kybella in atlanta gaNot a fan of the extra fullness in your chin you’ve begun to notice in the mirror, but not quite ready to go under the knife?

A new product called Kybella has recently been approved by the FDA and made its way to Atlanta. It offers a nonsurgical solution for double chin and chin fullness issues. Kybella is a treatment that consists of a series of injections that targets and destroys fat cells so they can’t be restored.

This chin fat solution isn’t just a hit with women hoping to achieve a more slim and youthful face but also with men opting for nonsurgical ways to help define and create a more masculine jawline.

Doctor offices in Atlanta that offer Kybella:

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susan_headshot2_2013-206x300Susan Morley, founder of The Parent Coaches, shares her best advice for scheduling.

How can families handle their “back to school” schedule better this year?

Take an inventory of the actual time spent in a given week. How many hours is your child doing homework? Eating meals? At an activity (including getting ready, commuting, etc.)? This will show parents where they are actually spending time.

If a family realizes they’re overscheduled, what are the next steps?

Parents can sit down with their children to make decisions about reducing stress. Some families may decide to cut all extracurricular activities for six months and then add things back in if wanted. Sometimes no activities are cut, but the family comes up with solutions to streamline their processes.

What are some of those solutions?

Having a central calendar in the home and a person who is assigned to keep it up to date is a great way to communicate to everyone in the family what is happening when. I still prefer paper to online versions.

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Dr. Marianna Kovitch from Atlanta Smiles & Wellness answers a reader’s question about the effect swimming pools can have on your teeth.

Can swimming pools stain your teeth?Kovitch, DMD, Marianna_no cred

An ideal pool pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH is lower, causing the water to be more acidic, it can cause tooth erosion. A higher pH causes proteins in your mouth to break down and form a hard, yellowish-brown mineral deposit on your teeth. You have a higher chance of stains if you are a competitive swimmer, but you can still have stains from exposure. Talk to your dentist if you notice stains due to swimming – a professional dental cleaning will be able to remove them.

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20150225_redmartini_(ck)_013The recently opened Red Martini is not your typical bar or club. This elegant lounge showcases a modest dance floor that complements but doesn’t dominate the space, which features plenty of comfortable and casual seating near the bar. Chef Gabriel Panama offers up fresh, creative sushi each evening, such as the lounge’s namesake Red Martini Roll, with tempura ahi tuna, red snapper, crab, halibut, cream cheese and roasted peppers. If sushi’s not your thing, other small dishes hold their own: try a cucumber and mozzarella salad or a charcuterie plate. And don’t miss their Thursday night “Maki and Martini” specials that, in addition to great food and drinks, include the DJ spinning favorite hits for an all-around fun night.

Details: 3179 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA, (404) 254-3519,

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Atlanta Magazine Physician Profiles 2011

Dr. Mike Majmundar from Northside Plastic Surgery answers a reader’s question about natural male facelifts.

What is a natural male facelift?

Facelifts, when performed on men, have to be different than those in women, and the procedure has to have different goals. Our natural male facelift addresses the definition around the chin, jaw and neck, which become poorly defined in males with age. This lift restores definition below the ear, the contour of the chin, and the jawline in between. Because it avoids excessive pull on the skin, males don’t have to worry about unsightly scars with short hair. Also, greater than 90 percent of males don’t complain of pain with the procedure.

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For fitness competitors and everyday healthy eaters, food can at times feel monotonous, uninspiring and just plain bland. House of Payne Personal Training members Jennifer Croff and her husband are looking to change that. The health-driven couple is creating a cookbook due to be out later this fall, that aims to keep healthy eating fresh and fun.

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Medical Director of Child Wellness for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Stephanie M. Walsh, MD, Stephanie_cred Children’s Healthcare of AtlantaWalsh, MD shares her best advice for kids and screen time.

What is a healthy amount of screen time for kids?

Per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children over 2 should not have more than two hours of screen time a day. As a parent, I know that’s tough in today’s technology-driven world, so reduce it as much as you can – every little bit helps.

How often should kids take breaks when they’re using technology?

For every 30 minutes of screen time, get 30 minutes of play. If that sounds too challenging, try 15 minutes of play after every hour of screen time and work up to 30/30.

What creative ways can parents help kids include other activities in their days?

My number one suggestion is for dinner to be a screen-free zone (Mom and Dad’s phones included!) so families can talk. We also recommend parents remove screens from kids’ bedrooms. For older kids, encourage them to give their brain a break by moving – consider dancing to their favorite songs, shooting hoops or practicing some fun yoga poses.

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Fitness expert Madison James shares her healthy lifestyle on the go pick of the month.

Madison James pick picI don’t know about you, but I get so excited when I find new things in the grocery store – especially when it’s a product that supports my healthy lifestyle. Flatout Bread has just rolled out a new product that does exactly that: ProteinUp Carb Down. It’s very similar to the original Flatout Bread, but it contains 12 grams of protein, eight grams of fiber and will only set you back 130 calories. I love to use them for pizzas, turkey wraps for lunch or almond butter and apple roll-ups. ProteinUp comes in a couple different flavors – I like sea salt and black pepper. Add it to your routine for lunch or your next post-hike picnic at Stone Mountain Park. Check out the deli section at your local store or for recipe ideas and store locations.



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Doctor Lisa Rosa-Ré from Wellstar Medical Group answers a reader’s question about the impact diet and exercise can have on your lifespan.

I know that diet and exercise affect my weight, but can improving these areas really add years to my life?Rosa-Re, MD_Lisa, cred WellStar

By approaching your health intentionally, you can add decades to your life – healthier and happier decades. I’m passionate about working with patients to prevent disease rather than just treat it after it happens. Visit your primary care physician annually to keep a pulse on your heart health. Good, preventative medicine paired with holistic practices such as eating plant-based foods, cutting soda and exercising 45 minutes a day really does set the pace for a long, fulfilling life.

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By Flannery Keck

Stone Summit workout picAs I strapped into my harness and chalked up my hands at Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center, I have to admit—I was quaking at the end of my carabiner. (That’s the fancy climbing clip, for those of you who haven’t made your first foray into indoor rock climbing.) The intimidation factor didn’t last long, thanks to Stone Summit’s helpful, supportive staff at their Atlanta location. A day-pass price of $18 includes equipment rental, so they handed me a harness and a pair of climbing shoes. After I and a few other newbies got our gear in place and filled out liability waivers, we were given a thorough safety talk and were ready to jump in—well, on.

The upstairs section of the gym offers easy 5.6- or 5.7-level climbing routes with an automatic belay from above, making it a great place to start. The rope stays taut, helping you feel secure as you climb up, and the upstairs walls are only about 25 feet high. After a few confidence-building runs up these, I heard the gym’s main section calling my name.

A more experienced friend who had passed the belay test agreed to hold my rope and cheer me on from below as I tackled a much taller 5.7 climb. By keeping my eyes on the various hand and footholds rather than the distant floor, I made it to the top in a matter of minutes, exhilarated. The only real physical challenge was in my legs and fingers—meaning you don’t have to be Superwoman to succeed at this workout—and the adrenaline from the height made it my most exciting gym visit in months. Even if rock climbing isn’t for you, the gym’s fun atmosphere, yoga and Pilates classes and cardio machines make it a great place for whatever workout you choose.

Details: 3701 Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, GA, (678) 720-9882,

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