Foley - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0617Karen Foley
Windy Hill Athletic Club  |  Fitness

Sixteen years ago, Karen Foley stopped by an athletic club looking for a part-time job as a swim instructor. Now, she’s gone from swim instructor to general manager at Windy Hill Athletic Club. Looking back at her journey inspires her to continue pushing to not only try new things, but to do things she never imagined she could. That awareness and enthusiasm help her become a better leader each day.

“I think about the challenges that I’ve gone through in my life and I wake up every day just thankful that I’m here and that I’ve taken one more step to just go further. I want to be the best that I can be for the people around me. The people I love, my family, friends, but then also the people in our club.”



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Dr. Tess Thomas - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0616

Family practitioner Dr.Tess Thomas, 45, stays motivated by the positive energy she gets from both her family and her career. She credits lots of laughter and a healthy dose of organization to her ability to stay fabulous.

Has your perception of 40 changed since you
were younger?
I thought hitting 40 would mean not having fun and enjoying life. But, actually, now I have the ability to make my own schedule and more flexibility in my life.

How do you stay fit and healthy?
I am a Beachbody® coach and I enjoy their at-home workout videos. I don’t have to go to a gym! In my free time, I coach other women to lose weight. I also enjoy running long distances and have run several marathons to date. I’ve got the New York City Marathon on my personal “bucket list.”

What is your favorite way to give back to
your community?
Every month for the last three years, my family and I have done a volunteer project, all with a family-friendly focus. Our favorite ones have been with Project Open Hand doing food deliveries to those who are homebound. It’s important to teach children at a young age to give back—it builds empathy and fosters community involvement.

How do you maintain your life balance?  
I have my WHOLE LIFE on my iPhone calendar with every minute accounted for—I am good with time management.

To see the complete list of 2016 Over 40 & Fabulous! winners check out the June digital issue.

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Lemons Dental - BSA 0516

Lemons Dental—Family and Cosmetic Dentistry welcomes Dr. Shaila Kabani to their practice. Having practiced dentistry since 2000, Dr. Kabani provides the finest quality dental care available today. While her focus is restorative and cosmetic dentistry, she also offers an exceptional variety of comprehensive dental services to meet her patients’ needs.



CentreSpringMD - BSA 0516


The Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine—a nationally recognized integrative medical practice—has changed its name to CentreSpringMD and has expanded to include CentreSpring Spa—an integrative spa, featuring a host of unique spa services, from facials and massage to aromatherapy and ayurevdics.




Friends of The Historic Douglass Theatre - BSA 0516The Fox Theatre Institute (FTI) has announced its four 2016 Preservation Grant Award recipients, who received over $131,000 in support for the revitalization of Georgia’s historic theaters. This year’s recipients include the Schaefer Center, the Miller Theatre, the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center and the historic Douglass Theatre.




Dr. John Gorecki - Tamara Lackey - BSA 0516Dr. John Gorecki, a board-certified neurosurgeon with over 25 years of experience, is now operating at Northside Hospital’s Forsyth campus. Dr. Gorecki specializes in stereotactic surgery, which focuses on radiosurgery for the treatment of tumors and deep-brain stimulation in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.






Fortune 100 - BSA 0516For the third consecutive year, WellStar Health System has been named one of Fortune 500′s 100 Best Companies to Work For®—recognized among companies across the country that have exceptional workplace cultures. The prestigious award is a reflection of WellStar’s commitment to taking care of its team members, who are dedicated to taking care of others. WellStar Health System has now expanded to become the largest health system in Georgia and one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the country. This new expansion has been made possible by the acquisition of Tenet Healthcare’s five Georgia-based hospitals and a new partnership with West Georgia Health.

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Jazz FestivalJazz legends, icons and innovators will delight audiences in Piedmont Park at the 39th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival this Memorial Day weekend, May 27–29. This year’s lineup features internationally renowned saxophonist Benny Golson, Grammy Award-winning pianist and singer/songwriter Eliane Elias and up-and-coming jazz drummer Jamison Ross. This free event will keep you humming all weekend long. There is a local artists’ market filled with one-of-a-kind pieces, plus plenty of food and beverage vendors.


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Naturally occurring in the skin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) acts as a built-in hydrator, holding in moisture to keep skin healthy. Over the years, the level of HA in your skin decreases, reducing your skin’s ability to rehydrate efficiently—which can lead to wrinkles and lines. Using a mix of five forms of HA, the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator by Skinmedica improves your skin’s ability to replenish its own HA and immediately smoothes dryness.


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Whiteman - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0617David Whiteman, MD, FRCS (c)
Southern Plastic Surgery
Body Contouring

For more than two decades, Dr. David Whiteman has been transforming the lives of his patients through plastic surgery; his dedication to his patients and his practice has only gotten stronger over the years. When it comes to helping his patients achieve their goals, Dr. Whiteman believes not just in the power of surgery, but also in the power of health and wellness education. Seeing his patients become comfortable and confident with their bodies while simultaneously embracing healthy habits is what continues to make his job a joy each day.

What keeps me motivated is coming to work, making people happy and trying to do good things.”


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We certainly know that people all over Atlanta are living their best lives over the age of 40, because we hear their stories of personal growth and giving back to others each year during our Over 40 & Fabulous! contest.

This year, we engaged an Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board of experts on topics including volunteerism, fitness, hair care and cosmetic procedures. They provided professional advice on how they got into their fields, and how they’ve grown throughout their careers and personal lives to help inspire us to live our best lives as well.

Check out the editorial contributions from Dr. David M. Whiteman of Southern Plastic Surgery at or by watching the video below.

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Steven Dean - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0616

A DeKalb County police detective sergeant, Steven J. Dean, 46, ranks fitness and healthy living high on his list to keep strong for both his challenging job and his rewarding work mentoring at-risk youths.

Has your perception of 40 changed?
I thought 40 would feel old—but I’m really in my prime! Positive energy and a healthy diet preserves youth.

How do you give back to the community?
I’m committed to mentoring at-risk youth. I’ve worked on teams with my fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, as well as with the Victory for the World Church, coordinating gang summits to connect law enforcement with concerned parents, community leaders and gang members. The goal is to inform the community and deter crime in neighborhoods, as well as to give young teens an opportunity to be successful and productive.

What inspired you to do this particular kind of charity work?
I have been blessed to have a great family and group of friends. I want to help others have a chance to make their dreams come true through hard work and perseverance. I think of my mother’s favorite quote, “By the Grace of God, there go I.”

Who helps you be your “best self”?
So many great people support me: Atlanta Track Club, Orange Theory Northlake, Stone Mountain Cycling, my fitness advisor Cliff Boyce, Dr. Kyle Hammond, Dr. Dexter Innis, and Angela Dean, director of The Joshua Generation.

What advice do you give those not yet 40?
Keep God first, smile often, dance in the mirror, avoid negativity, laugh often, eat clean, help others, work out daily, dream big and wear something that fits!

To see the complete list of 2016 Over 40 & Fabulous! winners check out the June digital issue.

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Hrobowski - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0617Tara N. Hrobowski, MD
Piedmont Heart Institute
Advanced Heart Failure
and Transplantation Cardiologist

Science has always piqued Dr. Tara Hrobowski’s interest, and it was that spark that led her to the medical research field. As much as she loved her job in a lab, something was missing. Dr. Hrobowski longed for more face-to-face interaction with the people she was helping and realized that becoming an advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist would allow her to use her love of science to connect with people and help heal them. While it is those very day-to-day interactions during a time of crisis that can be emotionally difficult, the connection to her patients is what Dr. Hrobowski says makes her job worthwhile.

“It took 15 years to get where I am and, at the end of the day, I can’t even remember what it was like to be in anatomy and physiology, but I can specifically remember patients’ names, their mothers’ names, their children that they left behind. I can remember all those things.”  


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Victoria Rosetti - Sawyer Photography - BSA 0616

As the owner/partner of Jewels with a Purpose, Victoria Rosetti, 49, knows a bit about the sparkle in life. She uses her talents and her business to shine a light on those in need.

What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself since turning 40?
Tap dancing is not just for little kids and life experience is invaluable. I had my first son at age 40. My 40s are my best years yet. I turn 50 this year and I’m just getting started.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community?
My jewelry business is charity-based, so I give back every day by donating a percentage of sales to charities and organizations. Over the past three years, we’ve supported more than 50 charities and donated thousands of dollars.

How do you stay fit and healthy?
I do high-intensity cardio several times a week,  and I also enjoy running road races, hitting the gym and walking my dog.

What advice do you have for those not yet 40?
Take care of your health first! Exercise and eat foods that add value to your life. Enjoy life, travel and have fun.

To see the complete list of 2016 Over 40 & Fabulous! winners check out the June digital issue.

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