Atlanta based nonprofit MedShare and Halyard Health have come together to host your not-so-average fundraising dinner, Talk & Taste, which they hope will leave you full and inspired.

Guests will start the night by enjoying dinner and cocktails, then hear moving stories from guest speakers who turned their ideas into plans and into actions that changed the world.

Speakers Susan Grant, Chief Nurse Executive, Emory Healthcare; Dr. Carl Kihm, Podiatrist & Medical Mission Surgeon; Tatiana Jean-Louis, UPS Analyst & MedShare Volunteer and A.B. Short, MedShare Founder & Former CEO will share their experience helping solve crises from earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

MedShare aims to equip medical providers all over the world with surplus medical supplies that would simply end up in a landfill. Access to this supplies allows those local medical providers to give better healthcare to their communities, which they may not normally receive. So far they have donated medical supplies to over 96 countries and equipped over 2,500 medical mission teams.

To learn more about MedShare or purchase tickets visit


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March of Dimes and Grady Health System have partnered to host a foodie fundraiser. The Farmer & The Chef event, on September 19, will showcase five of Atlanta’s up and coming chefs.

Guests can enjoy healthy meal tastings featuring ingredients from local farms prepared by Atlanta chefs Kevin Rathbun, Todd Ginsberg, Eli Kirshstein, Franck Steigerwald and Andrea Kirshtein.

Culinary experiences, vacation getaways, sports and spa packages will also be up for grabs throughout the evening with a silent auction.

March of Dimes hopes this event will help raise awareness about the health benefits of eating well during pregnancy, for both mother and child. Funds from the event will benefit community programs to improve the health of mothers and babies, prenatal education, and to empower women to take control of their bodies.

For more information visit

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If you aren’t a fan of mainstream pro sports, Atlanta fans are typically out of luck when it comes to rooting for a home team. Well, no more! Atlanta now has a professional lacrosse team called the Georgia Swarm. The men’s team, which features NCAA champions and Olympic medalists, hails from Minnesota and has moved south for their upcoming season starting in January. And soccer fans should keep an eye out for the proposed women’s soccer team, called the Atlanta Vibe. The team would include international players and compete April through September at Silverback Park. For game schedules and team updates, visit their websites.


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Namanworth, Sheila_cred Institute for Advanced Medical Research

Sheila Namanworth, DMD of Institute for Advanced Medical Research, answers a reader’s question about Botox.

Can Botox really help depression?

Yes. In three separate studies, researchers found that treating the facial muscles responsible for expressing emotions sends feedback into the brain. In short, if your face looks happy, you feel happy. This use of Botox is just one more exciting development as we start to explore the connection between brain and mind wellness; this connection is key component of any anti-aging regime.


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10250275_10152961508552607_6834769629603104311_nIt’s a black and white affair again for Sheltering Arms, Georgia’s largest nonprofit for early childhood education, is back with their 5th annual Black & White Masquerade on September 19.

Get dressed up and enjoy live entertainment, cocktails, gourmet food, casino games and cigar rolling. Or tap into your inner child and create, decorate or purchase a mask to wear.

Funds raised from the event will go to supply scholarships, literacy materials and teacher training’s to benefit underprivileged children.

By the end of the school year, children in Sheltering Arms programs meet or exceed developmental milestones for age and stage of development.

Sheltering Arms helps more than 2,500 children in metro Atlanta grow into successful adults.

To register and learn more visit

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Post Riverside pic 2

Join Bob Steele Salon as they celebrate the makeover of their Post Riverside location with a summer soiree of pretty proportions! On Friday, Sept. 18, from 5:30 to 9 p.m., head to the salon for Deep Eddy cocktails, light bites, a summer bun bar, giveaways and more.

Details: 4403 Northside Parkway, Suite 160, Atlanta, GA, (404) 262-9499,

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image1Daniel Rubin, of Rubin Counseling, shares his best advice for parents with teens struggling with addiction.

What myths are associated with teen addiction?

That teens will outgrow their addiction. Parents think, ”This is just a high school thing, but once they get to college, or once they get a job, it will be better.”

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with an addiction?

Look for changes in behavior. Individuals in active addiction are focused on being able to use, so all other things will become less important.

If a teen is struggling with an addiction, how can parents support him/her?

Go to the source and ask the teen how can they help. I recommend counseling, self-help groups, and building the biggest support network as possible. As a parent, let your teen know that you are here to help, not to punish them.

What would you say to a teen with an addiction?

Admitting you have an issue with drugs or alcohol does not have to become your identity. Addiction does not have to define you. You will find people who accept you regardless. You can do it.

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TurboPup pic

If you are always on the go, chances are you carry some sort of a health bar as backup nutrition. Why not do the same for your fur friend? has created a line of canine meal bars that are revolutionizing the way people travel with their dogs. A perfect meal supplement for dogs on the go, the bars are naturally grain free, high in protein and made with human-grade ingredients. They come in bacon and peanut butter flavor and are sold in one or two packs priced at $3.29 and $5.99

You can drive to Outlaw Jerky Store in Dahlonega to buy them locally, or shop online at This fast-growing company, once featured on Shark Tank, plans to add more retail locations, so check their website for updates.

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Castor, Paige_cred herself

Paige Castor, from GRAVITY, answers a reader’s question about cardio.

I’m doing cardio 5-6 days a week, but I’m still not seeing the results I want. What am I doing wrong?

While cardio is an important part of any fitness routine, you really need to build lean muscle to create meaningful change in your body. Women, especially, are told that they should do a great deal of cardio and eat less to get a lean body, but that simply isn’t the case. You need weight-bearing exercise to build lean muscle. At GRAVITY, we use your own body weight to help you lean and strengthen your whole body safely, and we incorporate spin bikes to give you a killer workout.


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Brianna Bacorn_no cred

Brianna Bacorn, from LifeGate Counseling Center, shares her best advice for parents with teens struggling with depression.

What myths are associated with teen depression?

“Depression is just teenage angst that they will outgrow.” Depression can ebb and flow, but time is not necessarily the cure.

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with depression?

They may cry more often, isolate from friends and family, have suicidal thoughts, cut themselves and lose pleasure in activities that they used to enjoy.

If a teen is struggling with depression, how can parents support him/her?

Try to be present for your child. If it appears that the adolescent is having a hard time finding ways to cope, please consider taking them to a therapist. Ignoring that an adolescent is dealing with depression is not going to make it go away.

What are the available treatment options?

Therapy and medication are two options. Therapy can help reduce symptoms and equip people with the tools to work through depression. Depression can have a biological component, and medication can assist in helping with symptoms of depression.


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