Productivity Coach Peggy Duncan gives her Best Advice

Productivity coach Peggy Duncan is here to give you her best advice on how to find more free time in your day.

What is the best strategy for making the most of the time you have each day?
Figure out the smartest way to work. If you’re obsessed with email, don’t turn to it until you’ve done the main thing you wanted to get done that day.

What is one way to gain an extra hour in the day?
Get organized! With an overloaded inbox, you could easily waste hours a day searching for information instead of getting to it in one or two clicks.

What is a mistake people make when planning their day?
You should have a plan for the week and review the next day’s plan the day or night before. Using an email client such as Outlook will help you manage all this in one place.

How can people make more free time in their week?
Keep everything organized. You can create logical folders for your inbox and file messages, flag messages for follow-up with reminders, and also categorize them to keep similar messages that require similar actions together.

What is the biggest time waster?
Using your inbox for storage which causes you to constantly search for messages instead of being able to go right to what you need.

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