The OCRF's Ovarian Cycle Event Raises Awareness and Funds

Plenty of factors convince Americans to take better care of their health: recommendations from doctors and increased awareness about diseases, for example. The motivation that really hits home, though, is family. That’s the driving force for Kristen Ledlow, the Atlanta radio personality and NBA TV host who will chair the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Ovarian Cycle event on March 22. Ledlow says. “According to current research, about one of every 10 cases of ovarian cancer can be linked to a family member. Because my grandmother was diagnosed with the disease when I was very young, my mother took necessary steps to prevent the diagnosis herself. My own risk increases due to my family’s history with the disease.”

Ovarian Cancer Cycle

Both to honor her grandmother and to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer, Ledlow came on board as the chairperson for OCRF’s Ovarian Cycle event. Participants can register as individuals or as teams for a six-hour stationary bike ride.  Fundraising minimums are $600 for the whole six hours or $400 for less, but ovarian cancer survivors are welcome to ride for free. To get you ready for the event, Midtown Athletic Club offers free training rides on Saturdays through March 15.

This disease is especially crucial to be aware of because, unlike many other cancers, there is currently no ovarian cancer screening program. You must simply know your body and be aware of symptoms  and early signs like bloating, pelvic and abdominal pain and frequent, urgent urination. Ledlow points out, “Many believe that ovarian cancer is only diagnosed in its final stages. However, current research suggests that women actually do experience warning signs early on. the key is recognizing those signs.”

Details: Midtown Athletic Club. 135 Interstate N. Parkway NW, Atlanta, GA, (770) 953-1100,

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