Women Build Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, Habitat for Humanity-North Central Georgia has partnered with Infor for its 2016 Women Build BLITZ. This special week-long build, which will take place between March 5 -12, will complete two family homes in Woodstock.

Women are invited to participate as individuals or as part of team. Habitat for Humanity asks that each participant donates or raises a minimum of $250 to help pay for the construction materials and costs associated with building the Shing/Ti and Akachi family’s homes.

Women Build is Habitat’s nationwide initiative to remove the notion that construction is an activity only for men. This program helps to make women feel comfortable in construction sites, teach them construction skills and empower them.

To learn more visit habitat-ncg.org

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Chuck Couch - Mizuno

Chuck Couch has been promoted to the position of Corporate Vice President of Sales for Mizuno USA. Starting out in customer support, Couch has worked in various departments at Mizuno, including sales, marketing and product development. Couch will transition from his current role as Golf Division Vice President of Product Management onto the Mizuno USA leadership team, using his over 20 years of experience and inspirational leadership style to guide Mizuno forward.

Details: mizuno.com

The Georgia School of Orthodontics will feature a new three-year residency program to extend educational opportunity to dental students seeking to become orthodontists. The program will operate out of a state-of-the-art location in Sandy Springs and will be open to dentists across the nation. The school is set to begin serving patients in April of this year for approximately half the cost of private practice orthodontic care.

Details: gaorthodontics.org

WellStar Health System makes it easy for patients to have a clear record of their doctor visits. Their new electronic medical record patient portal, WellStar MyChart, allows patients to access their providers’ notes, instructions and next steps, medication lists and test results whenever they want. WellStar is the first Georgia-based health system to offer this service to patients.

Details: wellstar.org

Kate Atwood, Vice President of Marketing at Metro Atlanta Chamber, and winner Austin Mueller.

Kate Atwood, Vice President of Marketing at Metro Atlanta Chamber, and winner Austin Mueller.

Austin Mueller took home the title of ChooseATL’s Ultimate Job Interview Contest winner, along with a cash prize of $10,000. Competing for a dream job interview with some of Atlanta’s biggest companies, the three finalists presented themselves before a live audience and a panel of five judges, including representatives from The Home Depot, PGI, Cardlytics, General Assembly and SPANX®. As part of his winner’s experience, Mueller secured a meeting with Dragon Army’s CEO, Jeff Hilimire, and a helicopter ride over the city.

Details: chooseatl.com


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Fitness expert Madison James shares her healthy lifestyle on the go pick of the month.


I have not met one person that does not love pasta. I’m a big fan of making better choices but not limiting yourself. I have found a great way to feed that pasta fix without the calories and high carbs. It’s called the Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer/Cutter. Requiring no batteries, the Veggetti thinly slices zucchini, squash, carrots and more in a matter of minutes. Steam up your healthy veggie pasta, add some low-sugar pasta sauce, then top with grilled chicken or low-fat turkey for an easy vegetable-based dinner the whole family will enjoy. Find the Veggetti at Kroger, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond and CVS.

Details: buyveggetti.com 

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Shannon Sliger - Raftermen Photography

Spend three days restoring your mental, physical and spiritual health with DTOX Juice founder Shannon Salter Sliger. Her special Cleanse Camp sessions at the Loews Hotel offer a mini-spa retreat filled with yoga, plenty of DTOX juice, guided meditations, Thai herbal massages, reflexology, Reiki and raw cooking demonstrations. Sliger—who is also an ISHTA yoga instructor and Ayurvedic wellness counselor—has designed each activity to take you one step further on your journey to wellness. Check out supercharged for healthier living.

Details: dailydtox.com

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Crosspoint Socks

The ingenious minds of Showers Pass, a company that develops technically engineered clothes and accessories for cyclists, have created a waterproof sock. Yes, you read that right—a waterproof sock. A pair of Crosspoint Waterproof Hi-Viz Crew Socks keeps feet warm and, most importantly, dry through a combination of three layers of breathable, waterproof and windproof materials. Designed to be extra visible at night, these socks can handle just about any wilderness adventure or urban trek—so you can push yourself that much harder!

Details: showerspass.com 

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By Danny Chaney, LMT/CNMT

Gifted Hands Therapeutic Massage


Massage therapy is more than just a day at the spa. In fact, it is very beneficial for relaxing, reducing stress, releasing toxins and building the immune system. While there are many types of massage, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) offers some of the most promising and therapeutic techniques for pain management, mobility and injuries. NMT techniques are used to treat hypertonic (tight) muscles, trigger points and muscle spasms.

Pain management is the core and focus of Neuromuscular Therapy. A great deal of extreme pain can be caused by nerve entrapment or compression. Applying NMT techniques, such as friction and manipulation, promotes elongation of the muscles, thus relieving pressure from that nerve. A skilled massage therapist may be able to pinpoint exactly which muscle-nerve interactions provoke the symptoms.

Details: gifted-handsllc.om

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Phone, keys, wallet. All your necessities are here, but now you’re at the gym and have nowhere to put them. We’ve all faced this struggle before. Do you try and carry everything from machine to machine? Such a drag. Leave it all in an open cubby? Too risky. The FlipBelt fits tightly around your waist and has expandable pockets to hold your cellphone, keys and cards no matter what your activity. Flip the pockets towards your body for extra security or keep them facing out for easy access. Either way, you can exercise with peace of mind.

Details: flipbelt.com


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By Diamond Dallas Page

It’s a brand new year—the perfect time to make resolutions and set new goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier or take on another challenge, we have the tips to help you achieve those goals.


  1. Set a clear and realistic goal that is specific and measurable.
    For example, your goal may be to lose 50 pounds in 10 months or to exercise four days a week for 30 minutes each day. Be consistent, take notes and monitor your progress.
  2. Don’t just think it—INK IT!
    Writing down your goals makes them tangible. Use sticky notes and stick them to your car dashboard and your bathroom mirror, or send yourself a reminder every day on your smartphone. The more you see your goal, the more it will help you maintain focus.
  3. Connect with like-minded individuals for support and accountability.
    You become the five people you hang with the most. Choose those companions wisely. If you want to eat healthier, join a local group that meets weekly or check into an online forum for meal ideas and food strategies.
  4. Schedule the time.
    Add in the dates and times on your calendar (just as you would a business meeting) and make that appointment with yourself.
  5. Stay inspired.
    Find what inspires you and revisit it often—whether it’s a speech, song or a simple quote. Inspiration is positive energy, and that positive energy can give you the strength to achieve any goal you desire.
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Snow Mountain at Stone MountainNo need to hop on a plane to experience a winter wonderland. Until February 28, Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park brings winter to you. The region’s largest snow park boasts more than 20 snow tubing slides, special lanes for families, a Snow Zone area for the little ones and over 50,000 tons of snow. After a long day of tubing, snowman building and epic snowball fights, finish the day snuggled up next to a roaring fire and roast some marshmallows.

Details: stonemountainpark.com



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Kids Connect

According to the FBI, a child goes missing every 40 seconds. A specially designed mobile device for children called KidsConnect is working to lower that staggering number. KidsConnect includes four pre-programmed numbers, built-in GPS, real time tracking and voice monitoring. KidsConnect provides parents peace of mind with the Geofencing feature, which notifies the parent via text message when a child leaves or arrives at a specific location. In case of an emergency, KidsConnect has an SOS button, which continuously dials all four pre-programmed numbers. The best part? KidsConnect offers their own easy and affordable service plans.

Details: mykidsconnect.com

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