Sherri's Best List


Here is a sneak peek at Sherri’s Best List for August!

CinéBistro - I had not been there until this past Saturday and I may never go to another movie theatre again! It is the most beautiful, comfortable, clean place I have ever watched a movie. The seats are unbelievably cozy and there is a full menu and bar. In fact, the bar atmosphere is so nice you might enjoy it even if you are not seeing a movie.The digital quality of the screen is beyond anything I’ve witnessed. It’s hands down my favorite place to see a movie, and that says a lot. I try to see a movie at least once a week and last week I saw three! After 6 p.m., it’s adults only at this movie theatre. Check out their “Movies & Mimosas!” brunch, which is served on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Details: 1004 Town Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319, (404) 333-0740,

NEBO Lumiere™ Flashlight
This compact, high intensity flashlight has a feminine twist. Constructed from anodized aircraft grade aluminum, it uses one powerful LED for 110,000 hours of light. Don’t let the jeweled non-slip grip fool you – the LUMIÈRE™ shows off its tough side with the aggressive self defense face. It is very utilitarian and a must for every purse. $10.99
Details: Available at Atlanta Batteries Plus locations, 4418 Roswell Road, (404) 256-0310,

Chan Luu bracelets 
I found out about these bracelets through my girlfriend, Christiane, while visiting her daughter, Carden, in the hospital. After suffering a head injury from a scary fall, Carden still had the presence of mind to tell the ambulance drivers not to cut her “Channy” off her arm. The good news is they were able to remove it without damage and Carden has the green light from the doctors to return to normal UGA college life. These colorful bracelets are fabulous and inspired by designer Chan Luu’s international travels.

Lobe WonderLobe Wonder – This undetectable, hypoallergenic clear patch provides relief for women who suffer from the unsightly enlargement of earring holes, a problem that can be caused by a heavy earring. It is undetectable when applied to the back of the ear lobe, and when pierced by an earring, the patch bears a major part of the earring weight, relieving the ear lobe of the pressure and pulling of the earring. They can also protect healthy ear lobes and be used to prevent damage to the lobes before it happens. Lobe Wonder is a practical, inexpensive, easy-to-use product. At $6 per box, each box contains 60 patches.

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