alpharetta at Avalon and in Atlanta at the perimeter to serve you better!

Dr. Ken Anderson of the Anderson Center for Hair has specialized in thinning hair and hair loss exclusively for nearly 15 years. His commitment to helping people change their lives by restoring their hair as well as their confidence, self-image and excitement for life has been experienced by thousands of patients through his career.

ARTASAlthough sometimes considered a taboo topic not to be discussed by those who suffer from it, Dr. Anderson understands there is a deep psychology behind hair loss and hair restoration. In order to provide his patients with the most satisfying results, Dr. Anderson has built a highly experienced, highly dedicated team, including veteran surgeon Dr. Daniel Lee, utilizing the best technology available, and going above and beyond the standard of care at every step of your restoration process. One of these state-of-the-art pieces of technology, the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, cannot be found anywhere else in Georgia.

The ARTAS System uses advanced robotics to rapidly and accurately select and harvest individual grafts for transplant. This level of consistent quality is impossible for any human to achieve with handheld methods. After harvesting, the surgeons’ skilled and artful eye determines the placement of the grafts for maximum impact and a natural and timeless look.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.32.52 AMPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

This state-of-the-art technology eliminates the guesswork and fatigue of handheld methods and the plugs, scars and sutures of traditional methods.

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Dr. Dina Giesler

Dr. Dina Giesler

Dr. Dina Giesler, founder of Atlanta Smiles and Wellness, has been creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles with porcelain veneers for over 25 years. In addition to teaching and mentoring fellow dentists in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Giesler has earned the status of Master Dentist with the Academy of General Dentistry, which less than 1% of dentists achieve.

While cosmetic dentistry is broadly advertised in the marketplace, it is not a recognized specialty in dentistry. For that reason, Dr. Giesler points out, it is important for you to choose a dentist who performs cosmetic dental procedures on a daily basis. Dr. Giesler’s years of experience, artistic talent and teamwork with skilled ceramists make her indeed a master of creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles— not too big, fake-looking, or unnaturally white … for hundreds of Atlantans.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 9.13.18 AM

Veneers are custom-designed, extremely thin shells resembling natural teeth that are carefully and artistically created by your dentist and fabricated in a dental lab. e veneers are then bonded over your own teeth and can serve several purposes, the most common including straightening, whitening, and lengthening. The main goal of having veneers applied is to give you a beautiful smile! This procedure is the best technique we utilize today to provide our patients with the best smile possible! Even if veneers are out of reach financially for now, she works with every patient to help them create the best possible smile within their budget.

Contact Atlanta Smiles & Wellness to schedule your smile makeover consultation.




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By Scott D. Miller, MD

The prostate is a walnut-size organ that resides below a man’s bladder. Its sole function is to produce a portion of the fluid that is generated during ejaculation (along with the neighboring seminal vesicles and the testicles). The prostate has no other urinary or sexual functions, but it is surrounded by several delicate structures that do provide these functions. As such, when this “walnut” misbehaves, it can certainly make you a little “nutty.”

Man with doctorThe prostate enlarges over a man’s lifetime. As urine exits the bladder, it passes through the prostate. Prostate enlargement can restrict urine flow and cause a more frequent desire to urinate. These symptoms can be particularly bothersome at night, interrupting an otherwise good night’s sleep. A prostate infection can also cause the prostate to swell and lead to similar symptoms. However, with an infection, the symptoms are often more severe and can be associated with pain during urination.

The prostate can also wreak havoc with no warning at all. In fact, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. Unfortunately, once prostate cancer becomes symptomatic, it has most likely spread beyond the prostate. In addition, the earlier a man is diagnosed, the more likely he will preserve those urinary and sexual functions provided by the delicate structures surrounding the prostate. As such, starting at age 40, all men should learn about their best approach for screening and prevention based on their individual risks and health needs.

Men at particular risk for prostate cancer include those with the following:

-Family history of prostate cancer

-Unknown family history

-African-American race

-Prior history of an abnormal prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test

Most men with prostate cancer are diagnosed because of an abnormal PSA blood test, the most common method for prostate cancer screening. However, an abnormal blood test does not mean that you have prostate cancer. Other causes of an elevated PSA include:

-Prostate enlargement

-Urinary tract infection


Recent advancements have allowed doctors to utilize the PSA test in new ways to reduce the number of men who require prostate biopsies or prostate cancer treatment. Examples include:

-Blood tests, which are more advanced than PSA tests

-Observing trends in PSA values over timë Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of the prostate

-Molecular (genomic) testing of prostate tissue samples

Many urologists recommend a baseline PSA test at age 40 in order to use for future comparison. When caught early, the cure rate for prostate cancer is 98 percent. When caught late, as many as 30 percent will succumb to this disease.

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. We encourage all men and their loved ones to learn how to reduce the risk of prostate cancer deaths in our community.

Look for my article on “Fall Sale Items” in the next issue.

Scott D. Miller, MD, is the Medical Director of Robotic Surgery at WellStar North Fulton Hospital. He is a urologist with WellStar Urology in Roswell and has practiced in Atlanta for over 20 years. WellStar North Fulton Hospital offers services to address and prevent prostate disease and other urologic conditions. Call 770-956-STAR (7827) today to learn more about the comprehensive urological care offered at WellStar North Fulton.

Scott D. Miller, MD • WellStar North Fulton Hospital • (470) 956-4230 • ScottDMillerMD.com

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By David Martin, RN

Many people seek treatment for varicose veins because they’re self-conscious about the bulges and discoloration that varicose veins cause. Once their damaged veins are closed and/or removed, they notice a number of improvements in the way they look and feel.

Great legsYou’ll Feel Better

When you have your vein disease treated, the heaviness, fatigue, discomfort, swelling, and pain that are often associated with varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency will be relieved. Furthermore, the legs are less tired at the end of the day. Simply put, they feel better. When you feel better, you want to do more, so our patients generally work out more and enjoy activities that they were held back from prior to treatment.

Your Circulation Will Improve

Varicose veins are often caused by damaged or weakened valves inside the veins that prevent blood from owing upward as it should. Therefore, once the impacted veins are removed through one of our minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins, your circulation, which is an important part of your overall health, will improve. The blood flow that was moving incorrectly in the major vein, called the greater saphenous vein, will be rerouted to healthier veins in your legs that are working properly.

You’ll Have a Reduced Risk of Serious Venous Issues

When damaged veins are closed and/or removed, you’ll have less chance of developing blood clots that can be serious and potentially fatal if they are in your deep veins. Before doing any vein treatment, we use the latest in ultrasound technology to diagnose underlying vein problems. That means that we’ll be able to pinpoint the exact nature of your vein disease before it gets worse. When vein disease is left untreated, you may develop more varicose and spider veins, swelling in your legs and ankles, skin changes in appearance and texture, and even skin breakdown and ulceration due to the high venous pressure.

No More Compression Stockings

If you’ve been managing your varicose veins by wearing compression stockings, you’ll no longer have to do that. Many primary care doctors may recommend wearing compression garments when any symptoms of vein disease may be present but this is simply conservative therapy and will not cure vein disease. The compression will help the blood ow while the stockings/ socks are on your legs, but when removed, the same problem will persist. However, vein disease treatment has improved dramatically in the last 15 years and now the medical standard is an ablation of the greater saphenous vein to correct the problem.

You Can Dress Appropriately for Our Hot Atlanta Summers

After vein treatment, you’ll no longer have the unsightly varicose veins, bulging and swelling in your legs and ankles that can keep you in long pants when you’re on the golf course, at the beach or going on a walk.

VEININNOVATIONS • (678) 731-9815 • veininnovations.com

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By Karen Foley

What mind/body programs does WHAC offer?

We offer Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Inversion/Handstand Class, Ashtanga Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Restorative classes, Yin Yoga and 15-minute guided meditation classes currently. One-on-one yoga sessions are also available for those who want to learn more.

Many of the teachers that work here have been recognized by the yoga community. Jason Anderson, a public figure who has been featured in Yoga Journal and holds retreats all over the world, teaches three classes here a week. Lilian Denise Cox, one of our amazing restorative yoga teachers, has published articles pertaining to yoga and back health. Alyssa Owen, our Power Yoga teacher, was asked to teach in the famous and well- respected, Dirty South Yoga Fest this year.

We also have a beautiful Pilates studio. We offer small group classes and one-on-one sessions. This is a favored department! We have four amazing teachers that have done extensive research and training to give our members the very best experience. We offer mat classes along with Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and MOTR® classes and one-on-one sessions.

Look out for the Ladder Barrel apparatus coming soon! Also be on the lookout for trigger point therapy class and, starting in September, our advanced Reformer Class on Thursdays. We have many fun events for mind/body throughout the year. Our next event will be Oktober-Pilates-Fest on Oct. 12 at 5:30 p.m. Come join us! (Attendees must sign up online ahead of time. Space is limited!)

What benefits can be gained through mind/body fitness?

A healthy body needs both strength and flexibility. Just as bones crave space, muscle craves contraction. Working Pilates and yoga into your weekly routine can give you strength and also allow your bones and joints to thrive. With strength and flexibility comes protection against the breakdown of cartilage and bones, increased blood flow, immunity, lung health, and more. Plus, the release of dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin in the brain, cause you to leave the experience happy and relaxed. This helps to reduce stress, which also benefits overall health and keeps disease down.

Susan Walker, Mind/Body Program Director

Susan Walker, Mind/Body Program Director

Susan Walker, Mind/Body Program Director

Susan has worked in the fitness industry since 2006 and has certifications and continuing education in personal coaching, group exercise, cycling, strength training, water aerobics, Pilates, and yoga. She is certified with Yoga Alliance RYT-200 under Tim Miller of the Ashtanga Yoga Center and holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology. She was a teacher at Kennesaw State University in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education for six years. Her coursework covered wellness and health, functional movement, yoga, and Pilates.

Susan found yoga and Pilates around 11 years ago. She noticed what a profound feeling and sense of calm she received after class. Susan eventually went through yoga and Pilates training and went deeper into her yoga practice. After dealing with a chronic back injury, she went on a quest for answers on anatomy and how to not only do yoga safely but to also make it accessible for everyone. During this time, she worked with some of the most knowledgeable teachers of our time and her back began to heal. This process changed her life. It also changed her approach to teaching. Susan believes that yoga is accessible to all of us and can be a healing modality if we use it in that capacity.


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