Miller, MD, Scott_cred Jonathan HolladaDr. Scott Miller from Georgia Urology is here to share his best advice about prostate cancer.

What medical test should men be sure to get? 

A PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) blood test and a digital rectal exam (DRE). The DRE Entails a physician briefly placing a finger in the rectum to feel for abnormally firm areas of your prostate.

How often should they get this test? 

Frequency of testing depends on risk factors such as family history, race, age and prior PSA values. Higher-risk patients should undergo yearly testing.

What results can they expect to receive? 

Higher values may indicate the presence of prostate cancer, but your physician can determine what PSA value is normal for you.

Is this test typically covered by insurance? 


When do men know they need to get this test? 

Starting at age 40, every man should learn about their individual risk of prostate cancer. This is a good time to obtain a baseline PSA test, even if only for future comparison.

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jessica shopsI travel a lot, so comfortable shoes are very important to me. However, comfort brands are not always as stylish as I would like, especially dressier versions. Thankfully I found a fashionable, comfortable and high-quality shoe designed by a busy mother of three and ex-orthopedic nurse. Julie Lopez Shoes are made in Italy and feature their unique Flex Innovation Technology, perfect for women who need a comfortable all-day shoe. It’s especially great for women who have wider toe bridges, larger shoe sizes, arthritis or simply can’t wait to remove their shoes at the end of the day. Added padding in the high heel style alleviates painful pressure points, and a wider toe box avoids overcrowding and encourages natural positioning of the toes. They’re a bit pricey at $225 but worth every step you’ll talk in them.

For more info on Jessica, visit

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By Alexandra McCray

Concert BlogSummer concert season has officially begun! Throw on your favorite festival outfit and grab some tickets to see your favorite musicians live. Live Nation is bringing its Celebration of the Summer of 2015 to Atlanta featuring affordably priced tickets to see popular musicians and bands live at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood.

The summer concert series will kick off this weekend with Def Leppard with Styx & Tesla on June 28. Mark your calendars for these other fun shows throughout the summer:

  • Boyz of Summer Tour with Fall Out Boy & Wiz Khalifa                                                      July 17
  • The Smashing Pumpkins & Marilyn Manson                                                                           July 25
  • Slipknot with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine & more                                            July 26
  • Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with Slayer & more                                         July 29
  • Toby Keith with Colt Ford and Chris Janson                                                                           July 30
  • Nicki Minaj with Meek Mill, Tinashe and more                                                                   August 2
  • Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire                                                                                                 August 4
  • 5 Seconds of Summer with Hey Violet                                                                                    August 5
  • Flashback Festival with Chaka Khan, Sheila E, SOS Band & more                              August 8
  • Incubus & Deftones with Death From Above 1979 & The Bots                                  August 12
  • J.Cole with Big Sean, YG & Jeremih                                                                                       August 15
  • Nickelback with Lifehouse                                                                                                         August 29
  • Kelly Clarkson with Pentatonix & Eric Hutchinson                                               September 10

Visit to purchase tickets, and don’t wait too long to buy – you don’t want anyone to steal your seat!

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This month, enjoy reading these books from local publishers and authors.

TheEnglishSpy_CoverThe English Spy 

Daniel Silva fans won’t want to miss this event! This New York Times best-selling author present his latest spy novel at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta on July 8 at 7:30 p.m. The event includes a talk with CNN”s Nadia Bilchik, a Q&A  and a book signing. Tickets begin at $24 and are available online at or by calling (678) 812-4002. 

closetothebone, coverClose to the Bone Tour 

The chef, author and star of hit TV shows such as “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” is stopping by The Fox Theatre at 8 p.m on July 11 to share insights about his work and travels and to answer audience questions. He’ll have no shortage of topics to cover, since he’s written a travel journal, three crime novels, a cookbook, a graphic novel and more. Unsigned and pre-signed copies of Bourdain’s books will be available all evening, and if you purchase a VIP ticket, you can get a signed and personalized copy. Purchase tickets at starting at $52.

FUN FOODIE FRIENDS_coverFun Foodie Friends

Alpharetta book publisher BookLogix recently released “Fun Foodie Friends,” a healthy kids’ cookbook from local authors Elaine Callahan and Joyce Kesler. Callahan created a food-based work of art to accompany each recipe and help make fruits and vegetable fun for kids. Flipping through this recipe collection is one time you’ll actually want your kids to play with their food! Copies are available on Amazon for $19.95.

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MoscaiWant a pre-mixed summer cocktail that isn’t packed with sugar substitutes and chemicals? Karan Raturi definitely did, so she created Moscai craft cocktails of only the best all-natural ingredients, including ginger, honey, green tea extracts and five-times-distilled vodka. You can enjoy the Moscai recipe on its own or as a delicious base to build your own mixed drinks. Starting this summer, find it in bars at the Intercontinental Buckhead, Grand Hyatt, W Buckhead, Eclips di Luna and more, or stock your bar at home by ordering from their website.


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Each month, Best Self publisher Sherri Adair shares her favorite places, people and events from around Atlanta. Here are her picks for the month of July: 

Krog Street MarketKrog Street Market - You’ve got to go! This market, housed in an old 1920s warehouse, is a super cool hipster food court on steroids. Two of my favorite spots are Fred’s and Hop City, but I’m sure I’ll discover more.

Details: 99 Krog Street, Atlanta, GA,

Victory Sandwich BarVictory - I just visited this restaurant for the first time a few weeks ago, and I loved it. They have delicious Jack and Coke slushies and a pin pong table, making for a really fun atmosphere. Plus, the Inman Park location has a huge window overlooking the Beltline!

Details: 913 Bernina Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 963-1742,

High Country Outfitters of Ansley MallHigh Country Outfitters at Ansley Mall - From 1978 yo 2992, High Country served the community from their Ansley Mall location. Now they’re back in the neighborhood of Piedmont Park and the BeltLine, bringing outdoor fashion, hardcore surf brands and everything in between to customers old and new.

Details: 1544 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, GA, (404) 963-2618,

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2015 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board Amanda Hair 

Despite her last name, Amanda Hair hasn’t always worked in the hair industry. In fact, before her current role with Bob Steele Salon,  she was in retail management. “I decided that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life – I wanted time to focus on my family. It just happened that I was a client at Bob Steele Salon, and they needed someone who could manage the salon location.” She jumped at the chance, quickly rising through the ranks to become co-owner and, by 2009, CEO.

“Every decision I make, I pose this question to myself: “Will I maintain the time needed to be a good wife, mother and leader to the team?” 

It wasn’t just the great opportunity that attracted her, though. “I just really loved the industry,” Hair says. “I loved the people and the core values that we represent at Bob Steele Salon. The people that I work with are truly caring people – probably the nicest people that I have ever met. I’m living my passion.” In addition to leading her team, Amanda chairs and elite salon industry organization, The 2to10 Project and enjoys being active in Vistage, a national organization for CEOs. In her downtime, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael, and their 10-year-old daughter, Mia.

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IMG_6418 high resMolly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker 

The inspiration to work in the lingerie industry was a logical one for Molly Hopkins, co-founder of Livi Rae Lingerie. Hopkins’ experience began in third grade, when she couldn’t find any undergarment options that weren’t black, beige or white. She remembers thinking, “This can’t be it!” After meeting Cynthia Decker while working at another lingerie shop, they decided to open their own boutique to meet the style and size needs for all women.

“Sometimes the impossible is possible, but you will never know until you try.” 

At Livi Rae Lingerie, Decker says they are constantly surprised at how many people wear the wrong size bra. That’s partially because women like Hopkins herself have few resources to find large-cup bras. Decker reveals, “We’re in the process of designing our own bra, and hopefully we’ll be able to satisfy the needs of somebody who’s 50 N besides just one style in for different colors.”

After years in this industry, Hopkins and Decker know one thing for sure: focusing on the customer herself is just as important as focusing on fit. After they’ve helped a client, Hopkins says, “They feel like we’ve really taken the time to cater to their needs. Our clients become our friends,” Hopkins adds, “I don’t know any place I can go that I’ll get a hug from the person that helps me. We hug a lot in our store – it’s very emotional, and it’s very bonding.” So whether you come in just for a bra or for some emotional support, Hopkins sums up the experience with the phrase, ” Change your bra, change your life.”

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We certainly know that people all over Atlanta are living their best lives over the age of 40, because we hear their stories of personal growth and giving back to others each year during our Over 40 & Fabulous! contest.

This year for the first time, we engaged an Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board of experts on topics including volunteerism, fitness, hair care and cosmetic procedures. They provided professional advice on how they got into their fields, and how they’ve grown throughout their careers and personal lives to help inspire us to live our best lives as well.

Check out their editorial contributions at or by watching the video below.

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IMG_6880 high resMadison James 

In today’s world of endless messages about diet and weight loss options, sometimes it can be easy to pay attention to the wrong ones – ones that get you the results you want, but in a way that isn’t the healthiest for your body. Even Madison James experienced this during her first forays into figure competitions. “I became very obsessed about the wrong things,” she remembers. “For me, it was extreme dieting. And when you do that, you are depriving your body of things that it needs. You think you look great, but it can be a very dangerous situation. My levels were thrown off – my hormones were not balanced, and my body didn’t know what was going on.” She ended up in the doctor’s office, realizing that there had to be a healthier way to look the way she wanted to.

“Treat every life experience as a lesson. Good or bad, it’s an opportunity for growth and self-improvement!” 

Now, she’s found that. With regular meals of healthy, whole food and just three 30-minute workouts per week, James has her body and her life in balance. She says, “It’s very important for me to share with people that there’s a way you can be your best self and not be in the gym all day and counting calories. There’s a much easier way to do it.”

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