As we head into fall, you may find yourself setting aside the sunscreen or otherwise neglecting your skin care routine. But cooler temperatures introduce new variables into your skin’s health, not to mention the health of the products’ ingredients themselves. Make sure you keep your skin healthy year-round with these tips from Elisa Townsend, certified esthetician from Spa Sydell, and Sally Larsen, owner of Sally B’s Skin Yummies.



It seems basic, but cleansing twice a day, every day is a must. Larsen says, “Dirt and debris clog pores and cause your skin to appear dull.” Keep your glow going by cleansing regularly.


Townsend says, “A basic exfoliant will help to remove superficial dead skin cells and will make pores appear smaller.” When you select a scrub, Larsen says, be sure to evaluate your options. “Abrasive scrubs, like those containing apricot pits, can create tiny cuts in the epidermis. Scrubs with plastic beads are gentle on your face but hard on the environment.” Instead of those, she recommends exfoliating with a toner with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA).


Your skin needs year-round protection both from the sun and from harmful ingredients that fill many skin care products. Townsend says, “Use a daily moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF of 25. I recommend choosing one that is free of parabens, fragrances and chemical dyes.” When evaluating a sunscreen’s ingredients – or the ingredients of any skin product – use your resources. Larsen recommends, “Use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep online database or their free app to identify and avoid toxic chemicals in your personal care products.”

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A facelift without surgery!

jessica shops

These days, going under the knife is not always necessary to improve the appearance of your skin. Ulthera is a relatively new skin-lifting procedure that uses ultrasound waves to spur collagen growth deep below the epidermis without harming the outer layer of skin. It’s FDA-approved, and a single treatment can improve the skin on the neck, eyebrow and under-chin in patients roughly 35 to 55 years old. Non-invasive surgery means no downtime, but some do experience discomfort during the 45-minute procedure. Immediate results can be seen with one treatment, and full results can take up to six months to appear. To learn more or schedule a consultation, visit

For more info on Jessica, visit

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Walking 30 miles in two days might sound a little crazy to some, but to the devoted champions of It’s The Journey, a local breast cancer support organization, it is the perfect way to raise awareness around breast cancer. atlanta 2 day walk On October 11 through 12 at the Atlanta 2-Day Walk, men and women from across Georgia will walk the 30 miles through downtown Atlanta, all the while raising funds for breast cancer programs based out of Georgia.

Randi Passoff, the founder of It’s The Journey, created the Atlanta 2-Day Walk as a “kinder and gentler breast cancer walk.” Instead of staying in a tent between walking days, the walkers get to stay in a plush hotel to unwind after a long walk. Walkers also have the option to walk the whole 30 miles over the two days, to walk only 20 miles on Saturday or to walk only 10 miles on Sunday.

Since its inception in 2002, It’s The Journey has funded more than 213 grants totaling over $10 million to breast cancer programs across the state.


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Bert Show Big Thank You

Help The Bert Show give our troops that are serving overseas a Big Thank You this holiday season. The radio show’s “Big Thank You” campaign was created as a way for each man and woman who is serving our country overseas to get a handwritten thank you letter on Thanksgiving Day.Bert Show

Since they started the campaign, The Bert Show has been able to collect more than one million handwritten letters for our troops. The campaign’s success has been recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton, and a number of celebrities and large corporations have taken part. The letters come from all over the United States, some even from Spain and Puerto Rico.

The deadline for the letters is October 30, so be sure to send yours to The Bert Show at 780 Johnson Ferry Road, 5th Floor Atlanta, GA 30342 by then. You can also drop your letter off at any of the locations listed on

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Suzette Clements, DPM from Flat Shoals Foot & Ankle Center answers a reader’s question about ingrown toenails.

Clements, Suzette


Q: What are ingrown toenails, and when should I seek treatment if I think I have them?

A: Ingrown toenails curve and grow into the skin. This can create pain, redness and swelling in the toe. You should seek professional treatment if you have one or more of the following: pain lasting longer than 24 hours, signs of infection such as nausea, vomiting, chills and fever, redness, swelling, drainage or pus at the toe, or if you have a high-risk medical condition such as diabetes, nerve damage or poor circulation.

Do you have questions for our doctors? If so, please email them to

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We’ve played tennis for breast cancer, we’ve gone to barre class for breast cancer, and now it’s time to golf for breast cancer! For the 11th year in a row, Agile Resources is hosting their breast cancer event, Agile on the Green on October 9. But this year, the golf tournament has a twist… TopGolf!AgileOnTheGreen

Agile Resources is an IT staffing company who’s CEO, Tricia Dempsey, started Agile on the Green after her own successful battle with stage III breast cancer in 2003. Since then, Agile on the Green has raised over $220,000 for Komen Atlanta.

Previously, Agile on the Green has been held as an 18-hole, all-day golf tournament. But this year, they decided to shake things up and hold the tournament at the newly opened TopGolf in Alpharetta. This informal setting will allow attendees to socialize while hitting golf balls. The schedule for the event includes a warm-up session, a “For the Cure” Cocktail Hour, a TopGolf Tournament, raffle prizes and an awards presentation.

This golf tournement is open to golfers of all levels and everyone is welcome! And if you can’t attend the tournament, you can donate to this great cause on their website.

Details: 10900 Westside Parkway, Alpharetta,

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Italian culture has made its way across the pond in food and fashion, and now it’s here in fitness too. The City of Roswell, the Southern Bicycle League and Bike Roswell! have partnered to bring Gran Fondo Italia to Georgia on October 19. This international cycling event is the first of its kind in the South, blend recreational cycling with the flair of Italian culture.gran fondo

 The Gran Fondo Italia ride in Roswell is modeled after the popular Italian style of long-distance group rides that offer amateur riders a chance to enjoy a recreational ride with some competition thrown in. This particular event offers ride lengths of 34 miles, 63 miles and 106 miles, as well as a Gran Premio della Montagna challenge. This timed climb section lets riders compete against each other or themselves for their personal best times. No matter your skill level as a rider, everyone begins this ride together at a combined start with a police escort, contributing to the sense of fun and camaraderie that makes the event famous.

And your Italian cultural immersion doesn’t end with the ride. After the cycling is done, the Gran Fondo Italia Expo will be held at Roswell City Hall. The expo features the best products Italy has to offer, with merchandise ranging from cycling nutrition, wine, travel packages and clothing.

The City of Roswell, the Southern Bicycle League and Bike Roswell! hope to get Atlantans riding bikes more often for fun, fitness and friendship. The Grand Fondo Italia Atlanta-Roswell ride is the perfect way to get everyone up and riding, with some Italian style to boot!

Details: 38 Hill St., Roswell, GA, 

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Breast cancer affects one in eight women. In 2014 alone, 220,000 American women will be diagnosed with this disease, and close to 44,000 won’t survive the battle. ribbonWith staggering numbers like these, it is hard to feel like you alone can make an impact. Feeling the same way, the team at Best Self decided to start the Band Together Initiative to raise money for Komen Atlanta. We believe that together we can make a difference and help put a stop to breast cancer for good. The hot pink headband became the simple of our goal and we passed out over 1,000 to runners and walkers at Race for the Cure in May, where we officially kicked off Band Together Against Breast Cancer.

The initiative will come to a close this Thursday at our photo shoot and networking event at the Concourse Athletic Club. For a $250 pledge, you or your business can be included in the photo shoot, attend the networking event and receive 25 of our hot pink headbands. Read this letter from our publisher to learn more about how you can Band Together Against Breast Cancer with Best Self!




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Shear Salon‘s Jodi Grieshop is here to give you her best advice on how to find the right blush for fall.

jodi grieshop


What blush trends do people get stuck in?

Using the same color until it runs out and even longer. Also, always sticking with powder instead of creams or sticks.

What is the most important factor when selecting a blush?

The season, your underlying skin tones and your hair color will affect the blush color and application you choose. Also, consider how much time you want to spend on application. Do you want to dab some cream blush on with your fingers and go, or spend more time highlighting your cheeks and creating dimension with bone structure?

 What are the hottest fall colors for blush this year?

Dewy peach tones.

What blushes are best for women in their 30s, 40s and beyond?

Always use mineral makeup. I have been using Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup since I was 25! Women in their 40s will also benefit from a cream to add moisture and radiance. I like to think at any age you can wear any type of blush as long as you know how to use the product you have.

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Each Friday in October, Northside Hospital will host a Tennis Against Breast Cancer event at a different tennis club in Atlanta. The hope to raise awareness for, and increase the availability of, digital mammograms. tennisTheir goal for 2014 is to provide 500 digital mammograms for uninsured women in the Atlanta area, all while having a great time on the courts.

The day starts with a continental breakfast and sports chair massages, which will be followed by drills from some of Atlanta’s top tennis pros. After working up a sweat on the courts, there will be lunch, a fashion show and raffle prizes.

On Oct. 10 and 17, the event will be held at the Atlanta Athletic Club. And on Oct. 24, the event will be held at Polo Golf & Country Club.

There are different levels of involvement and participation, so visit to learn more!


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