The AJC Decatur Book Festival’s Googie Daniels Gives Her Best Advice

Assistant Program Director of the AJC Decatur Book Festival, Googie Daniels is here to give you her best advice about to pick a great book this summer.

Googie Daniels


Q: What are the top three best books released this year?

A: Emily Giffin’s “The One & Only,” Nicholas Butler’s “Shotgun Lovesongs,” and John Waters’ “Carsick.” Giffin does a remarkable job of examining the complexities of people’s personal decisions. Butler’s novel is about four men in a small town and one woman who’s meant something special to each of them. “Carsick” is actually 1/3 memoir and 2/3 fiction (and 100 percent hysterical).

Q: Which lesser-known authors should people get to know?

A: Michael Pitre, who served in the Marines, has his first novel out called “Fives and Twenty Fives” about two Marines deployed in Iraq. Thrity Umringar has been published for years but doesn’t get the attention she deserves. Her latest book is “The Story Hour.”

Q: What titles will teens enjoy?

A: “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak and “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. Also, every teenage girl should read “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart.

Q: How do you pick a great book? 

A: I almost always ask for assistance from employees of a bookstore. They are super helpful, especially at independent bookstores like Little Shop of Stories, because they don’t just know the titles – they know the meat of the book.

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