By Jennifer Prins

I have taken yoga classes before, but have never taken one specifically designed for “athletes.” The Yoga for Athletes class at Infinity Yoga Brookhaven was made up of fellow weekend warriors who love to run, cycle, compete in triathlons, play tennis and more.

Infinity Yoga

Jennifer Prins and Jesse Hughes

The stretches zoned in on the areas I abuse on a regular basis, such as my hip flexors, hamstrings and calves (which are always so very tight). We also made sure to hit the shoulder, neck and back areas. Infinity provided all the accessories we needed (blocks, foam rollers and stretch bands). They also offer yoga mats you can rent, or you are welcome to bring your own.

In addition to the yoga poses and stretches, we performed a few balance exercises and did some work with foam rollers. Before this class I had no idea there was a specific way to work with foam rollers to maximize their benefits. The roller portion of the class was a little painful – but in a good way – kind of like during a massage where the therapist hits that area that is in knots! Afterward I was so much more relaxed mentally and physically.

Our instructor, Jesse Hughes, acted as a great guide through the movements, and did a great job explaining why the balance and rollers would help us with our running, cycling, etc.

Before class I was a little stressed from the workday and tight from workouts, so it felt great to stretch the areas that needed it so badly.

As anyone who runs, lifts weights, cycles, etc. on a regular routine knows, we tend to work the same muscles every time and as we age we begin to notice the wear and tear on the body. I highly recommend this fantastic recovery class for us all.

Details: 1376 Dresden Drive Atlanta, GA 30319, 

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Create your best self in 2016 with the help of House of Payne Personal Training. Whether you are looking to enter your first bikini/ bodybuilding competition or just want to finally get in shape, House of Payne Personal Training provides you with the tools you need to succeed.

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One Bucket at a Time

Most financial advice books only outline steps and guidelines for reigning in spending and creating wealth, but Terrell Dinkins, a financial representative from Peachtree Planning Corporation, lays it all out in her new book “One Bucket at a Time.” Dinkins pulls back the curtain on her own financial journey to educate readers. She shares not only her first-hand struggles, but financial struggles she has seen others face as well. Aimed at women, “One Bucket at a Time” hopes to bridge the financial education gap between men and women with practical advice and tips.

Details: $15.99,

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By David Leonard

(Left to right) David Leonard, Danielle Thorsen, Lindsay Merrill, and Ashley Goot

(Left to right) David Leonard, Danielle Thorsen, Lindsay Merrill, and Ashley Goot

The latest Pure Barre studio is nestled in downtown Decatur, and offers plenty of parking. I arrived about 10-15 minutes before my scheduled class, which gave me ample time to fill out my paperwork and waivers before we dove into the workout. Pure Barre provides all the equipment you need (ball, hand weights, mats, etc). The staff also did an amazing job taking a newbie like me through the ropes.

Ballet bars line the walls, and they are where you will do the majority of your workout. They really are a great tool to help keep your balance, and allow you to work other parts of your body you might not normally engage during your regular workouts. Our instructor, Lindsay Merrill, constantly checked every students’ form throughout our 55-minute class.The high-energy music worked as great motivation to help you push pass the burn of the pulsating movements.

As the only man in the class, the ladies definitely outnumbered me, but by no means is this a girls club. Men are always welcome to experience the world of barre. They are having an open house this upcoming weekend, so now is the ideal time to give a class at Pure Barre Decatur a try. This brand new studio space is very clean and well taken care of. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of the music they played so that I can find the energy to clean my house!  When I want some definition/tone with my body I’ll be sure to go back to them.  Until then I’m very appreciative of their small business and happy I went!

Details: 411 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030,

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North Fulton Hospital Trauma Center recently became Georgia’s only American College of Surgeons verified program. North Fulton Hospital now joins the ranks of the select group of 435 hospitals around the country that have passed the rigorous criteria to achieve this certification.

Dr. Mike Majmundar

Join Northside Plastic Surgery and the Chamber of Commerce on January 7 at 12 p.m. for a ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening celebration of Dr. Mike Majmundar’s new Alpharetta location. Dr. Mike Majmundar hopes to provide his patients with a unique cosmetic experience at his new office.


Barre3 is celebrating the opening week of their new Druid Hills location by offering free classes from January 4 – 10. Barre3 Atlanta  Druid Hills will make achieving whole-health easy and accessible to all, especially those with busy lifestyles. A variety of classes at varying hours will be offered and the company’s signature childcare services will also be available during many classes throughout the weeks.


Dr. McNeely_Marietta Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael J. McNeel at the Marietta Plastic Surgery Group is now offering the IDEAL IMPLANT. Newly approved by the FDA, IDEAL IMPLANTs are made of a revolutionary saline technology that mimics the feel of natural breasts without the use of silicone gel or other materials. This means that implant recipients do not have to worry about silent implant ruptures, which require an MRI to detect.

Cardlytics Wellness at PCM

Tech company Cardlytics, isn’t just the latest business to call Ponce City Market home, they are the one of latest companies to make wellness easy and accessible for their employees. Using its office space and convenient Beltline location Cardlytics is offering a variety of fitness classes that are easy to squeeze in before work or during a lunch break, maternal and postnatal exercise classes, a food co-op, wellness counselors, fitness incentives and community fairs to provide health information.

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By Ansley Bourn

Before my 6 a.m. kickboxing class at Windy Hill Athletic Club I was a total zombie, but I was quickly awakened by the hour of intense cardio movements.

Everything you need for the class is provided, including boxing gloves. I would suggest bringing your own towel to wipe up your sweat though! Of course, you’ll want to have some water on hand to keep you hydrated. If you do forget, a water fountain is located right outside the exercise room.

Kickboxing at Windy Hill Athletic Club

Instructor Craig Hragyil (in grey) and Ansley Bourn (far right) with classmates.

This was my first ever kickboxing class and I loved it! We started the class with a warm-up of jumping jacks, punches and push-ups. We then moved on to jabs, cross-punches and kicks. My absolute favorite part was the circuit training. The circuit involved us moving from bag to bag, doing different exercises and doing burpees when instructed by the change of music. Our instructor, Craig Hragyil, then hooked a wire across the room and had us ducking under the wire from our “opponents” swing, while throwing jabs and hooks.

Craig made sure each participant was performing moves correctly, and took time to correct us on our form. I really appreciated the extra time he spent with me!

During the exercise my heart rate was definitely up, but the class was super fun! I loved punching the bag as hard as I could, which kind of surprised me! Once class was over I was refreshingly exhausted.

To see a full list of classes offered by Windy Hill Athletic club head to their website.

Details: 135 Interstate N Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339,

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By Ansley Bourn and Jennifer Prins

Ansley Bourn, Lawanda Brokenborough, and Jennifer Prins.

(Left to right) Ansley Bourn, Lawanda Brokenborough, and Jennifer Prins.

A new workout has bounced its way into Atlanta, and we couldn’t wait to try it. What make Kangoo Club Atlanta’s classes unique are their signature Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, which provide a low-impact cardio workout.

Once we arrived for our Kangoo Power Class we immediately began to get adjusted to the spherical shoes. Susie, a fellow classmate and Kangoo Jumps veteran, offered the tip to always wear long socks to help protect your shins from the shoes. The extra pair she lent Jennifer turned out to be a lifesaver.

Our class instructor, LaWanda Brokenborough, walked us through the correct way to stand in these new-fangled shoes. They take a second to get used to. It’s important to get your balance adjusted, since you will be using it throughout the entire class to work your core and lower body.  Before we started the choreography LaWanda made sure to show us how to run, bounce and use the shoes to our advantage.  The music, instructor, class participants and exercise all created the ideal atmosphere for a true high-energy workout. You will march, run, hop, squat, dance a little, and even use the weight of the shoes throughout the hour.

Be ready to move constantly with this class! This fun workout had us both working up a sweat. LaWanda did a great job with choreographing the dances and including beginner, intermediate and advanced moves. We’d never done anything like this before, and will definitely be going back again!

Kangoo Power Class - Jan 2 (2)

Kangoo Jumps shoe work on the mat.

Head to Kangoo Club Atlanta’s website to find a full schedule of classes at rotating locations, reserve shoes ahead of time, find information to help you figure out your correct shoe size, and learn how to purchase a pair of Kangoo Jumps for yourself to take on the road! We’ve heard people are now running the Peachtree Road Race in them!



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By Sherri Adair

Instructor Christina Russell leads the class.

Instructor Christina Russell leads the class.

Don’t let the name fool you, while the one-hour Burn class at DDP YOGA Performance Center incorporates some yoga “ish” moves, it is a totally different kind of workout. Set to rock music ( real old-school rock music), the class moves quickly through a mixture of isometric, dynamic resistance and yoga-like poses that quickly jack up the heart rate and fire up all the muscle groups in the body.

The class is hard, but only as hard as you make it. Modifications are encouraged for first-timers and beginners. What I really loved about the class was the variety of students. This was not a yoga show-off scene. The group consisted of a mixture of people new to exercise, former athletes and some that had attended the class before. Everyone wears a heart rate monitor and is encouraged to get into, and stay in, their fat burning zone. While many of the movements are basic calisthenic moves, they all have an edge that gives them a unique spin. These moves are the creation of former pro wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page. Imagine yoga and wrestling fell in love and had a baby. That is what you’ll find at the DDP YOGA Performance Center.

DDPYoga Class

Classmates flash Diamond Dallas Page’s infamous hand symbol.

Another great aspect of the class is the teamwork, including counting together and vocally encouraging each other. Everyone is made to feel welcome and met with lots of  support.

One last minor detail to keep in mind is that this is not a typical gym. It is a working film studio, the home base for inspiring transformation documentaries and where DDP films his high-quality instructional video series!  Check out this unique studio for yourself.

Details: 1239 Concord RD. SE Smyrna, GA 30080,


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Takeela Reddrick

Takeela Reddrick

Cardio-To-Go, at ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa, may only be a 30-minute class, but instructor Takeela Reddrick takes advantage of every minute to ensure a burning workout.

Our class started with a blood-pumping warm-up of jumping jacks, high knees, and in-place jogging. Once you become a familiar face in Takeela’s classes (and she learns what you are capable of) she’ll push you to your limit to get stronger and stronger with each class. Circuits of speedy machine rowing, box jumps with burpees, kettle bell swings and resistance ban runs provided an intense cardio session.

This fitness class is definitely not for the faint of heart. But, if you come prepared to work up a true sweat, it is definitely manageable for all fitness levels. Takeela may push her students, but if you have any physical concerns or injuries she is more than happy to accommodate modifications.

After you’ve worked up a sweat you can head to ROC House’s amenity stocked locker rooms for a shower, or quick change, and be on your way. To learn how to become a ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa member visit

Details: 3402 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305,



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By Alexandra McCray

Erica Goss and Alexandra McCray

Erica Goss and Alexandra McCray

I’m starting my 30 Days of Fitness at the barre, Barre3 in South Buckhead that is. Walking into Barre3 I was immediately welcomed by Tara at the front desk, who helped me sign-in for the class I had registered for online. I was then given a tour of the facilities, which includes lockers, a changing room and a children’s play area.

I slipped off my sneakers and socks, locked away my personal gear, then entered the intimate studio — a spacious area outfitted with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and multi-leveled barres attached to the wall. Our instructor, Erica Goss, greeted every new face and asked about their previous barre experience, assessed any physical injuries or concerns and offered equipment suggestions.

Class started with deep breaths and a full-body warm-up. Soon we gripped the barre for pulsating squats, which left me and the majority of the class shaking like leaves. Erica cheered us on reassuring us that this reaction is perfectly normal. I quickly learned that the Barre3 workout focuses on one area of the body at a time, while incorporating multiple muscle groups through the use of small weights and whole body movements. By the end of this one-hour class I had definitely earned my “barre glow,” and learned that small movements can have a big impact on muscles.

To try a class for yourself visit Barre3’s website.

Details: 1745 Peachtree Street NE, Suite K Atlanta, Georgia 30309,

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