In honor of Mother’s Day,we asked readers to share heartfelt thoughts about magnificent and marvelous Mom. Here are a few of those sentiments. Moms, you are the BEST!

Shelby Guntenberger - BSA 0516Johnetta Kearns

“My mom is the ultimate, very best mom (and grandmother ‘JaJa’ to my two boys) because she is selfless, kind, tons of fun, an amazing cook and has such a giving soul. Her love for her family and others is something I treasure and I want to do my best to model her as a person and as a mom.” —Shelby Gutenberger








Lindsey Roberts and Lisa Roberts - BSA 0516Lisa Roberts

“My mom is my best friend! I am getting married next month and our printer couldn’t print our invitation envelopes last minute. I was panicking. So my mom stayed up for TWO nights straight and hand-calligraphed every single envelope. She is the most loving, selfless person!”— Lindsey Roberts 







Laura Schilling - BSA  0516Laura K. Schilling

“My mommy is so nice and is the best mommy in the entire world. She will do anything that she can to help us with homework and if we are sick she will do whatever she can think of to help us get better. My mommy takes us to very cool places and makes sure we have different experiences, like racing with dolphins, petting sharks and visiting a disappearing island in the ocean. We love our mommy so much when she wakes us up in the morning she sings a different theme song to each of us so that we wake up with her singing happy words. She is awesome! She loves to travel and so do we. We are so lucky!” —Eli (7) and Adi (3) 



Inez Adamson - Sylvia Small - BSA 0516Inez Adamson

“My 94-year-old mother is one of the most giving people I know. She quit school early to help support her family. When her mother needed a home, she brought her into our family. When my dad had a stroke, she took care of him for 10 years. I respect her tremendously!”—Sylvia Small

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Whether you prefer to crack a book open while rocking on the porch, flip through paperbacks on a beach towel, swipe pages on a tablet or listen to audio downloads in the car, diving into a good book is a great escape in summertime (or any time). We asked the astute staff of Atlanta’s signature independent bookseller, A Capella Books, to give us their recommendations for new summer reads:

Where We Want to Live - St. Martin's Press - BSA 0516Where We Want to Live by Ryan Gravel 

“I highly recommend it for all Atlantans—especially those concerned with our city’s infrastructure or those who want to know about the hard work and philosophies that made the BeltLine possible! Picture strolling down the BeltLine with this book in hand, grabbing some grass at Piedmont Park and reading the words of the dude who helped make your beautiful walk happen.”
—Clara Nibbelink

The Tsar of Love and Techno - Random House Canada - BSA 0516The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra “Every word out of his mouth is gold. There’s nothing else to say.” —Laura Keys 





The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson 

The Summer Before the War - Random House - BSA 0516

“If you liked Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, you’ll love The Summer Before the War, where Simonson looks at life in a small, southern English town through the prism of the impending cataclysm of WWI. She does a great job of revealing the glory, as well as the vainglory, of a thoroughly engaging cast of characters.” —Laura Keys





A Thousand Naked Strangers - Simon & Schuster - BSA 0516A Thousand Naked Strangers by Kevin Hazzard 

“What could be more perfect than relaxing on the beach—while taking an adrenaline-fueled ride through the streets of Atlanta with paramedic Kevin Hazzard?  Fun, scary, eye-opening and somewhat disillusioning—it’s a ride worth taking.” —Laura Keys





When Breath Becomes Air - Random House - BSA 0516 (2)When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi 

“Written in the last year of his life, after a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer, Kalanithi’s meditation on life, death, medicine, God and relationships is beautifully done. It is both heartbreaking and thought-provoking and, paradoxically, both so very personal and absolutely universal. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.” —Laura Keys




Doubleday - BSA 0516Uncle Janice by Matt Burgess 

“Switching from the more usual setting of crime novels, Burgess takes us into the world of undercover narcotics cops, where the street buys are made by ‘uncles’ under the watchful eyes of their back-ups, the ‘ghosts.’ Janice Itwaru is entering her eighteenth month in an NYPD narcotics squad; if she makes it through this trial, she automatically makes detective. But she has to get through the pinball machine of her life and job before she triggers ‘tilt.’” —Laura Keys

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From left, Dr. Sheri Prentiss, Komen Atlanta Executive Director Cati Diamond Stone and Komen Atlanta Past Board President Lila Hertz, join fellow breast cancer survivors during the "Survivor Strut" at Komen Atlanta’s 25th annual Race for the Cure on May 9th, 2015.  Photo by Tiffany Jae.

From left, Dr. Sheri Prentiss, Komen Atlanta Executive Director Cati Diamond Stone and Komen Atlanta Past Board President Lila Hertz, join fellow breast cancer survivors during the “Survivor Strut” at Komen Atlanta’s 25th annual Race for the Cure on May 9th, 2015. Photo by Tiffany Jae.

Komen Atlanta invites you to help run breast cancer out of town at the annual Race for the Cure® on Saturday, May 7, at Lenox Square. Since 1991, local volunteers have raised over $26 million to support education and screenings, as well as for global research. Join in for the 5K walk/run or 1-mile walk, then stay for a festival and the inspiring Survivor & Thriver Strut honoring breast cancer warriors.


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The Palms Hotel & Spa - BSA 0516Immerse yourself in nature and personal restoration by planning a weekend escape or girls getaway to The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach. Enjoy AVEDA spa treatments, gourmet cuisine from the Organic Chef’s Garden, sunset walks on the beach and morning yoga in the Grand Tiki garden hut. This weekend package combines the best in wellness and spa relaxation, and includes daily breakfast, one massage and Sunday morning yoga—not to mention world-class shopping within walking distance. Save 15% on the best published rates.

For reservations, visit

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HeyMomDad - BSA 0416

Caring for aging parents is a challenging responsibility. Assisted living is a solution for some, but most people would do whatever they could to stay in their own home, near family and friends. HeyMomDad™ offers peace of mind with their two-way wellness-monitoring and communication system for family and friends of seniors. Simply open the app to have a conversation with your senior loved and get a full 270-degree, high-definition view of them and their surroundings in real time.


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Clue Town Books

Get the family out and about for an adventure, courtesy of Clue Town Books. Using city landmarks in walkable areas of Atlanta, players solve puzzles in order to find the next checkpoint. This scavenger hunt-type game is a fun and unique way to explore popular parts of town – such as Piedmont Park, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta BeltLine, Decatur, Grant Park, Virginia-Highland and Kirkwood. Available at a variety of local gift shops listed on the Clue Town website.


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Food & Thought Cover - Mitchell Anderson - BSA 0416

Mitchell Anderson, the owner, founder and chef of Midtown healthy-eating staple MetroFresh puts some of his customers’ favorite recipes into reach with his first cookbook, Food & Thought. In addition to fabulous eats, Mitchell shares stories about his family and his career journey from Julliard to Hollywood to Atlanta, where he trained with his best friend and mentor Jenny Levison of Souper Jenny. Grab your copy at the restaurant or order online.


Here’s an excerpt from the Food & Thought chapter on salads:

“Many items on the MetroFresh menu make frequent appearances because our regular customers love them so much. Veggie ‘Trail Mix” is one of these items. It’s a salad that simply tastes like “health.” There’s not much mystery here; it’s pretty straightforward. It’s just crunchy goodness. I created this salad many years ago when we first opened, and I called it Trail Mix because it reminded me of my Aunt Ginny’s bag of trail mix she’d take on hikes. So there you go …” – Mitchell Anderson, Food & Thought


 Veggie Trail Mix Recipe

Veggie Trail Mix - Mitchell Anderson - BSA 0416


1 bunch broccoli finely chopped, stems removed

1 head cauliflower, finely chopped

4-5 diced carrots, lightly chopped in food processor

1 cup dried cranberries

Optional: Add walnuts, pecans, toasted pumpkin seeds, bleu cheese crumbles


For the Dressing:

½ cup seedy Dijon mustard

½ cup honey

½ cup fresh orange juice

1 cup olive oil/canola oil blend

Kosher salt to taste


Finely chop cauliflower and broccoli with sharp knife. Chop carrots lightly in food processor. Toss in a bowl with cranberries and dressing. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Will keep well for up to two days.



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Sworkit Kids - BSA 0416

As TVs, tablets and video games continue to keep kids planted on the couch, encouraging them to get in their recommended 60 minutes of exercise each day can seem like a daunting task. Coach them along using the free Sworkit app’s simple workout videos created specifically for — and demonstrated by — kids ages 5 -14. Get the whole family involved with a customized new routine or use the interactive challenges to get those little legs moving and hearts pumping during a homework break.



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Jacqueline Boatwright - BSA 0416

Congratulations to Decatur’s own Jacqueline Boatwright-Daus, age 49, on her recent crowning as Mrs Georgia International™. A local business owner and medical practice administrator, Jacqueline’s also an active community volunteer, supporting the Atlanta Legal Aid Society and focusing on a platform of child day care safety during her reign. She will go on to compete for the title of Mrs. International™ 2016 in Jacksonville, Fla., this July.


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Digest Gold 90 Bottle - Enzymedica - BSA 0416

Let’s say you’ve just opted for the kale salad over the veggie pizza, you probably want your body to absorb as much of that nutrient packed salad as possible, right? Digestive enzymes work to break down the food you intake to make sure the nutrients inside of them get absorbed as much as possible, but sometimes they slack on the job. Enzymedica’s Digest Gold ™ formula gives enzymes a boost, helping to break down carbohydrates, fats, fiber and protein efficiently.


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