Sheila Frey from Bloomingdale's Gives Her Best Advice

Bloomingdale’s Sheila Frey is here to give you her best advice on how to get your closet ready for summer. Sheila Frey

What fashion statements should people pay extra attention to for summer? 

Since your skin will be more exposed during the summer, get your feet in condition for wearing pretty sandals by breaking out the exfoliating scrubs, moisturizers and sunscreen.

If someone is looking to revamp her wardrobe, where can she start?

Try a new bra that fits right. It can give you the results of plastic surgery but with a lot less pain.

What do you do personally to get ready for summer?

I buy a pair of new white jeans, and I purchase a new trend of the season – this year it will be palazzo pants.

What is the must-have summer accessory?

Trade those skinny pants for a flowy silhouette that can be paired with a tee or dresses up with a sequin tank or silk halter top. A panama hat is also a sassy and functional look to try.

What wardrobe colors will be hot this summer?

According to Pantone, the official colors are placid blue, violet tulip, paloma, hemlock, sand, freesia, cayenne, celosia orange, dazzling blue and radiant orchid. Mix and match these colors and throw in a few floral patterns to create an interesting summer palette.


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