By Halen Adair

(L to R) Owner and trainer Chris Romano, Best Self staffer Halen Adair

(L to R) Owner and trainer Chris Romano, Best Self staffer Halen Adair

Name of fitness facility

Atlanta Strength & Conditioning

Name and length of class

CrossFit / 1 hour

Name of instructor

Chris Romano, CSCS

What do attendees need to know before class starts?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before class starts to stretch and warm-up with a resistance band and PVC pipe. Chris (or any other instructor) will show you how to stretch out your shoulders and warm up your legs if you need assistance.

How would you describe this workout? How does it compare to similar classes you’ve taken?

This was my first time doing a CrossFit class so I was a little worried about what to expect. The workout consisted of three sections. Section one focused on doing reps of five front squats using a barbell. You do five sets, each time adding weight to the end of the bar. I never did this type of squat before so Chris paid special attention to ensure that my weight wasn’t too heavy but that it was still challenging for me. He also gave me great pointers on my form and told me how to make the most of each of round of reps.

Assault AirBikes and various CrossFit equipment.

Assault AirBikes and various CrossFit equipment.

The second section was a full-body burn—more like scorch! During this part, we utilized an Assault AirBike (you had to burn six calories before moving on to the next exercise), did 20 bicycle crunches, and 10 box jumps. Oh, and not to mention, you have to do this all 10 times! After the 10 sets were completed, my shirt was drenched—but the fun didn’t stop there. For the final section, we went back to the barbells for bicep curls. Twelve reps and eight sets later, I completed my very first CrossFit experience.

What muscle groups did this class work the most? Was it a great workout for your abs, butt, arms, etc.?

This was a full-body, interval training workout. Although we got in a good amount of arm strengthening at the end of the workout, I definitely felt the burn in my lower body (read: legs) after the class was over.

(L to R) Owner and trainer Chris Romano, his son Alex,  Best Self staffer Halen Adair

(L to R) Owner and trainer Chris Romano, his son Alex, Best Self staffer Halen Adair

Did the instructor do anything to make the class extra special?

Chris kept everyone moving through the sets and he made sure I was accountable for each rep. He continuously pushed us to keep going and even had his son, Alex, as his little helper. After every set, Alex walked around and handed everyone a poker chip. Once you collect 10 poker chips, you’re done.

How did you feel before, during, and after the workout?

As my second workout of 2019, I really enjoyed the focus on my legs and biceps. While I still got a full-body workout, it was nice to take time to tone those areas.  Chris and everyone at the gym made sure I felt like part of the family as soon as I stepped through the door. My new friend, George, helped me keep my squats in check. Did I mention that George is 74? That’s right, people of all ages are welcome to visit Atlanta Strength & Conditioning. The family atmosphere Chris and his clients create makes you want to come back for years to come.

What was the hardest part of the workout?

The most difficult part of my workout was learning how to do the front squats. It takes time to master the technique that goes into making sure you get the best results while keeping your body safe.

What was the most enjoyable part of the workout?

The entire workout was awesome and effective because I was able to burn calories and tone key muscle groups. But, my favorite part overall was just having fun with the Atlanta Strength & Conditioning team. Laughing makes everything better (yes, even box jumps!) and cheering for your fellow workout comrades keeps the energy up and motivation strong. Although I was challenged every step of the way with this workout, I also had amazing support. I really appreciated Chris and his clients.

Weight equipment at Atlanta Strength & Conditioning

Weight equipment at Atlanta Strength & Conditioning

Any other feedback you’d like to give about this workout?

If you haven’t already, check out Atlanta Strength & Conditioning if you think you could be interested in trying CrossFit—even if you are a beginner. Chris also offers personal training, which is a huge part of the business model for Atlanta Strength & Conditioning. This gym is designed to help you succeed and reach every single goal you have when it comes to your body. It won’t be easy, but with the support that this gym’s atmosphere provides, and a CSCS certified instructor like Chris, it will be worth it.

Details: 1642 Powers Ferry Rd., Ste. 100, Marietta, GA 30067,

 Follow along with the rest of our 30 Days of Fitness Classes here.

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Dr. Neal Patel

Dr. Neal Patel

By Jennifer Colosimo
Photography by Krys Alex Photography LLC

Turn to Dr. Marc Greenstein and Dr. Neal Patel for comprehensive care. At their new Advanced Urology office, they use the latest technology to resolve bladder and prostate issues, and erectile dysfunction. Their patients experience faster recovery and higher success rates. 

The conditions associated with urology aren’t common topics of conversation. The truth is, those who suffer from them can be left feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. An even harder truth is that many people believe the symptoms of conditions such as an overactive bladder, incontinence, enlarged prostate or erectile dysfunction (ED) are just a natural part of aging, but they create habits that can quickly take over your life, robbing men and women—and their families—of their quality of life.

Dr. Marc Greenstein and Dr. Neal Patel joined forces to open the newest location of Advanced Urology in Sandy Springs to punch holes in these truths: to educate patients that these conditions are not normal, that you don’t have to be embarrassed, and that they can fix it. Not only does this new location broaden the brand’s reputation for one-stop, patient-centered, cutting-edge urology care to the residents of Atlanta’s northside, but it gives patients and referring physicians more advanced options to diagnose and successfully treat their conditions, without a lifetime of medicine or major surgery.


Dr. Marc Greenstein with Colleagues

“Being close to Northside Hospital, which has a very well-established robotics program, we will be able to offer some of the latest and greatest technology, as far as robotics for both benign urologic disease as well as cancer,” says Dr. Greenstein, on the heels of 15 years in private practice in New Jersey. “We offer new advanced techniques to treat things like an enlarged prostate and an overactive bladder; and we believe in helping people improve their lifestyle, providing preventative therapies that don’t require them to be on medicine for the rest of their lives.”

“We can get you to sleep through the night, we can get your symptoms under control and give you definitive treatment that will last,” says Dr. Patel, who moved to the area from

Los Angeles, where he was completing a fellowship in advanced robotics at the University of Southern California. “We want to optimize the inside of the body so we can prepare men and women for the next part of their lives, so that they’re not worrying about this when they’re much older.”

BACK ROW, (L TO R): Jaimie Buccellato, Schlon Metts, Cynthia Regaldo, Naty Nunez, Joyce Alvarez, Nicole Fraser,(FRONT ROW, L TO R): Ashley Rodriguez, Dr. Marc Greenstein, Dr. Neal Patel, Sarah Nayebosadri

BACK ROW, (L TO R): Jaimie Buccellato, Schlon Metts, Cynthia Regaldo, Naty Nunez, Joyce Alvarez, Nicole Fraser,(FRONT ROW, L TO R): Ashley Rodriguez, Dr. Marc Greenstein, Dr. Neal Patel, Sarah Nayebosadri

The result? High success rates earned through a joint effort to execute advanced comprehensive testing and streamlined treatment plans. They’re able to relieve the embarrassing and burdening symptoms of having an overactive bladder and incontinence, treat enlarged prostates unlike ever before and solve any case of ED that walks in the door, potentially linking it to heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, or a previous surgery, and start to improve quality of life from there.

“We do appropriate comprehensive diagnostic testing, we do a thorough exam of their medical history, and we take the time to educate the patient on why they might have ED,” says Dr. Patel. “A lot of other people aren’t doing that, and we pride ourselves in making sure that our patients understand everything that’s going on with their bodies.”

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 12.47.18 PM“That’s what is great about this field,” he adds. “In urology, we can enact significant, positive change in people’s lives very quickly. Even when it comes to cancer, with our screening measures and our protocols, we can give patients a good chance of a lifelong cure.”

When the doctors aren’t aiding patients, they enjoy taking advantage of the city’s amenities. Dr. Greenstein lives in the area and can often be found working out at CrossFit Perimeter, dining at Rumi’s Kitchen, or sampling a new sushi spot., 1450 S. Johnson Ferry Rd. NE., Sandy Springs. 404-800-4280.

The content for this article is brought to you by Advanced Urology. 

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By Halen Adair

(L to R) Owner and instructor Ashley Francis,  Best Self staffer Halen Adair

(L to R) Owner and instructor Ashley Francis, Best Self staffer Halen Adair

Name of Fitness Facility
Turn Studio

Name and length of class
Performance45 – 45 Minutes

Name of instructor
Ashley Francis

What do attendees need to know before class starts?
Plan to arrive 20 minutes before class starts. Upon arrival, you will receive a tour of the facility. If you don’t have spin shoes, don’t worry. Just be sure to bring a pair of socks with you and then you’ll be given a complimentary pair of shoes for class. You will also need to adjust your bike to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. If you need help, just flag the instructor who will give you a hand.

How would you describe this workout? How does it compare to similar classes you’ve taken?
The workout was great! It checked all the boxes for me. It was challenging, stimulating, high energy, and filled with people who really know how to WORK IT! I have done many spin classes in the past but Ashley, who is also the owner, truly pushes you to do your best.

The class has different spin phases. You will spend time standing up and pedaling, then cranking up the resistance, taking a break, and then trying to pedal as fast as you can. Each phase is designed to test your limits. I can easily say that I haven’t had this much sweat come out of my pores in a spin class EVER, so be sure to bring a water bottle and to use their towels! I loved that after the workout everyone was treated to a cold washcloth infused with scented oils. It’s perfect for cooling down!

What muscle groups did this class work the most? Was it a great workout for your abs, butt, arms, etc.?
This was a full-body, cardio workout. It felt like my legs, arms, and abs were being tested the entire time. I will definitely feel it in the morning!

Did the instructor do anything to make the class extra special?
Ashley told motivating stories and gave the class time for self-reflection throughout the workout. The music was seriously on point and the lights in the studio were amazing. I felt like I was at a dance party at times. It was so awesome.

TURN - Chelsea PatriciaHow did you feel before, during, and after the workout?
This was my first workout of 2019 and it did not disappoint. I came in a little nervous but Ashley made sure I was well prepared. During the workout, I felt a sense of empowerment. Ashley made sure this was a time for self-care and didn’t let us quit on ourselves. After the workout, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I completed something very challenging, which was extremely rewarding for my mind and body.

What was the hardest part of the workout?
The hardest part for me was keeping my wattage (the amount of energy you exert on the bike) up and continuing to push through.

What was the most enjoyable part of the workout?
I really enjoyed the whole workout, but I would say my favorite part was Ashley’s awesome music selection. The tunes ranged from high-energy electronic dance music to old-school rap songs. The beats kept everyone motivated and made class super fun. I also loved the overall energy of the class—everyone there was very friendly and ready to push themselves!

Any other feedback you’d like to give about this workout?
I would absolutely recommend giving TURN a try. The facility is simply amazing and has everything you need (think free protein bars at the GOLD Bar beverage station) and so much more to ensure that you have the best experience possible. The entire studio has a beautiful gold-and-white color scheme and the women’s locker room has showers and a great selection of all-natural body care products. Give TURN a chance to turn your 2019 goals into reality. You will not be disappointed!

Details: 6405 Blue Stone Rd, Ste. 220/230, Sandy Springs, GA 30328,

Follow along with the rest of our 30 Days of Fitness Classes here.

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Welcome to 30 Days of Fitness 2019!

The new year is almost here! Kick-start your New Year’s resolutions by following along with our 30 Days of Fitness blog and social media series.

Beginning Jan. 2, the Atlanta Best Media team will participate in a variety of fitness classes and activities – one per day – around Atlanta. Staff members will take turns visiting the newest gyms along with experiencing tried-and-true workouts, getting a diverse view of the fitness options in our city. As we complete each day of fitness, we’ll blog and post about it to let you know where to go and what to expect from each gym or workout class.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch each update, or bookmark this post, where we’ll update the blog post links each day as we go through the month.

If you’ve tried these workouts as well or have favorites of your own, tell us about them in the comments or on social media with #30DaysofFitness!

Day 1                     Day 11                    Day 21

Day 2                     Day 12                    Day 22

Day 3                     Day 13                    Day 23

Day 4                     Day 14                    Day 24

Day 5                     Day 15                    Day 25

Day 6                     Day 16                    Day 26

Day 7                     Day 17                    Day 27

Day 8                     Day 18                    Day 28

Day 9                     Day 19                    Day 29

Day 10                   Day 20                    Day 30

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Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 3.18.20 PMQ: Now that the holidays are behind us, are there any nonsurgical options that lessen some frown lines and crow’s-feet?

A: The new year is the perfect time to refresh that appearance and feel and look younger again. Xeomin®, our preferred neurotoxin, can reduce those wrinkles and bring out your natural beauty. We combine this with a lifting procedure known as Ultherapy® around the brow to create our Brow Wow package, resulting in a longer-lasting, more refreshed look—nonsurgically.

Q: I’ve always had high cheekbones and a triangular-shaped face. But, in recent years, that feature has diminished. What can I do?

A: Today, with new fillers on the market such as Radiesse®, we are now able to reverse this condition, naturally. We can combine this with a lifting procedure known as Ultherapy® for the lower face. Now that you have retained that triangular shape, we can rejuvenate your skin with Vivace®, a procedure that introduces collagen back into the skin through microneedles. I call this package the Naturally YOU package.

Q: OK, so last summer is gone. But, I still show some spotting and discoloration that I’d like to get rid of before this coming spring. What can you do?

A: We can reverse sun damage through several treatment options available at Atlanta Face & Body. My Sun Reversal package could be all you need to reverse your condition and reduce damage spots. Thee package consists of three IPL treatments and three Lux 1540 treatments. Within a few weeks, your skin will have greatly reduced blemishes and your healthy, summer glow will return.

Q: OK, I was born with a double chin. Every year it gets more pronounced. Is this something that can be treated without surgery?

A: We routinely treat this inherited condition with SculpSure®, recently FDA approved for the submental area (underneath the chin). Our new Chin-Up package involves two SculpSure® submental treatments, each involving laser heat that will effectively melt away that excess fat and lift underneath the chin. Each treatment lasts about 25 minutes. And the results have been amazing!

Q: To put it mildly, I do not “love” my love handles. What can I do that does not involve surgery?

A: Love handles are a nuisance and are very difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise. Fortunately, SculpSure®, is designed to treat the waistline area while Vanquish Me™ will effectively treat the excess fat at the side of the waistline. This combination of procedures is our Bye-Bye Body Fat package. This package is a pretty aggressive, nonsurgical approach that is more comprehensive by combining the two treatments, and the results are very noticeable.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 3.18.29 PMELIZABETH WHITAKER, MD, FACS Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker received her medical degree from Duke University. She did her residency training at Emory and completed her facial plastic surgery fellowship at Tulane where she trained with Dr. Calvin Johnson, an internationally known facial plastic surgeon. She served as the Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Medical College of Georgia before moving back to Atlanta and into private practice. The seasoned doctor has performed more than 4,000 face-lifts and is one of the most experienced surgeons in the field.



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By Freida Key

Enjoy our great city this season with these fun events!

“The Nutcracker”
Dec. 8-24
The Atlanta Ballet will debut its new version of this Christmas classic. Viewers can feast their eyes on a magical world filled with awe-inspiring set designs by Tony Award nominee Tom Pye and choreography by Yuri Possokhov.

2019 Resolution Run
Jan. 1
Start the New Year on the right foot and get moving with the Atlanta Track Club. Take part in the 5K, 1-mile, or 50-meter dash run.

Bring the Pain
Jan. 19-Feb. 14
This thought-provoking exhibition at Art Gallery Seven highlights works by local artist Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright. His pieces showcase boxing and combat sports as vehicles to explore the confrontation of fear.

41st Annual Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival
Jan. 25-27
Take complimentary juggling lessons and then watch the pros ride unicycles, twirl Hula-Hoops, and more.

Touchdown Trunk Show
Feb. 1-2
This stylish pop-up shop includes a star-studded guest list of MLB, NBA, and NFL players along with a new line of luxury hats by Nicole Jones (one of the creative forces behind celebrity favorite, Honest Jewelry) and clothing from Teresa Caldwell, owner of Taste of Swagg Boutique (and beloved mom of rapper Bow Wow).

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SantaStep inside an imaginative Christmas world like you’ve never experienced before at Santa’s Fantastical. The family-friendly holiday pop-up at Perimeter Pointe features immersive worlds like Peppermint Palace, which are made up of over-the-top digital and performance art installations. Through Dec. 24, visitors can explore, snap photos with Santa Claus, and even see the World’s Largest Christmas Ornament.

Details: 1155 Mount Vernon Hwy., #300, Atlanta;

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Ella+MilaKiss toxins in your nail polish goodbye with the chemical- and cruelty-free Ella+Mila lacquer brand. Available at a limited amount of Target stores, the line offers more than 140 shades of chip-resistant, quick-dry and high-shine polishes that do not contain formaldehyde, xylene, triphenyl phosphate or other harmful ingredients.

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By Jill M. Golsen, DMD

You just came from your dental appointment. We spoke to you in what seemed to be another language. You nodded your head as if you understood— but did you?

We said, “You have occlusal decay on tooth #30, a MO lesion on #29, and a buccal Class V on #21.”

Wait, what? OK. So, here is the decoding.

There are several types of decay. They are based on location in the mouth.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 7.22.42 PMThe occlusal surface is the biting, chewing surface of the tooth. This surface has the pits and fissures that require dentists to use the explorer (that instrument) to see if they can find a “catch” in the pit. These grooves are like little fissures that collect bacteria, but some are developmental defects that never really closed when the tooth was formed—allowing bacteria to dig easily into that groove of the tooth. This decay is usually more of a poor closing of the grooves caused by genetics. In my practice, we use a Spectra camera to detect the level of decay, so it takes the guesswork out of using the explorer. If you don’t know what a Spectra camera is, see my article “Dental Care: Have You Seen The Inside Of Your Mouth Lately?” on

The second type of decay is smooth surface decay. This one IS your fault!

If you are not flossing and brushing, well, guess what? This is the decay that happens between your teeth when you don’t floss! So, MO is Mesial, toward your nose, so to speak, and DO is Distal, away from the nose on either side of the tooth. The O stands for occlusal. Unfortunately, we have to access the tooth from the top to get in between it and get the decay out.

The third type of decay is root decay or root caries (the Class V).

This decay is usually at the gumline in recessed areas under the junction of the enamel, where the cementum starts. That area is considered the root of the tooth and the surface is softer than enamel. Once penetrated, it’s closer to the nerve and decay can grow fast there. You must brush effectively at the gumlines of your teeth to prevent this type of decay!

The final type of decay is redecay.

You will hear us say this when there is decay at the edge of the artificial material of a restoration like under a crown margin or filling margin. This type of decay is usually from not brushing and flossing those areas as well.

Here is the bottom line. Get your Sonicare toothbrush and use it at least twice a day. Floss all of your teeth at least once, if not twice, a day. Concentrate on it and do a good job getting this plaque out of your mouth.

Watch your sugar intake and don’t snack all the time. If you need instructions on how to brush, ask your hygienist or come to our office. We will be happy to decode this and teach you how to take better care of your teeth so you can keep them from getting these types of decay!

Golsen Family Dentistry • Jill M. Golsen, DMD • (770) 667-0669 • 

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By Robert Hyslop, MD

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 6.53.41 PMThese days, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who has been untouched by the scourge of lung cancer. As the most common cause of cancer deaths in America, lung cancer strikes both the young and the old, and men and women from all walks of life. Although heavily associated with smoking, this terrible disease can even strike nonsmokers up to 15% of the time. Fortunately, smoking education and cessation campaigns have been successful and smoking rates are on the decline. However, lung cancer can strike even those who have successfully quit the habit and medical science has been working hard for decades to fight this epidemic. Unfortunately, it is often too late to
successfully intervene once the cancer has shown its face by way of a nagging cough, weight loss, fatigue, or myriad other symptoms. Beginning in only a single cell, this deadly group of tumors grows often undetected for years before clinical symptoms occur and, in many cases, the tumor has spread to other organs—rendering treatment options only palliative. Early detection is, therefore, the best, and currently only, hope for a cure in most cases.

Recently, after years of hard work and many trials, it has been shown that annual low-dose screening CT scans could be used to find and follow tiny possible early cancers of the lung and allow for early treatments.

In the past, CT scans were too slow, costly, and of poor resolution to allow early detection while keeping radiation doses low. However, rapid technological advancements in recent years have allowed for low dose but highly detailed scans to be made, often in just seconds, that allow doctors to nd possible cancers as early as possible.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force released recommendations advising adults with at least 30 pack-years of smoking history (1 pack per day for 30 years, or 2 packs per day for 15 years, etc.) between the ages of 55 to 74 to undergo an annual low-dose screening. Depending on multiple factors, lung cancer mortality could be reduced as much as 20%! Of course, quitting is the best medicine and all smokers are encouraged to kick the habit as soon as possible.

The scan itself couldn’t be easier and involves no needles or pain. One simply lays on his or her back on the comfortable CT table and is scanned while holding a short breath. Radiation exposure is minimal. The detailed images are reviewed by a specially trained board-certi ed radiologist.

At OutPatient Imaging’s (OPI) brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in Buckhead, a screening CT exam can be performed in just minutes. Conveniently located off Peachtree Road in the Peachtree Square Shopping Center, OPI can perform your scan quickly and ef ciently. OPI offers screenings not just for lung cancer, but for cardiac disease (calcium scoring CT scans), breast cancer (mammography and breast ultrasound), stroke (carotid ultrasound), aortic aneurysms (aortic ultrasound), and others.

OutPatient Imaging • 2284 Peachtree Road N.W., Atlanta, GA 30309 • (404) 225-5674 •

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