IMG_6824 high resAmanda Hair from Bob Steele Salon is here to share her insight and best advice on how to make the years over the age of 40 some of your best.

What healthy message do you most want to share? 

If you’re really confident with who you are, it doesn’t matter what hair style you wear.

How does great hair help people in their 40s, 50s and beyond feel their best? 

Who doesn’t love going to a hair salon, a girl or a guy, and feeling really great about themselves? At Bob Steele Salon, we are really great at helping each individual find the best self that they can be and enhancing their natural beauty through cut, color, extensions and makeup services.

What is a common misconception people have about high-end salons? 

That the stylist is just going to tell you what they think you should look like or feel like, but really what we’re doing is getting to the essence of who you are and helping you become better at that.

What is your favorite hairstyle you’ve ever worn? 

The one I’m representing today! It’s a throwback to many years ago in my early 20s when I did the short pixie. I’m really enjoying it right now – it’s so easy and so fun.

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Jeremiah Lawson and Brent Elum, attendees at last year's Stars Party

Jeremiah Lawson and Brent Elum, attendees at last year’s Stars Party

When it comes to a serious condition like HIV, people need medical and emotional support to survive and thrive, but they also need the basics: housing. According to Charlie Frew, executive director of local nonprofit Jerusalem House, “People who are not stably housed are less likely to receive antiretroviral therapy and are more likely to be hospitalized,” as well as experience higher rates of premature death. Because of these statistics, Jerusalem House is adamant that “housing is health care,” and the organization is founded on that premise.

Jerusalem House offers housing for HIV+ adults, a dedicated space for HIV+ single moms and their children, and “scattered sites” throughout Atlanta so HIV+ individuals can live on their own and still access necessary support services. The organization has provided these crucial housing options since 1988 and is responsible for 60 percent of Atlanta’s dedicated HIV/AIDS housing today. In addition to a safe, quality home, Jerusalem House collaborates with other local organizations to provide medical care, places for kids to learn and play, literacy support and more. Volunteers can join in these efforts by tutoring child residents in the Learning Center or tackling home improvement projects such as gardening or painting.

People living with HIV still need these programs today because, Frew explains, they “still regularly encounter stigma, stereotyping and discrimination at work, at school, in health care settings and elsewhere.” For example, many people assume that Jerusalem House’s residents are primarily gay men, but in reality, 48 percent are female, 33 percent are dependent children and 65 percent identify as heterosexual.

No matter who their residents are, Jerusalem House’s vision is to provide them with a caring home that improves their health and quality of life. To help achieve that, Jerusalem House will hold their annual Stars Party on April 9 at The Atlanta Biltmore Hotel in Midtown, which includes live music, cocktails, a silent auction and more. To purchase tickets or get involved with Jerusalem House as a volunteer, visit

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The best fitness advice around town

Fitness Fashion 

View More: boutique Fab’rik recently launched a new line of athletic wear. They now carry a variety of workout pants, sports bras and tops for between $20 and $48 so you can sweat it out in style. Shopping at the Emory Point location also gives you easy access to nearby Pink Barre and Orangetheory Fitness to put your new workout clothes to the test.

Details: 855 Emory Point Drive, Suite C-150, Atlanta GA,

Dusty Gilbreth, Core Physique

Dusty Gilbreth, Core Physique

Q: As a woman, I’m concerned that if I lift heavy weights, I will become big and bulky. Is that true? 

A: This is a common concern among women when they first begin lifting weights. However, weight training performed properly and with the appropriate amount of repetitions, rest periods and variations will tone your entire body evenly and not create a manly or bulky physique. It takes men, who generally have more testosterone and consume more calories than women, years in the gym to increase size. A customized workout plan with a disciplined approach will help you achieve the toned and feminine physique most women desire.

Q: Can you give us some tips for using resistance bands? 

A: Working out with resistance bands is an easy, affordable and effective total body workout. Plus, they are incredibly portable for vacations or business trips! When using resistance bands, remember to move slowly and purposefully through each movement. Focus on the muscle group you are working, and control each movement. Aim for three sets of 12 to 16 repetitions of each exercise.




Path of Most Resistance 

Check out Kristin Corbin’s favorite brands of resistance bands, all of which have exercises and demonstrations available for free online:





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SO YOUNG PARK 2 copyThe American Craft Council Show has returned for its annual three-day showcase at the Cobb Galleria Centre, but this year it includes a twist. Not only can you view and shop for crafts from more than 225 national artists, but you can also work with some of those artists during interactive demonstrations to try your own hand at crafting. This new initiative, called “Let’s Make,” will take place at “Inspiration Stations” throughout the weekend of March 13. Single-day passes are $12 in advance, and children 12 and under are free/

Details: 2 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA,

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Dr. Dina Gielser from Atlanta Smiles and Wellness is here to share her insight and best advice on how to make the years over the age of 40 some of your best.

Atlanta Smiles and Wellness' Dr. Dina Giesler Gives Her Best Advice

What healthy message do you most want to share? 

Going to the dentist is not just about your teeth. We’re another part of the medical team – we’ll take people’s blood pressures, and when we take X-rays, we’re looking at the jaws for cancers. I want to get people healthy overall, and then we can talk about getting things pretty.

How does dental care help people in their 40s, 50s and beyond feel their best? 

Teeth get very brittle as we get older, and it gets harder to whiten them. Patients seek us out because they want to look younger, and cosmetic dentistry can take 10 to 15 years off your face.

What is a common misconception about cosmetic dentistry? 

That it’s going to hurt or be expensive. Modern cosmetic dentistry can be done effortlessly, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful smile.

What causes does Atlanta Smiles and Wellness support? 

I started the Atlanta Smiles Foundation in 2008 to provided pro bono dentistry and facial reconstruction to survivors of domestic abuse.

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Each month, Best Self publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from around Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of March:

BSA - Discover SewingDiscover Sewing – During the holidays, I took a sewing class. It had been years since I sat down at a sewing machine, but I passed by Discover Sewing in Sandy Springs several times and thought, “I really want to re-learn how to sew.” I attended a class about sewing pajama pants, which took place on two Saturdays and was three hours long. The instructor, Linda, was awesome, and I found the sewing itself to be very therapeutic and fun. Now I am buying my own sewing machine and plan to take more classes and tackle new projects.

Details: 220 Sandy Springs Circle NE, #155, Atlanta, GA, (404) 303-8030,

Mark Edge JewleryMark Edge Jewelry – I love my Mark Edge Coin necklace. It goes with everything! Mark Edge is a local jewelry designer who has amazing pieces at many Atlanta boutiques. His jewelry blends modern style with vintage elements, such as old coins and other reclaimed materials. If you don’t know his work, check out Mark Edge Jewelry on Facebook. You won’t be disappointed.


Smyrna BicyclesSmyrna Bicycles – With spring almost here and warm weather just around the corner. I highly recommend finding a friend and renting a tandem bike from this awesome bike shop. It is strategically located adjacent to the top of the Silver Comet Trail, so you can just hop on and go! The guys who work in the store are great, and they have a nice selection of new bikes and all types of rentals.

Details: 4624 Camp Highland Road SE, Suite 400, Smyrna, GA, (770) 436-3252,

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jessica shopsIf you stay away from artificial ingredients in your food, do the same with your lip products. Many lip products – even those labeled “natural” – contain carmine, a colorant made from insects, namely beetles. Yikes!

Opt for the new 100 percent all-natural tinted lip balms from LATHER. LATHER’s company mission is to inspire a healthier life by taking a holistic approach to skin care and using natural ingredients. Their new lip balms are free of carmine and are made with organic ingredients that moisturize and protect your lips. Pick up any of their three subtle shades for $7.50 each on or at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport retail location, one of only three retail locations in the country.

For more on Jessica, visit


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Dylesia Hampton from Heartwork Counseling Center is here to share her best advice on strengthening your relationship with yourself.

Hampton, Dylesia_cred Dorian M. Johnson

What is the most common problem your clients have with themselves? 

People struggle to accept who they are. In order to start building true relationships with ourselves, we must each meet the challenge of self-acceptance.

What is the first step to solving that particular problem? 

The first step is acknowledgement: recognize what aspects of yourself you are uncomfortable with sharing with others. Next ask yourself, “Why?” Often, our enemies are mental. Finding out “why” will help you determine which of your fears are valid and which aren’t.

What can people do to improve their relationship with themselves? 

Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has to overcome self-scrutiny in order to be who they are. “Stacking yourself up” against others doesn’t help you –  it just hinders you from being comfortable with who you are.

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Stephanie Clark from Atlanta Counseling Group is here to share her best advice on strengthening your relationship with friends.

Clark, LMFT, LPC, Stephanie_cred herself (1)

What is the most common problem your clients have with their friends? 

Everyone struggles to maintain friendships through transitional phases of life, such as transitioning from single to married, having children, empty nesters and widowhood.

What is the first step to solving that particular problem? 

Assess what friendships are truly important and which are worth keeping and nurturing. People and priorities changes, and that is a normal part of life. You can still be friendly and keep those relationships close to your heart, but the energy you give each one can be assessed and adjusted.

What have you learned from your own friendships? 

Give the other the benefit of the doubt. We don’t know all the traits and tribulations our friends are carrying around. If they don’t return your call or text as you expect, or if they don’t return a favor, don’t take it so personally.


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by Laura Carson Miller

GrapefruitFebruary is National Grapefruit Month

Avoid the infamous “grapefruit diet,” but definitely embrace the health and beauty benefits of grapefruit this month. Grapefruit offers antioxidant properties and is also antibacterial. Grapefruit is the friend of an oily complexion; look for face washes or toners with grapefruit ingredients, as they are naturally astringent. You can also use grapefruit juice as a treatment for dry winter scalp: pour a cup of juice over your scalp, massaging it in with your fingers. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute it throughout your locks, and rinse for a natural clean.

Venture shoe pinkWalk this Way

Like many of you, I equate health with natural beauty, and a good walk is a great way to promote both. The Vionic Venture Walking shoe is my new fave when I’m getting my walk on. The Venture’s structure is lightweight and breathable. Vionic added an EVA board in the base of the Venture that is padded and perforated for extra cushioning, as well as arch reinforcement. This EVA absorbs shock, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees. And hey, let’s not forget that is comes in really fun colors as well.

Details: Available for $99.95 at many Atlanta shoe retailers,

GlowDryValentinesmakeupValentine’s Makeup Tips

For Valentine’s Day, you want to think fun, flirty and feminine. GlowDry makeup artist Rajaa Hardimon created this glowing makeup look you can recreate for a night out on the town or a romantic evening in.

Skin: Start with a good moisturizer of your choice. For more sheer skin coverage use a CC or BB cream, which are products from a variety of brands that fall between tinted moisturizers and foundations. For a full coverage look, use a liquid foundation. Next, set your foundation with translucent powder.

Eyes: Pinks, creams, plums and browns are great choices for eyes. On bottom waterline, use a nude eyeliner pencil, and then smudge a dark brown eye shadow below the liner to open up eyes and to make them pop. And certainly don’t be afraid to use lashes!

Cheeks: A nice contour with a pink or red blush will do the trick.

Lips: Because of the dramatic eye, Hardimon suggests finishing the lips with a pink or peach nude lip shade.

If you want to leave your Valentine’s look to the professionals, call GlowDry or check out their website for makeup application pricing.

Details: 3722 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA, (770) 827-6221,

BSA - March Best Beauty Image Bare Bliss BoxOut of the Box 

Your body thanks you for eating clean whenever possible. Give your skin the same opportunity to feel great! Through Atlanta-based Bare Bliss Box, you can enjoy organic, toxin-free skin care and makeup samples delivered to your door. One box may include an organic hand cream, a non-toxic deodorant, a healthy lip balm and more. Even better, each selected product is environmentally safe. Choose from a $19.99 monthly subscription or discounted three-month or six-month options.





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