have a stress free holiday

Debra MacIntyre ND, of Vitality Project, shares tips for a stress free holiday season.

Q: The holiday season can be so hectic. What are some ways to keep stress at bay?

A:1. You must sleep and eat regular meals. There’s nothing like fatigue or low blood sugar to get you ‘on your last nerve’.

2. Use pen & paper every day. Write your end goals and that day’s plan for reaching them. Trying to carry it all in your head creates tension, and checking each off the list is a victory!

3. Take a little walk every day, and look around at what you are passing. This takes your mind off your worries and increases relaxation.” – Debra MacIntyre, ND of Vitality Project.


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Catherine Luciano_Photo Cred_Catherine Luciano

Did you know the average person can pack on 5 to 10 pounds throughout the holiday season? “When you head to the holiday parties, bring a dish or two that are healthier options – something filled with roasted veggies; maybe a lighter dessert made with bananas and applesauce,” suggests Catherine Luciano, personal training manager at Concourse Athletic Club.


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winter weather workouts


“Bundle up and feel the chilly air zap your lungs. The act of connecting with nature has the power to make you feel more alive and also gets the blood pumping,” says Jessica Crate, C.O.O. of Atmasphere Yoga & Pilates. As your body works harder to keep you warm, you’ll burn calories like crazy while simultaneously getting your daily dose of vitamin C.

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If you’re looking to plump up fine lines for a fresh and rejuvenated look without appearing “overdone,” the consultation is key according to Michael Kelleher PA-C, of Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa. “It is of the utmost importance to discuss your expectations with your cosmetic provider at consultation. The consultation is your time to ask questions, view pictures and become comfortable,” says Kelleher.


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Courtney Clymer_Photo Cred Unknown

Courtney Clymer, of Lifestyled Atlanta, shares tips for transitioning clothes from summer to winter.

Q: What are some good ways to transition my wardrobe from summer to winter?

A: “For transitioning your wardrobe from summer to winter, remove super-bright, summer-y patterns. Neutrals are great for transitioning and layering. For those bright items you love, try pairing them with darker pieces such as a black skinny jean, olive cardigan, etc. I am all about the vest; it is a key piece for taking those summer-y items and adding a layer, but also making them more fall/winter-appropriate. I would say it’s the number one transition piece!”-  Courtney Clymer


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Cynthia with Client_Photo Cred Unknown

When it comes to taming hair, more doesn’t necessarily mean better, says celebrity hairstylist and Dove Hair Curl Expert Cynthia Alvarez. ”Have patience and try to find the right products for your hair type. Usually if you need to pile on the products, you’re using the ones that are actually drying your hair out. Look for products with natural oils like Buriti oil,” says Alvarez.


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Nicole G. Morgan_Photo Cred_Nicole Morgan

Registered dietitian, Nicole German Morgan, advises not to hang onto refrigerated leftovers for longer than seven days; for fish and cooked meats, that shortens to no more than four days. “Don’t forget to label all of your leftovers with the future expiration date to make food safety easy,” says Morgan.

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carry your health

Feeling sore from lugging a heavy handbag or briefcase all day? Exercise physiologist, Bill Boland, shares tips to reduce the damage carrying heavy bags can have on the body.

Walk Tall - Keep the shoulders down and your head up, with a straight back.

Mix it up - Change the type of bag you use, whether it’s a purse or a knapsack or backpack. Variety means everything to your body. If you are wearing a purse, move it from shoulder to shoulder during your walk, or, better yet, carry it across your body to reduce strain on a single body part.

Repair - Offset the impact with stretches that realign the spine, such as stretching out the body with a downward facing dog pose to lessen stiffness and back pain. Get the blood flowing to muscles with standing arm circles which pull the shoulders back and the head up into line.

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what is thermva

Carla Williams, of Vinings Surgery Center, answers a reader’s question about ThermiVa®.

Q:What is ThermiVa®?

A: ThermiVa is a new device that delivers heat deep within the skin to reduce urinary leaks and incontinence, improve sexual satisfaction and increase the body’s natural moisture production. “It is a non-invasive, painless treatment that lasts about 30 minutes with absolutely no downtime,” says Carla Williams of Vinings Surgery Center.


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add 6.4 years to your life

Flossing your teeth daily can make your arteries younger and keep your immune system young by reducing oral bacteria that would otherwise circulate through your bloodstream, increasing inflammation, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and more. “Daily flossing adds an average of 6.4 years to life!” Says dentist Roberta Cann, of Cann Dentistry.


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