Ovarian Cycle Ride - BSA 0316

Whether you’re hopping on the spin bike for the first time or are a spinning expert you can help make a difference at the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Ovarian Cycle Atlanta event on March 20. Sign up to participate in this four hour cycling event on your own or join a team and receive your own fundraising page where you can share personal stories of how ovarian cancer has impacted you or those you love and garner funds to support your ride at Life Time Athletic. Can’t make it to the event? You can still do your part by signing up to be a virtual rider.

Details: 5580 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30342, ovariancycle.ocrf.org

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Bon Glaze Campfire Doughnut - Sara Hanna Photography - BSA 0316

When the owners of Bon Glaze noticed a lack of whimsy in the world of doughnut making they decided they would be the ones to right that wrong. And oh — how they have made it right. Cotton Candy, Orange Fanta with Pastry Crème, Bacon Butterscotch and Campfire are just a few of the flavors rolled out of their happy ovens. Don’t wait a second longer to enjoy this “hole-y” experience; visit their first Atlanta location in Brookhaven and watch for updates on the opening of the Buckhead location soon.

Details: bonglaze.com

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American Craft Show Council - BSA 0316

Creativity, passion and dedication—that’s what you will find at the American Craft Show Atlanta from March 11 through 13. More than 200 of the country’s top artists and creators will showcase cutting-edge designs in jewelry, clothing, furniture, home décor and more. This year’s show debuts the new Style Slam program, which includes professional styling advice for handmade clothing pieces, opportunities for guests to ask questions of featured makers and a chance for show visitors to take part in the hands-on process of creating art themselves.

Details: Tickets start at $14; 2 Galleria Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339, shows.craftcouncil.org

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Hadassah - BSA 0316

Left to Right: Dr. Rachel Schonberger, Hadassah HMO Chair; Dr. Dimitrios Karussis, MD, PhD, Senior Neurologist, HMO, JAMA Neurology Study Principal Investigator; Chaim Lebovits, President & CEO, BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics

Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) and JAMA Neurology have recently released promising data on a new Lou Gehrig’s (ALS) Disease treatment. Developed by BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics and using an innovative stem cell therapy infusion, the treatment showed no major adverse effects, and nearly 90 percent of patients showed slower progression of the ALS disease. hadassah.org




ATL Airport District - BSA 0316The Meet College Park marketing group has added East Point to its focus and become ATL Airport District. The organization will continue to help these communities better brand themselves for tourism, conventions, dining and shopping. The first of these efforts will be the inaugural ATL Airport District Restaurant Week from March 12 to 20. ATLdistrict.com


Dr. Patrick Battey - Piedmont Healthcare - BSA 0316


Patrick Battey, MD, has been appointed CEO of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. Battey is the first doctor to serve as CEO since the hospital opened in 1905. In his new position, he will work towards realizing a vision to provide patient-centered care that is anchored in the respected quality for which Piedmont is known. piedmont.org


The Partridge Inn - BSA 0316


The Partridge Inn unveils its multi-million dollar renovation just in time for the Masters Tournament. The hotel’s new design blends its historical architecture with a contemporary interior with a refresh to all 144 guest rooms, verandahs and balconies, as well as the lobby and restaurant space. Located just four miles from the Augusta National Golf Club, it is an ideal locale for those traveling to see the live competition for the most coveted jacket in sports. curiocollection3.hilton.com

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The clock is ticking, literally. A screen mounted on the wall flashes a five-minute countdown as half of our Best Self Atlanta/Atlanta Best Media team scrambles to find the last code that opens the latch to free us.

Urban Escape Games - BSA 0316

An alarm blares and a voice echoes over an intercom, informing us that we did not escape in time to avoid being contaminated by the virus leak — the imaginary virus of the fictional CDC lab into which we’d been locked an hour before to start our game.

The CDC Lockdown is just one of the themed rooms at the Urban Escape Games venue in Alpharetta. The first company in Georgia to present simulated escape games. Urban Escape has been setting up brainteasers and trap doors since February of 2015. Each room unravels a different story with special clues to decipher in order to solve a mystery and “escape.” Our team tried the CDC game and the Jewel Heist but weren’t able to unlock either. Now, we all want to head back to see if we can handle Buckstars Murder Mystery or Mr. Magic’s Magician room. The games and clues change regularly, offering fans the opportunity to keep playing repeatedly for new challenges.

Whether you’re bonding with co-workers, looking for a cleaver date night or hanging out with neighborhood friends, Urban Escape Games sparks curiosity and encourages you to perceive your surroundings differently. You will pull, push, left, look, count and code your way out — these games are tough. Many of the rooms have under a 50 percent escape rate because, as Marketing Director Ellis Edwards says, “It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy!”

Up to the task?

Details: 20 Mansell Ct E #275, Alpharetta, GA 30076, urbanescapegames.com

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Pyme Vessyl - BSA 0316

Taking into account your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, sleep patterns and more, the Pryme Vessyl takes staying hydrated to a whole new level. This “smart” mug measures your hydration levels throughout the day by monitoring your liquid consumption and sends drink reminders to your smartphone or watch to keep you on track. Once you have reached your “pryme” levels of hydration, you’re ready to take on the world…or at least the day.

Details:  myvessyl.com

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They fly through the air with the greatest of ease … Cirque Du Soleil acrobats take circus arts to the highest level with daring feats and exquisite choreography.

Kurios - BSA 0316

As their Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities show sets up in town, we asked Cirque performers about the physical demands of their job. Their natural-born talent, intense training and constant practice gets them under the tent, but they depend on a support crew of pros dedicated to helping them maintain their strength and flexibility throughout the show season.

Performance medical therapist Chad Fraser works with performers to keep them show-ready at all times. As a therapist in sports medicine at the university level for many years, Fraser studied the movement of circus artists, ultimately landing him a position with the elite Cirque squad. Fraser remarks that a major difference between motions of athletes on sports fields and those under the big top is an element of control. A player’s motions in a game are reactions to opponents’ actions. But circus performers must repeat precise motions, often in tandem with others. The choreography of a routine is rehearsed until it’s automatic,  “I must know [the routine] better than they do to catch an injury before it starts. We want to heal a little thing before it becomes a big thing,” he says. He anticipates each move a performer makes and notes even the slightest shift so it can be treated before the artist notices its physical impact.

Due to his constant attention to detail, he (thankfully) rarely sees serious injuries on the tour. Instead, he sees chronic injury from repetitive motions. He partners with coaches to develop modifications to regular choreography that allows injuries to heal. Each day brings a cycle of training and treatment blocks, practice and evaluation.

One of the performers he watches is Nathan Dennis, who works with the newest Cirque du Soleil feature, the acronet. Dennis describes this trampoline/net as a giant slingshot and his routines require focus and incredible strength. He feels secure knowing that team members like Fraser will notice any possible problems before he even gets off stage.

What can we all learn from the lifestyle of Cirque performers? Fraser comments that without regular movement, the body gets stiff and starts to hurt. He urges us to take a cue from his job and pay attention to the body, catching small physical changes early, before they become big problems.

Catch the whole troupe from March 3 to May 8 at Atlantic Station!

Details: CirqueDuSoleil.com

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St. Patrick's Day


Get your Irish up and help raise some “green” to support the efforts of The Junior League of Atlanta at the 12th Annual Shamrock ‘N Roll Road Race. On March 6, take to the streets of Atlantic Station at this family-friendly Peachtree qualifier – add to the fun with festive leprechaun attire for a blarney-good time!

Details: shamrocknroll.org

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Gibi - Gibi Technologies, Inc. getgibi.com - BSA - 0316

Every pet parent fears the possibility of their furry friend going missing one day. Gibi, a lightweight and waterproof device attached to your dog’s collar or harness, allows you to set up virtual fences for your dog to explore in. If your dog leaves the designated safe play space, you will immediately be notified via text or email. In conjunction with Google Maps, Gibi provides you with information regarding their exact location, and—Voila!—Fido has been found!

Details: getgibi.com

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Sisters By Choice - BSA 0316

This year, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. alone. Thousands more will be unable to receive screenings or treatments simply due to a lack of resources in their area. Peach State Health Plan, in conjunction with Atlanta nonprofit Sisters by Choice, is hitting the road to bring breast care to the medically underserved areas of Georgia. The new free Mobile Breast Clinic will be equipped with the latest technology for breast cancer detection and treatment and specialists to provide more than 3,000 screenings this year.

Details: mobileclinic.sistersbychoice.org 

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