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By Scott D. Miller, MD As Valentine’s Day approaches, it seems appropriate to talk about our hearts. How did the heart become associated with love? In ancient days, the heart was considered to be the center of all emotions since … Continue reading

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Dr. Danny Eapen from Emory University School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology shares his best advice on heart disease. What medical test should men be sure to get?  All men over 35 must have their fasting cholesterol levels checked via a … Continue reading

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This small tart berry has been shown to contain more antioxidant phenols than other fruits, and they may play a role in helping to prevent heart disease, certain cancers and UTIs (urinary tract infections). If you’re not a fan of … Continue reading

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Q: I’ve seen ads about Piedmont Heart Institute’s heart scan. I don’t have the budget for excessive medical tests—how much does it cost and who does the test benefit most? A: The CT coronary calcium scan is a quick and … Continue reading

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