Heartfelt Fare_coverInside Atlanta real estate agent Joan Kaplan’s hand-bound cookbook, readers will find recipes, personal stories, and Kaplan’s fond memories of delicious meals. One favorite is “Backyard Bounty Figs ‘n Honey,” made with honey from her husband and daughter’s backyard beehive and figs foraged from generous neighbors. Proceeds from book sales at local stores and events will benefit The Kaplan Family Foundation, which supports Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House, Contribute2America and other local nonprofits. Visit

thekaplanfamilyfoundation.org for more details.


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Peanuts to Power_cover

Growing up as the son of a Southern sharecropper, former Georgia State Senator Charles W. Walker knew he was destined for more. His book reveals how he overcame adversity to build a successful career in business and politics, and he outlines how other Americans trapped in the poverty cycle can do the same.

Order a copy from barnesandnoble.com for $26.

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Miller, MD, Scott_cred Jonathan Hollada

Dr. Scott Miller, from Georgia Urology, answers a reader’s question about water intake.

I’ve heard that people should drink eight glasses of water per day.  Is that true?

Even in Georgia – part of the “kidney stone belt” – 64 ounces of water (eight 8 oz. glasses) is usually beyond the amount needed for kidney stone prevention and overall health. The best indicator is the appearance of your urine: with the exception of your first morning urination, your urine should always appear very dilute or pale yellow. Of course, you should drink more fluids during times of exercise or heat exposure.

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Camille's Closet handbag image

The online boutique Camille’s Closet, which has an Atlanta showroom, will launch its first handbag collection this fall. The collection will feature a carryall tote, a cosmetic bag and a cross body clutch all featuring a high-quality vegan leather exterior and a vegan suede lining interior. Colors available include Sea Teal, Bronze Brown and Posh Plum.

Details: Showroom 659 Auburn Ave NE Ste G22 Atlanta, GA   camillescloset.com

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In his 2011 book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal,” organic farming pioneer Joel Salatin points out, “The first supermarket supposedly appeared on the American landscape in 1946. That is not very long ago. Until then, where was all the food?” Where indeed? Somehow humanity made it all the way to 1946 without a Publix or a Kroger down the road. He says, “Dear folks, the food was in homes, gardens, local fields, and forests. It was in the pantry, the cellar, the backyard.” This is the truth that the Best Self Atlanta team reconnected with when we volunteered at Truly Living Well, an urban farm in the heart of Downtown Atlanta that proves food still can – and probably should – come from your backyard.


As a group, we took a day off from office work and got down in the dirt together. Truly Living Well’s four-acre main garden on Hilliard Street was a beautiful tangle of summer green on the day we volunteered. Our tasks involved weeding among the kale, tomatoes, onions and more, scrubbing radishes to prepare them for market, and picking ripe plums. Though as a group we aren’t exactly seasoned farmers, instructions from our volunteer coordinator, Sara, set us off on the path to success. By the end of the afternoon, the raised beds were weed-free, the radishes clean, and the plums picked (and tasted!). We felt very accomplished, but it was clear: there’s always more work to be done on a farm. If you’d like to volunteer with Truly Living Well, either at the garden downtown or their other location in East Point, visit trulylivingwell.com or email volunteer@trulylivingwell.com for more information.

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Best of 2015 RibbonEvery business will tell you they’re the best, so who can you really trust when it comes to picking a hair stylist, a primary care doctor or a new gym? Your fellow Atlantans, of course! That’s why for the third year in a row, we’re holding our “Best of 2015” contest so your voice can be heard. From September 1 to September 15, visit our website to nominate your favorite local places and people. Then stop by our Facebook page during October to vote for the nominees in every category from Best Yoga Studio to Best Massage Therapist and many more.

Details: bestselfatlanta.com

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Jennifer Hankey, founder of Healthy Green Schools, shares her best advice for keeping kids Jennifer_headshothealthy at school.

What are some common health risks kids encounter at school?
Common chemicals of concern include triclosan (a common antibacterial chemical), phthalates (found in soaps and cleaners), formaldehyde, VOCs and other harmful chemicals in common cleaners. Even the most often used cleaners like Clorox and Lysol have been shown in studies not only to trigger asthma, but also to cause asthma in otherwise healthy individuals.

Why is it important for schools to consider safer, more sustainable alternatives?

With 12 percent of children now with asthma, 13 percent with food allergies and 30 percent overweight or obese, we must stop using cleaning chemicals that can potentially harm these children.

How can parents get their kids’ schools involved in the Healthy Green Schools program?

Gather a group of parents who are interested in seeing the program at their child’s school. Once schools learn the program is easy, beneficial and cost neutral, they are excited to start!


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Atlanta Meatball FestivalThe second annual Atlanta Meatball Festival is back! On Sunday, August 30 from 1 to 5 p.m., foodies and meatball fanatics can enjoy live music, drinks, and sample gourmet meatball dishes served up by some of Atlanta’s best restaurants. Guests can cheer on Atlanta chefs as they go head-to-head to win the title of “Best Meatball.” The top three winners in this “battle of the balls” will move on to the Meat Brawl Throw-down at Taste of Atlanta in September. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 on the day of the event.
Details: Belle Isle Square, 4969 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA, atlantameatballfestival.com

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kybella in atlanta gaNot a fan of the extra fullness in your chin you’ve begun to notice in the mirror, but not quite ready to go under the knife?

A new product called Kybella has recently been approved by the FDA and made its way to Atlanta. It offers a nonsurgical solution for double chin and chin fullness issues. Kybella is a treatment that consists of a series of injections that targets and destroys fat cells so they can’t be restored.

This chin fat solution isn’t just a hit with women hoping to achieve a more slim and youthful face but also with men opting for nonsurgical ways to help define and create a more masculine jawline.

Doctor offices in Atlanta that offer Kybella:

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susan_headshot2_2013-206x300Susan Morley, founder of The Parent Coaches, shares her best advice for scheduling.

How can families handle their “back to school” schedule better this year?

Take an inventory of the actual time spent in a given week. How many hours is your child doing homework? Eating meals? At an activity (including getting ready, commuting, etc.)? This will show parents where they are actually spending time.

If a family realizes they’re overscheduled, what are the next steps?

Parents can sit down with their children to make decisions about reducing stress. Some families may decide to cut all extracurricular activities for six months and then add things back in if wanted. Sometimes no activities are cut, but the family comes up with solutions to streamline their processes.

What are some of those solutions?

Having a central calendar in the home and a person who is assigned to keep it up to date is a great way to communicate to everyone in the family what is happening when. I still prefer paper to online versions.

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