Superhero Scramble Heads to Atlanta on April 27

Sean O’Connor, the CEO of Superhero Scramble, sat down with Best Self to answer a few questions about this fun and challenging race.

Where did the idea for creating the Superhero Scramble come from?
The idea came when my friends and I did our first Warrior Dash together. Although we were all athletes, we disliked running with a passion. After completing the race and seeing thousands of others do the same we realized we all had a great time.
The cool thing was that the majority of people crossing the finish line were couch potatoes when they came, but the event gave them the energy they needed to change their ways and get active. We are passionate about getting as many people into an atmosphere that will move them to do things they never thought possible!

What charity does the race benefit?
We are currently raising money for Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. They send care packages to our troops overseas.

What can participants expect on the course?
You can expect about five miles of the wickedest terrain and 20+ obstacles.  This course is our best yet. The terrain is rough and we are creating some really cool new obstacles.

What advice would you give a first-timer?
Don’t worry about your time. It’s about having fun! No one is here to judge you…let your guard down, dress in your Superhero Costume and bring your friends along. Prepare to spend the day because there’s non-stop action within the festival area. You can watch others tackle some of the best obstacles, listen to live music, eat and drink, dance and more.

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