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The annual back-to-school rush can become an unorganized mess. Keep everyone at the top of their class with this activity schedule board project from Lynn Lilly, founder of the Craft Box Girls. There’s room to note everything from homework and home chores to practices and playdates.

Activity Schedule Board - Lynn Lilly - BSA 0816


- 8 x 10” Frames

(shown here with 5)

- Roll of Cork

- Decorative

 Scrapbook Paper

- Staple Gun

- 3 Feet of Rope or Twine

- E6000 Glue

- Command™ Strip Hook

 (holds up to 4 lbs)

- Scissors


1. Remove glass and backs from each frame.

2. Lay out your design on covered

flat surface.

3. Using the frame glass as a template, trace an 8×10” rectangle onto cork and cut out. Repeat for each frame.

4. Now, trace that 8×10” rectangle on back of each piece of scrapbook paper. Cut out.


5. Flip each frame over, insert the scrapbook paper with the design facing outward. Next place the cork in the frame and then place the frame back on and secure.

6. Lay frames facing up onto the flat covered surface, arranging in your desired formation.

7. Spread the E6000 glue along the sides and firmly press sides together, holding in place for 1–2 minutes.

8. Allow the frame formation to dry for 45 minutes.

9. Using the staple gun, secure

the rope to the back edges of each frame.

10. Secure it on the wall with the Command™ Strip Hook, following package instructions.

11. Title each frame using small sheets of paper, markers and tape.


Lynn Lilly - CatMax Photography - BSA 0816Armed with a glue gun and confetti, author and DIY expert Lynn Lilly inspires women and youth across the country to live a creative lifestyle through CraftBoxGirls.com, CBG TV on Apple TV, her weekly television segments on NBC’s Atlanta & Company and her brand-new book, Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love. When Lynn is not crafting, you can find her teaching workshops, hosting DIY events across the country and spending time with her husband and three dogs.

Details: craftboxgirls.com


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