Sidewalk Radio & SCAD Atlanta Join Forces in The Sidewalk Art Project

By Addie Balenger

Sidewalk Radio and SCAD Atlanta recently joined together in The Sidewalk Art Project. During SCAD’s past spring quarter, participating students listened to episodes of the monthly show, Sidewalk Radio, on AM 1690’s “The Voice of the Arts.” Episodes focus on a variety of topics that affect Atlanta. The students used what they heard as inspiration to create original works of art.

The many topics discussed in “The Voice of the Arts” that students might draw from leads one to wonder what the completed works of art will look like. Radio hosts address subjects such as art, architecture, design, development and city planning, just to name a few. In addition, students participating in the project come from an array of disciplines, including printmaking, photography and painting.

The Sidewalk Art Project benefits both students and community members. Students had to delve into Atlanta’s artistic and cultural history and translate what they learned into original works of art. Also, Atlantans will have the opportunity to discover the diverse artistic talent of SCAD students.

Be on the lookout for each student’s piece of art on the website of The Sidewalk Art Project. The public will have the chance to vote for the top 25 pieces. Those chosen works will be a part of “The Sidewalk Art Show” gallery this month. Sidewalk Radio will feature the project on June 18. The student selected as the “best in show” will be a guest on the July episode.

The gallery opening that will showcase the top 34 piece of art will be held on June 21 at the Atlanta Preservation Center.

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