Somewhere between five and 20 percent of people in the U.S. will come down with the flu this year. If that doesn’t make you want to reach for the hand sanitizer, then we don’t know what will. But it can take more than keeping hands clean. Cleansing the nasal passages also relieves congestion and the swelling that can harbor bacteria or infection. The new SinuCleanse Micro-Filtered Nasal Wash System clears tap water of any microorganisms and then rinses out nasal passages safely with a gentle flush.


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Go Red with Macy's


In honor of American Heart Month, Macy’s is once again inviting you to go red with them in collaboration with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women® campaign. Go Red for Women seeks to provide women with knowledge and tools to protect their heart health. From February 3 to 8, shoppers can support the Go Red campaign by purchasing an official Red Dress pin ($3) to receive an exclusive discount on most items throughout the store. All sales of the red dress pin benefit Go Red for Women.


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Dr. Carl Kihm, DPM Village Podiatry CentersQuestion: I have a bunion. Do I need surgery?

Surgery can be needed for patients struggling with regular pain, limitations in function or footwear and conditions that are progressively worse or causing deformity. These patients must be assessed individually to determine their best surgical options. Mild deformities can be corrected with a bone shaving and cutting procedure to realign the big toe. The correction is maintained with pins or screws as the bones heal, and patients are generally able to walk the same day of the procedure. –Dr. Carl Kihm, DPM of Village Podiatry Centers

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Steak and Seasoning

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, gourmet online grocer Sherman and James will deliver the makings for a romantic meal directly to your home. They specialize in ethical seafood and grass-fed meats, offering some of the best steaks you can buy anywhere, including the top restaurants in Atlanta. Also available for delivery are a few local collections of Southern artisan products, such as Georgia Olive Farms olive oil, flavored salts and handmade pastas and sauces. Delivery and packaging is included along with hand-written individualized gift cards and free shipping on every order.

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Art Papers Art Auction - Ben Rose Photography

Is your cell phone handy? Because, you’re going to need it for ART PAPERS 17th Annual Art Auction on February 27. Thanks to a partnership with 501 Auctions this year, this sensational event will introduce mobile bidding to add to the connoisseur experience. Browse works from over 200 local artists and celebrate the thriving Atlanta art community.

Details: BoBo Intriguing Objects, 1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318;

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CoyuchiStay warm and cozy all winter long — or give someone else the gift of comfort — with luxury Coyuchi goods. The hand-woven Chenille Organic Cotton Chunky Weave Throw stays light and airy for a year-round couch companion, and the Organic Cotton Sateen Terry Robe gets its snuggly warmth from a velvet micro-terry lining. Explore more Coyuchi products, including sheets, towels and alpaca throws, at their online shop or at local boutiques such as Erika Reade Ltd. and Nicholson Gallery.


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Undie Run


Put on your skivvies and skedaddle on February 13 in Cupid’s Undie Run. Hundreds of barely-dressed runners brave the streets of Atlanta to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Join a team, run solo or grab a partner for a fun way to aid a great cause.


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Clicq Call


Share some bubbly with a special someone this month and get your message across using the Clicq’ Call. This chic gift box allows you to record a personal voice message that plays upon opening. Inside, the recipient will find a decadent bottle of Veuve Clicquot Non-Vintage Rosé awaiting their toast. The best part? You can re-record your special message over and over again! Retailing for $69, the Clicq’ Call can be found at local wine and spirits shops.


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By Ansley Bourn

Walking into the Thunderbolt Power Yoga studio for my Dubstep Yoga class I was immediately captivated by the warm environment and bright colors.

(Left to Right) Ansley, Carly Grace Hinchman, owner and instructor, Tina Reale, instructor

(Left to Right) Ansley, Carly Grace Hinchman, owner and instructor,
Tina Reale, instructor

Set to Dubstep music, this class is all about connecting the rhythm of your mind, body and heart to the beat!

The first thing Carly Grace Hinchman, our instructor and studio owner, said really set the tone for class — “There are plenty of places in life for perfection. I promise, your mat doesn’t have to be one of them!”

This class completely brought me back to a child-like state. It really felt like my mat was my playground! Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely challenging, but Carly excels in pushing you to your limits and makes you laugh at yourself while doing it. She even created an “OMG” curtsy move for us to do to go along with the ‘OMG’ track she had on her rockin’ playlist. It involved us literally spelling out the letters O-M-G with our bodies.

Carly really goes above and beyond to make sure her students maintain a playful mindset during class and genuinely have fun. You could tell from the energy in the room that her efforts were definitely paying off,  several times throughout class the studio was filled with laughter. I loved being able to laugh at myself during yoga!

Be prepared to work up a sweat while you’re having a good time though — during class the studio is heated between 85-90 degrees. Don’t worry if you forget a towel or mat, the studio has them available to rent (first timers can use them for free though). And guys, don’t be afraid to give this class a try either. The class I attended had an even guy-to-girl ratio, so it’s definitely not a girls club!

Thunderbolt Power Yoga Dubstep Yoga

This class is fast paced, but Carly makes sure to pause when she is introducing a new move in the sequence to make sure everyone understands the different poses. She challenged us to try a baby chin pose; I laughed at first, but was surprised by how much weight I was able to hold on my chin (which was somewhere around one-sixth of my body weight…still have some room to grow with this one!)

Finally, Carly closed class with a great quote, that really stuck with me —”In all things you do, be audaciously playful.” It was the perfect way to end class and a great mantra to keep in mind while going about our everyday lives.

To see when the next Dubstep Yoga class will be held visit

Details: Unit C4, 3872 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

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By Alexandra McCray

Just walking into Eclipse One on One Fitness Studio is motivating. The studio is filled with energy and the atmosphere brims with positivity. My trainer for the morning, Alex Carson, greeted me at the door with a smile, and proceeded to give me a full tour of the facilities. This state-of-the-art personal training facility may be small on space, but it is big on amenities.

(Left to Right) Jeff Toney and Alex Carson

(Left to Right) Jeff Toney, Eclipse co-owner, and Alex Carson

We began my session with some light walking on the treadmill to get my blood pumping. While I walked, Alex asked me about my goals, if I had any injuries, and what kind of training (if any) I was already doing. He explained to me that each training session varies from client to client. Everything from what muscles you are going to work that day to how many repetitions of each exercise you will perform is tailored to your goals.

Once I was nice and warmed-up, we moved over to the leg press. I almost had a heart attack when I saw Alex set the weight to 160 pounds. To my surprise I could do do more than get the weight up — I could actually crank out the 20 repetitions. I normally would have never tried a weight that heavy, but having a trainer there to encourage me to add that extra weight and “just try it” was exactly what I needed to maximize my workout.

Since Alex knew that I wanted to shed fat while gaining, and maintaining, as much muscle as possible, he pushed me to go deeper and lower when I was doing my leg moves. He explained this would work my glutes instead of my quads, which would help to lift and shape my butt. I also learned that doing a higher number of repetitions helps your body get into fat burning mode, as opposed to fewer repetitions, which are more effective for building muscle.

Eclipse 1

My favorite thing about working with Alex, was that he pushed me when he could tell I was capable of more and let me rest when he could see I was getting worn out. When I told Alex that I thought I might be done for the day there was no guilt trip; he simply told me I’d done a great job and that with time my muscle memory would build, then sent me on my way.

If you’re searching for personal trainers with balance and positivity look no further than Eclipse One on One Fitness Studio.

Details: 295 West Wieuca RD NE Atlanta, GA 30342


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