dtox black magicWhat can a little black magic do for you? The healing benefits of The Black Magic Juice can range from beautiful, clear skin to better digestion. D-tox owner Shannon Slinger advises, “If you don’t have time for a D-tox Box or a 7 day Liver Cleanse and need a serious detox, Black Magic is your juice.”

The Black Magic juice at Dtox includes activated charcoal, bentonite clay, alkaline water, lemon and maple syrup. The clay also has a magnetic pull to toxins like heavy metals, impurities and chemicals and helps move them out of the body.

Details: Dtoxjuice.com. Available at 3 locations: Dtox Buckhead: 3210 Roswell Rd, Dtox Flywheel: 102 West Paces Ferry Rd, Dtox Piedmont Park: 1531 Piedmont Ave

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roberta roller rabbit

Travel-inspired, elegantly patterned (and named after a children’s tale starring a magical rabbit) the Roberta Roller Rabbit brand carries textiles of all kinds. Everything from duvet covers, to tunics, gifts, and accessories all with whimsical patterns and bright colors. Owner Roberta Freymann handpicks and works with designers all over the world to create the brand’s custom pieces. The brand will soon open an Atlanta flagship store (with a unique theme that reflects the store’s architecture) in the Westside Provisions District location.

Details: 1198 Howell Mill Road, Building B, Suite 400, robertarollerrabbit.com

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yoga and a cause

There’s a new yoga studio on the scene. Westside Yoga offers classes that will leave everyone from experienced yogis to total beginners feeling empowered, energized, strong and balanced. On Wednesday nights, they feature a Community Yoga class, where every donation received goes towards the studio’s mission to build a well to provide clean drinking water to a community in need, through their partner Charity Water. 

Details: 1891 Howell Mill Road, Ste. Atlanta, GA, westsideyoga.net

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The perks of the living in a big city are endless, especially when it comes to the latest launches. Transportation company and rideshare app Uber, which redefined taxi service in the 21st century, is now redefining the meaning of food delivery with UberEATS. UberEATS is simple. Open the app, enter the location delivery, browse featured dishes from the best local restaurants nearby, then follow the meal on its way to you, all with the apps signature quick cash-free system.

Details: ubereats.com

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Fitness expert Madison James shares her healthy lifestyle on the go pick of the month.

Hey ladies! Who’s a fan of burning calories, while going about your everyday life? I know I’m a fan! My go to secret is…my weight vest.  I often get emails and inquires about my what I’m wearing on social media. I love to put on my weight vest to while training, walking the dogs, even running errands on the weekend. Adding the weight vest allows me to add resistance training to regular everyday task.  I stumble on the sleek weight vest while shopping in Walmart a few years back. Unlike other weight vest on the market, this one is very sleek and not bulking while still packing 12-15lbs. This is great for the moderate to advance fitness levels. The Tone Fitness Vest is just under 40 bucks and you can find it at Walmart.

Details: www.walmart.com

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Amp your skin’s essence! Atlanta-based Bebe & Bella’s Facial Essence Stick is the perfect pick-me-up for the woman on the go.  Just pop it in your purse and apply to the area around your eyes, mouth and frown lines for an instant lift.  Packed full of skin-nourishing probiotics, it immediately absorbs into your skin (even over makeup!) without smudging or leaving a greasy residue.

The Facial Essence Stick also hydrates, exfoliates, and evens out skin tone – letting you keep the laughter without the lines!

Details: Mybebella.com Essence Stick $65

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Get up bright and early this Thanksgiving with thousands of other runners at Turner Field for the Atlanta Track Club’s turkey trot. Whether you’re a first time runner or an experienced racer this race features something for you, including a 50m dash, a one-miler, a 5K and a half marathon. Bring the whole family and give thanks for your health and fitness this year before the big dinner. Make the holidays warmer for the less fortunate by bring along a few extra clothes for the Atlanta Mission clothes drive.

Details: 755 Hank Aaron Dr SE, Atlanta, GA, atlantatrackclub.org

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Photo Cred_Brr Cool

Just can’t cool off? Check out this new product, Brrr!, it’s the “cool”est launch in women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. Brrr! is an Atlanta-based, female-owned fashion-technology company with a new cool-touch fabric made with secret ingredients.

It’s moisture wicking, super soft, offers SPF protection and is permanently cooling. Perfect for anyone who is always hot, going through menopause, for travel, or just wants to stay cool. The Coolwrap looks like a scarf and can be worn numerous ways or choose other products that include tops, dresses, and pants with more items for children and home launching this later this year. Prices start at $78. Available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

Details: 3393 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, Ga. in Lenox Square Mall.

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Deb in lab coat

Debra McIntyre ND, of Vitality Project, shares her best advice for integrative health and children.

Can Integrative Health techniques help children, too?

The situation regarding children’s health in the U.S. is grim. (Hang with me, there’s good news at the end.)

In 2005, the NIH (National Institute of Health) stated that this generation of children is predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

A 2009 study by the Environmental Working Group found that the average baby in the U.S. has over 200 measurable toxins in their blood at birth — plastics, pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals and others. No wonder our children struggle to be healthy without medications!

An integrative approach addresses these underlying causes of poor health. The good news? Because children build new cells so quickly as they grow, they typically respond beautifully to nutritional and detoxification programs!

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Tai Chi

By Alexandra McCray

I’ll be honest.

Used to be –  when I heard the words “Tai Chi” – I’d have visions of slow-moving people in a serene field. I didn’t exactly think “dynamic workout.” But this ancient Chinese tradition, originally created for self-defense, turned out to be more of a physical and mental workout than I ever expected!

During a recent Team Activity Day with the Best Self team I had the chance to experience this firsthand with a “Chen Taiji Quan“ Tai Chi class taught by professor Florin Szondi.

The first, and arguably most interesting, thing professor Szondi taught us was that the word Chi means energy. And that Tai Chi centers around releasing that energy to flow through you and to utilize it to its fullest potential. Just like those of us who scoff at the thought of yoga being a workout because of its slow pace, I soon realized the most strenuous part of Tai Chi isn’t the physically exertion. It’s the making of slow, controlled and thoughtful movements…all while allowing oneself to relax physically and mentally while floating from move to move.

In a world where we are constantly going, going, going, it’s refreshing to do a workout that doesn’t involve mindless repetitive motions. Instead, Tai Chi unites the mind, body and spirit into a workout that is refreshingly different.

Maybe those “serene people in the field” are onto something. Maybe the next time you’re looking for a mind-clearing workout you should consider something with a slower pace, instead of hitting the same old trails or weight room.

I know I sure will.

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