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Brianna Bacorn, from LifeGate Counseling Center, shares her best advice for parents with teens struggling with depression.

What myths are associated with teen depression?

“Depression is just teenage angst that they will outgrow.” Depression can ebb and flow, but time is not necessarily the cure.

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with depression?

They may cry more often, isolate from friends and family, have suicidal thoughts, cut themselves and lose pleasure in activities that they used to enjoy.

If a teen is struggling with depression, how can parents support him/her?

Try to be present for your child. If it appears that the adolescent is having a hard time finding ways to cope, please consider taking them to a therapist. Ignoring that an adolescent is dealing with depression is not going to make it go away.

What are the available treatment options?

Therapy and medication are two options. Therapy can help reduce symptoms and equip people with the tools to work through depression. Depression can have a biological component, and medication can assist in helping with symptoms of depression.


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Judi-Lee Webb, Ph.D., CEDS-bio pic-2-2014

Judi-Lee Webb PhD, from New Directions Counseling Center, shares her best advice for teen’s struggling with eating disorders.

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with an eating disorder?

Some warning signs include fear of weight gain; preoccupation with food and/or exercise; evidence of binge eating and/or purging behaviors; dieting or only eating “healthy” or “safe” foods; poor self-esteem and body image; changes in weight; changes in personality or mood and more.

What should parents avoid doing?

Parents should avoid minimizing or ignoring the significance of an eating disorder. Parents should also avoid blaming or shaming their teen by directing their frustration, worry or anger toward them.

What would you say to a teen with an eating disorder?

There is hope and full recovery from eating disorders. Even though your “eating disorder voice” may be cheering you on, with treatment, you can learn the tools to challenge this deadly disease and take back control over your body and mind. You are worthy and deserving of a healthy and happy life.

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Root CityYou might not discover literal hidden gems at this weekend’s Root City Market Fall Pop-Up on The Beltline, but the local talent you’ll find might feel close to it.

This self-described “London weekend market meets Brooklyn flea” pop-up market will feature over 30 southern artist and crafters, from Block & Hammer’s hand stamped silverware and accessories to KMM & CO.’s leather goods.

Shoppers can also enjoy live music, grab some food, enter to win a giveaway of goods valued at $500 and make their own lantern for the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade later that evening.

The Homestead Atlanta will be on hand to provide lantern making supplies and advice for kids.

The pop-up shop will be open September 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and you’ll want to get there early because the first 50 attendees will get their own swag bag.

Details: 112 Krog St Nw, Atlanta, GA,

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Mizuno is launching their latest running shoe, the Wave Enigma 5, which combines both support and cushion to allow you to run stronger and longer. The latest Wave collection offers a variety of light and flexible shoes to best fit your needs. New U-shaped Wave technology softens the shock of impact during running and a neutral platform allows for smooth heel-to-toe transition. The Wave Enigma 5 is available for men and women in two colors for $149.99.


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If you haven’t heard of Kathryn Stockett, you’ve certainly heard of her book, which Spend An Evening with Kathryn Stockett, Author of became a #1 New York Times-bestselling modern classic and was turned into an Academy Award-winning movie “The Help.” The Atlanta-based author is will appear at this year’s Forsyth Reads Together event. On September 15 at 7 p.m. at the Forsyth Conference Center Stockett will talk about her book and sign copies. Admission to the event is free, but it encouraged to register in advance.

Details: Lanier Technical College, Forsyth Conference Center, 3410 Ronald Reagan Blvd. Cumming, Georgia, .

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The best fitness advice around town!

Caroline Reed head shot, color

Caroline Reed, lead cycologist at Cyc Buckhead answers a reader’s question about cycling.

Do I have to be in really good shape before I take my first indoor cycling class?

If you had to be in good shape to work out, then no one would ever get to start in the first place! The great thing about indoor cycling is that you can really tailor each workout to a manageable pace. You are in your own personal workout journey. In most cases, your instructor will provide modifications so that all different skill levels are getting the optimal workout as you start to get in better shape.

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Megan McSwain Mann_cred Kim Busby

Megan McSwain Mann, from Peachtree Art Therapy and Counseling, LLC, shares her best advice to teen anxiety.

What myth is associated with teen anxiety?

That being anxious is a normal part teen development. Sure, having a few butterflies before a test or being nervous about a first date is very normal, but real anxiety is a serious issue.

How can parents tell if their teen is struggling with anxiety?

Look for changes in behavior, such as avoiding socializing with friends, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, a drop in grades or school performance, or if your teen complains of physical symptoms, such as stomachaches or headaches.

What are the available treatment options for teen anxiety?

Treatment options include counseling, family therapy, support groups, meditation, and in some cases medication. Consult with a profession to find the best fit for your teen.

What would you say to a teen with anxiety?

You are not crazy! You are not alone. This is not your fault. Anxiety is a real problem that you do not have to deal with on your own. Ask for help and support from a trusted adult in your life, such as a parent, school counselor or coach.

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Ortiz, OD, FAAO, Katerin_cred Marietta Eye Clinic

Katerin Ortiz from Marietta Eye Clinic answers a reader’s question about inheriting eye conditions.

My child’s father has a really high prescription, and I am worried my son will also have bad vision. Are eye conditions genetic?

One reason for poor vision in children is near-sightedness, or “myopia,” which is the inability to see objects far away. Studies have shown that there is a higher incidence of near-sightedness when both parents have the condition. However, it also occurs in children where neither parents have the condition. The best recommendation is early detection, which is why every child should have an eye exam and follow your pediatric eye doctor’s instructions.

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Dr. Richard Livernois

Dr. Richard G. Livernois from Woodhams Eye Clinic answers a reader’s question about vision.

I’ve never had vision problems, but when I turned 40, things got blurry. Is there anything I can do?

This happens to most people in their 40s. It’s like a switch is flipped — one day they see just fine, and the next day, they’re struggling to read text messages. It’s called “presbyopia.” A lot of times, people will run out and buy so-called “reading glasses” from a drugstore, but that’s not the real fix for their condition. A new procedure called the Presby-fix can use a permanent corneal inlay, smaller and thinner than a contact lens, to correct near vision. Basically, this procedure takes 10 years of age off a person’s vision so they can see up close, far away and in between.

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By Alexandra McCray

The largest independent book festival in the country is back in Decatur’s historic downtown square for its 10th year on Sept. 4-6. And since many festival goers are already avid readers, this year’s festival theme is #readdifferent. The idea behind the theme is to encourage book lovers to branch outside of their favorite writers, genres and types of literature.

This year’s keynote speaker will hopefully inspire festival attendees to step outside their comfort zone with a complex topic: feminism. Erica Jong, author of “Fear of Flying,”


which some say helped ignite second wave feminism, will have a conversation with Roxane Gay, author of the popular 2014 essay collection “Bad Feminist.”

The weekend isn’t made up of only challenging subjects, though. The festival will also feature a “kidnote” speaker for Atlanta’s younger book lovers to enjoy. This year it will be Judy Schachner, author and illustrator of the wildly popular “SkippyJon Jones” kids’ series.

The festival weekend will also include lectures and book signings from over 600 authors, author readings, panel discussions, live music, parades, cooking demonstrations, poetry slams, writing workshops and more. Visit for more details, and plan to #readdifferent this year.


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