To the delight of thousands of book lovers, the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta is back with its two-week long book festival. Meet, great and take a peek into the minds of some of America’s favorite authors. Here are some author visits you won’t want to miss.

In the Unlikely Event_cover

Judy Blume Nov. 7 8.p.m

Beloved author Judy Blume discusses her nearly thirtieth novel with Greg Chagnon, a former columnist for the AJC. “In the Unlikely Event” tells the story of how three generations of families, friends and strangers learn to cope with the unexpected curveballs of life, both good and bad.




All In_cover





Josh Levs Nov. 22 10:30 a.m.

After being denied parental leave Josh Levs became an advocate for working fathers. Levs discusses – with Nadia Bilchik, CNN editorial producer and president – his book  “All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses–And How We Can Fix It Together.” In it, he explores what exactly fatherhood means in today’s world, shatters stereotypes and demonstrates how everyone can be “all in.“





Lights Out_coverTed Koppel Nov. 22 7:30 p.m.

An America without electricity isn’t just a possibility; it’s one hack away from becoming a reality. Investigative reporter Ted Koppel will discuss with Dana Barett (host of “The Dana Barrett Show”) his stunning expose. Koppel discusses the federal government’s lack of preparation for what could be one of the biggest threats to modern American society…an attack on our power grids.

Details:Visit for more information.

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Dr Dunston headshot 2014

Dr. Kyrin Dunston, of Progressive Medical Center, shares her best advice for integrative medicine and weight loss.

What role can Integrative Medicine play in weight loss?

The body is a complex biochemical “equation” with many inputs and outputs.  It can help you successfully lose the weight by addressing the root causes of weight gain.

Nutritional and hormone imbalances, as well as toxicity can often be the problems.  The solutions live in vitamins, minerals and herbs combined with TLC (therapeutic lifestyle change).  Using a customized and comprehensive integrative medical weight loss plan can help you finally obtain the healthy body that you desire.

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Known for his smoky eye technique (made famous by client Kim Kardashian!) Celebrity Makeup Artist Stephen Moleski has been featured on several hit TV shows, including E! News, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Girls Next Door, Extra and The Insider.  Here are his top four must-haves:

1. Moisturizer with SPF

2. Concealer (NARS illuminating concealer is his go to)

3. Bronzer or blush to give skin a glow and even finish 

4. His favorite peppermint plump lip balm (Psst- he helped develop it!)  from Mizzie Cosmetics


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The Thanksgiving dinner shopping frenzy can turn grocery stores into horror movies, complete with angry mobs and fighting for one’s life.

This Thanksgiving, cross the biggest item off your list with ease by having a White Oak Pastures farm turkey delivered right to your door. These award-winning free-range turkeys are raised humanely and with the utmost of care at this local family owned farm.

(By choosing these local birds, you’ll be ‘disinviting’ antibiotics, hormones, arsenic, and chlorine to your Thanksgiving as well!)  Turkeys can be ordered through the farm’s online store and  will be shipped a week before Thanksgiving to make sure they’ll arrive on time for the big dinner. Prices range from $75 for 8-12 lbs., $100 for 12-16 lbs. and $125 for birds 16.1lbs or heavier.

Details: 22775 Highway 27 in Bluffton, GA,

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Film for Food is a digital fundraising campaign for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, aligned with recently released documentary “7days 2guys 1juicer.”

“7days 2guys 1juicer” documents the personal struggle of Chad and Kenny as they work to overcome their own fears and habits in an effort to adopt a healthy new lifestyle. They haven’t always been overweight, but years of unhealthy eating have finally caught up with them.

By simply digitally renting or purchasing “7days 2guys 1juicer,” 50 percent of the proceeds will automatically be donated to the Atlanta Community Food bank to help feed thousands of hungry local families. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $15,000 in 15 days, from November 1 -15, for the increased need during the holiday season.

Watch the trailer below, and visit to rent or buy the full movie.

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Leticia Allen, founder and president of Atlanta School of Massage shares her best advice about the role massage can play in integrative medicine.

What role does massage play in integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine focuses on the mind, body, spirit connection to encourage overall, sustainable wellness. Therapeutic massage stimulates healing through its direct, positive effect on immune functioning. It has a complementary impact when combined with other integrative practices.

I believe massage to be an essential component of any holistic program that fosters health and wellness. In fact, we’re currently working with Emory University to help proves these benefits through a series of clinical trials studying the biological effects of massage therapy in three specific areas: boosting immune systems, decreasing anxiety and reducing fatigue in breast cancer patients.

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Each month, Best Self publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of November: 


The Spruill Arts Center - If you want to try it, the Spruill Arts Center probably teaches it. From ceramics to painting to perfume making to blacksmithing, the class at Spruill are a great way to dabble in any new art form. The classes that are especially intriguing me this month are the “Handmade Holidays” jewelry-making classes! This is a great way to create a gift while you learn a new skill.



Tara Simons Studio - My daughter took lessons here and now it’s my turn! Located in Smyrna, but servicing the entire metro Atlanta area, Tara Simons Studio is a “pitch perfect” place to get musical! Learn guitar, piano or voice techniques. Tara Simon is a professional singer, songwriter and vocal coach who became widely recognized as a t op finalist on the second season of the “X Factor”. She’s also performed for celebrities like Sugarland, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and L.A. Reid.



Pound Fitness – The entire staff of Atlanta Best Media is trying out this new workout. Invented by drummers, this workout has you moving to the beat while creating the beat with rhythm sticks (a.k.a drum sticks.) Contact the Concourse Athletic Club to find out about upcoming classes and pick up the December issue to find out what we learned.

Details: Concourse Athletic Club 770-698-2000


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Bhatia, MD, Tasneem 2015_need cred

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, of Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine, shares her best advice for understanding integrative health.

In layman’s terms, how would you define “integrative health”? 

Integrative medicine takes a whole-person approach to healing. It combines the best health options from multiple systems and vantage point of medicine to give a will-rounded perspective on any given health issue. It’s a “deep dive” into a person’s current health concerns, history, and nutritional factors, as well as mental and physical health.

These all factor in when symptoms of disease and illness present themselves. Treatment looks different for each individual based on his or her needs. Rather than rejecting one system of medicine over another, the focus is on integrating care to bring patients to the center – or heart – of their issues. It is the future of medicine.

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The best fitness advice around town! Joshua Jarmin, owner and trainer at Blueprint Fitness answers a reader’s question about fat-burning.

Q: How do you recommend I kick-start fat-burning when I first wake up?

A: I recommend you eat protein (preferably red meat) and a source of fat (i.e. avocado, almonds and so on) when you wake up. The protein will start the process of protein synthesis to help heal damaged cells from the previous day’s training session, and the fat will tell your body’s neurotransmitters to use fat as energy instead of carbs. Drink either water or coffee (no sugar added) to help get your body going.

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Love those Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Add another seasonal drink to your repertoire this fall when Urban Tree Cidery opens in just a few weeks. Atlanta’s first cidery is about 4,500 square feet and is located in Midtown’s Westside neighborhood. They will offer two traditional ciders and seasonal creations that they produce onsite. The cidery will also support Atlanta through community programs such as Concrete Jungle and Trees  Atlanta. Follow them on social media @UrbanTreeCider for the latest details about grand opening events!

Details: 1465 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA,

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