The Benefits of Resistance Stretching

Donna works with a client

Stretching is so important, especially as we age. It can help alleviate muscle stiffness, pain and cramping. It can also improve flexibility, which leads to injury prevention, better muscle coordination and improved circulation.

How would you describe resistance stretching? 
Donna: The basis of this method is that resistance is used throughout a full range of motion. It also considers the idea that we should not look at each muscle group separately. There is a systematic method to becoming more flexible.

What are the main benefits?
Leslie: Resistance stretching helps to strengthen the structure and joints of your body, release toxins and rehydrate your fascia tissue. It is the number one way to take the pain out of stretching while creating cumulative and lasting changes in the connective tissue.

What can a first-timer expect?
Donna: A trainer will take you through a few stretches to assess a good starting point. Each session is unique and evolves based on individual needs.
Leslie: Expect to get to know yourself at a deeper level. You might be surprised at how much work stretching can be and how much fun it is.

—Resistance stretching is part of the integrative wellness program, (404) 252-7550,

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