MOSI MEI - Phone - Bottles

Local nail lacquer company MOSI MEI’s first collection features 62 shades of cruelty-free vegan polishes with twice the staying power. Named after distinct personalities, each MOSI MEI hue is designed to celebrate self-expression…so express yourself without the worry of chipping or harsh toxins.


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Mark Edge Jewelry

New Year, New Jewelry!

Atlanta-based jewelry artist Mark Edge has been designing collections for over 30 years and is recognized for his signature “eco-vintage” style, using reclaimed, recycled and vintage materials for each piece of jewelry. Mark’s handmade creations feature simple, timeless elements such as vintage beads and cameos, semi-precious stones and fine crystals, antique American silver coins and lockets. Mark Edge jewelry is often spotted on celebrities including Dolly Parton, Courtney Cox, Martina McBride, Sara Canning, Drew Barrymore, Jane Fonda and The Real Housewives of both New York and Atlanta! But more notably, Mark Edge is worn by granddaughter, mother and grandmother — a true generational family tradition!


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MoDA 3 - Photo Cred -Susan Sanders

Museum of Design Atlanta shares the latest in design innovations at the “Designers, Makers, Users: 3D Printing the Future” exhibit. This interactive exhibit explores the uses for 3D printing in everyday life — from designing jewelry to airplanes to custom prosthetics such as the famous Iron Man arm created by Limbitless.



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Georgia’s largest nautical expo returns January 14 – 17. Dream of warmer weather and start counting down the days until your next vacation while browsing hundreds of the latest boat models along with accessories and gear. Featured attractions entertain the whole family — from a catch-and-release pond to safety and sailing seminars to a boating simulator and kid zone.


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Crohn's and Colitis Ribbon

Atlanta’s very own Dr. Subra Kugathasan and Emory University are getting one step closer to finding a cure for Crohn’s and Colitis disease through a groundbreaking pediatric risk study. Dr. Kugathasan believes that individual patient genetic information could provide scientists with clues to predict disease outcomes. The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America has set a goal of $400,000 to contribute to the study, and the CCFA Georgia Chapter hopes to help raise funds to that end at their annual Torch Gala on January 23.


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Beautiful Briny Sea Gunpowder

Southern cuisine gets a dash of island gusto in this fiery Atlanta collaboration by famed local chef, Kevin Gillespie, and artisan dry-goods company, Beautiful Briny Sea. Food flavors explode when ignited by the Gunpowder Finishing Salt blend of Hawaiian volcanic salt, chipotle, black pepper, garlic, onion and sumac. Gunpowder adds heat to everything from popcorn to pasta to prime rib.


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The Eating Disorder Information Network (EDIN) strives to break through the haze of societal messaging that contributes to the development of eating disorders. Dedicated to encouraging the healing of men and women affected, EDIN tackles the issues head on through increased community outreach, education and awareness. Recently the nonprofit invited middle school, high school and college student eating disorder survivors to write a letter to their younger self as part of  an essay contest. College essay winner Montana Marie shares hers below; see other winning essay online at 

College Winner — Montana Marie

Younger self,

What if you wake up one day when you’re 65 and you never got your memoir or novel written or you didn’t go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice comfortable tummy or you were just so hung up on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy, creative life, of imagination and silliness. It’s going to break your heart. Don’t let this happen. Learning to love myself again was like learning to walk all over again. Self-appreciation comes from within when you realize that what other people think about you, isn’t nearly as important of what you think of yourself, and I finally realized that at the end of the day if I’m happy, that’s the only thing that matters.

Don’t let this happen to you. Just because others don’t see your worth, doesn’t mean you don’t have any. A positive body image won’t magically appear when you reach a certain weight or when you look a certain way. It’ll come as you begin to realize that your body has carried you through life. Your thighs have carried you when you didn’t have the energy to walk, your stomach has held many of delicious foods, and your eyes have let you see the beauty of the world. Don’t grow up the same way I did, don’t learn to love yourself again, learn to never fall out of love with yourself. The day you decide to love yourself is the day you’ll conquer the world. You can only hate yourself for so long before what you think becomes who you are and that’s a life that isn’t fun to live.


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A Rockin' Instructor: Marianne Baker

When POUND Fitness reached out to Marianne Baker, Director of Group Exercise at Concourse Athletic Club, to help them expand the POUND movement into Atlanta, she couldn’t help but say yes. And, that’s when our Atlanta Best Media team landed the opportunity to take the class. Having been a part of the fitness industry for more than 35 years, Baker gets to try her fair share of new classes, products and techniques. Each year she gets certified in 10 new programs to evaluate their potential fit for Concourse programming.  Once Baker experienced POUND’s unique, easy-to-follow format and cardio impact, she knew the workout would be a perfect match for Concourse. Baker says, “You will burn about 400 to 500 calories while having a great time!”

At Concourse in December

Left – Right – Left – Right … Move it, soldier! Can you keep up with our brave souls in uniform? Report to Concourse Athletic Club on December 5th and try a hardcore workout led by the USMC 4th Battalion. Start with TurboKick at 10 a.m. and then, at 11 a.m., move into a real-deal Bootcamp experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to sweat it out with the troops and support their ongoing commitment to Toys For Tots with an entry fee of a new, unwrapped toy donation… BOOYAH!!!

Details: 770-698-2195

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have a stress free holiday

Debra MacIntyre ND, of Vitality Project, shares tips for a stress free holiday season.

Q: The holiday season can be so hectic. What are some ways to keep stress at bay?

A:1. You must sleep and eat regular meals. There’s nothing like fatigue or low blood sugar to get you ‘on your last nerve’.

2. Use pen & paper every day. Write your end goals and that day’s plan for reaching them. Trying to carry it all in your head creates tension, and checking each off the list is a victory!

3. Take a little walk every day, and look around at what you are passing. This takes your mind off your worries and increases relaxation.” – Debra MacIntyre, ND of Vitality Project.


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Catherine Luciano_Photo Cred_Catherine Luciano

Did you know the average person can pack on 5 to 10 pounds throughout the holiday season? “When you head to the holiday parties, bring a dish or two that are healthier options – something filled with roasted veggies; maybe a lighter dessert made with bananas and applesauce,” suggests Catherine Luciano, personal training manager at Concourse Athletic Club.


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