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Over 40 and Fabulous!

Over 40 and Fabulous!

2011 Contest Winners

Whether they’re donating their time to charity, helping out friends and family or just enjoying time with loved ones, these 40 amazing Atlantans are tireless in their efforts to improve themselves, others and the world around them. We received numerous nominations from friends, admirers, co-workers and family members who were all eager to share their pick for Best Self’s Over 40 and Fabulous. We were overwhelmed with the response and also excited to see that there were so many people out there making a difference.

All 40 winners receive an amazing prize package (valued at over $750) including:
Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta: Dance lesson package
Concourse Athletic Club: One month membership
Carter Barnes Salon: Products and services
Dr. James Davis Jr.: Ultimate facial service
Dazzling Smiles: Teeth whitening kit
and more

Here we celebrate the top 10 who received the most votes for our cover contest.

KIM-BEARDEN2_DSC0066KIM BEARDEN - Cover Contest Winner

Age: 45
Fab Factor: Kim is the inspirational co-founder, executive director, and language arts teacher at the nonprofit Ron Clark Academy. Over 10,000 educators have visited RCA to receive training and watch Kim and her staff teach. –Nominated by a volunteer
What inspires you? I have managed to surround myself with the world’s greatest faculty and staff. Their passion, creativity, and dedication is unparalleled, and they inspire me to do more, be more, and give more. I am also inspired by my husband, daughter, and students; they teach me more about what is truly important in life.
Your best piece of advice? Cherish your family, your loved ones, and your faith. Take time to nourish the mind, the heart, the body, and the soul-- no matter how busy life gets. Lift up others.  When facing life’s challenges, I have found that the greatest way to heal is to focus my energies on helping other people-- it gives my life purpose.
Favorite workout: I just discovered P90X. I do it with a group of my students four days a week. 
Name something on your Bucket List: I completed number one on the list on my 45th birthday-- I went skydiving.
What makes you laugh: I laugh a lot at myself—I don’t take myself too seriously!


Age: 41
Fab Factor: As the Executive Director of Bert’s Big Adventure, a wife and mother, Stacey is an all around busy lady. But she manages to keep herself fabulous every day. Throughout the years, Stacey has spearheaded the development and growth of Bert's Big Adventure through several new programs and is truly an amazing, giving person. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? My sons and the Bert’s Big Adventure families.
Your best piece of advice? The best advice I can give is to try and live in the moment.  Life goes by so fast and we miss so much because we are always so worried about the next thing that we miss the moment we are living right now.
Favorite Movie: True Romance.
Name Something on your Bucket List: Dance in a music video.
What makes you laugh: The Bert Show.


Age: 44
Fab Factor: She embodies a healthy lifestyle by taking care of herself and others. As Medical Director of Child Wellness at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Dr. Walsh leads the hospital’s efforts in preventing and treating childhood obesity. –Nominated by a co-worker
What inspires you? I am inspired by so many things and people, but the one thing that inspires me most consistently is children. Kids see the world with a positive outlook, value genuineness and appreciate falling into fits of giggles. It’s probably why I’m a pediatrician at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
Your best piece of advice? If you are trying to improve your life, be true to yourself and do something you love.  I’m very lucky to be in a profession with a huge purpose I truly love. I encourage my patients to do something they want to do and find an activity that they like when trying to develop a physical activity plan or habit change.
Favorite workout: Triathlon training.
Name something on your Bucket List: Going to the Grand Canyon with my family.
Who do you admire: My father.


Age: 44 years young and counting.
Fab Factor: Pamela is in great shape physically and mentally. In 2010, she summited Kala Patthar and trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp. She is a wonderful single mother to her son, TJ. By profession, she is an attorney advocating on behalf of persons with disabilities. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Nature, beauty, masters of the written word, travel, new born babies, a mother’s love, children, life’s simple gifts, and my son.
Your best piece of advice? Think about what you really want for your life (your best self) and then ask the question Are my actions consistent with my desired path?  On any road, true kindness, honesty and love never fail! Despite difficult challenges or tragedies, “write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” (R.W. Emerson)
Name something on your Bucket List: a year of living abroad engaged in cross cultural volunteerism.
Who do you admire:  I admire aspects/characteristics of different people such as the resiliency and fortitude of my disabled clients.  I have great admiration for people who have achieved success and taken a place in our society as true philanthropists.
What famous historical person would you want to meet: Thomas Jefferson or Leonardo da Vinci.

Caroline-King-#1-8x10CAROLINE KING

Age: I just celebrated my 44th birthday. I love being in my forties!
Fab Factor: Caroline is a mother, her family is her number one priority. She is also an entrepreneur, and one of the founding members of the non-profit Chastain Park Athletic Club. She is also a passionate servant leader and loves helping others to be successful.  – Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? I get inspiration from a lot of sources but an important one is the people I surround myself with.  My husband- he is incredibly passionate about serving others. My mom- she is an amazing woman who has taught me that we have more strength within us than we know. My friends- I have been blessed with incredible friends who see the best in others and genuinely strive to make a difference in other people’s lives every day.
Your best piece of advice? Find a mentor for the areas in your life where you strive to be your “best self.” For me, those areas are my faith, my family (at this point, primarily raising three teenagers gracefully), and business.
Favorite movie: The Blind Side - I love how everyone grows into a better person.
Name something on your Bucket List: Travel - there are too many places to name.
What makes you laugh: My kids - they are awesome!


Age: 48
Fab Factor: She is the owner of Vintage and Vogue - a Second Chance Boutique in two locations. She turns clothes into cash and gives back to the consigner’s charity of choice - she now has 17 charities.  She also offers internships to youths with troubled and challenged pasts. A different way of fundraising. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? People who try to make a difference by living generously with their heart, soul and mind.
Your best piece of advice? Know God.
Favorite book: A Man’s Search for Meaning.
Name something on your Bucket List: Hike in Nepal.
What makes you laugh: A lot of things!  I love to laugh and giggle when I can.


Age: I am 58 years young.
Fab Factor: My purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care, whole food nutrition and active physical exercise rehabilitation.
What inspires you? My passion is for my family and for delivering the best chiropractic health care to my patients.
Your best piece of advice? When you become one with your innate intelligence you become dynamic and that is essential to being the best that you can be.
Favorite book: The Road to Success Begins In The Heart.
Favorite workout: Fast Twitch with Roman at The Forum Lenox.
Who do you admire: Those that pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and come out swinging for more.

OfeliadeLaValette_BestSelfOFELIA DE LA VALETTE

Age: 53
Fab Factor: She is perhaps best known for opening up the all adult dance studio, dance 101. She has helped strengthen the dance community in Atlanta and helped bring dance back into the lives of those who held it so dear in their childhood. She’s amazing because of her sacrifices (to others before herself), determination (to succeed), passion (to dance) and her killer homemade chicken noodle soup! –Nominated by her daughter
What inspires you? I am inspired by people who face life’s challenges with love and empathy.
Your best piece of advice? My best advice for anyone wanting to improve their life in all respects is to dance!
Name something on your Bucket List: 10 days at the Hotel Nui in Bora Bora.
What famous historical person would you want to meet: The Mata Hari.
What makes you laugh: My daughter’s quick wit!


Age: 42
Fab Factor: Through training, coaching, boot camps, and wellness seminars, Brian helps others to achieve their fitness goals. He founded AMPUCAMP, a non-profit that provides support and resources to anyone personally affected by or caring for someone with limb loss. –Nominated by his wife
What inspires you? I’m inspired by a myriad of things, which include people, music, motivational messages, underdog victories, and anyone who chooses commitment over compromise when it comes to really making a difference!  At the top of my list isn’t ‘what’, but ‘who’ inspires me to be a great husband and father – my wife Julie, and my child, my hero, Brennan.
Your best piece of advice? That’s easy, “Find your strength and make it freaky!”  In simple terms, focus on (and be grateful for) what you have and forget about what you don’t! 
Favorite workout: Arms and calves / jumping on the trampoline with my son!
Name something on your Bucket List: Learn to play electric guitar.
Who do you admire: Anyone who’s ‘taken it on the chin’ somehow  through accident, illness or circumstance and absolutely refuses to stay down, accept defeat, whine and complain but rather converts the energy or experience into something for a greater good.


Age: I turn 43 on June 20.
Fab Factor: He is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and musician. Based in Atlanta, he has been teaching and inspiring people all over the country to grow personally and professionally for over 17 years. Doug recently completed the Tough Mudder run in Georgia. – Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Helping people grow personally beyond where they thought was possible; singing and playing my banjo.
Your best piece of advice? Create an inspiring, definite future for yourself- one that will give you meaning, purpose and passion right now. Then get to work and don’t expect it to be easy or fun. It is the often tedious, mundane, monotonous act of consistent discipline that significant breakthroughs occur.
Favorite workout: Workouts with my trainer, Day Adeogba.   
Favorite weekend getaway: Really looking forward to Tough Mudder Northern California September of this year!
Who do you admire: Johnny Cash and Donald E. Grady, Sr.

Read more to meet more of our 40 fabulous winners for our 2011 Over 40 & Fabulous Contest – all winners receive a prize package and will be celebrated at our party at The Big Ketch this month.


Age: 46
Fab Factor: Above being beautiful on the outside, she also has a beautiful heart.  She is loyal, giving and truly a lifelong friend!  She also volunteers with many charity organizations. -Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? For inspiration I need only look towards my husband, family and friends. My parents always made great efforts to instill good values and a strong work ethic in me. One of my dad’s favorite quotes is, ‘winners never quit and quitters never win.’ It is a favorite of mine as well and good words to live by. Also anyone going through cancer is an inspiration to me.
Your best piece of advice? Definitely share with those less fortunate than you. It gives you a feeling that is indescribable. Give back however you can and hope that your efforts make a difference.  Even if nobody knows what you are doing, you know down inside that you have given your all. Take care of yourself.  You can’t be good for others if you aren’t good to yourself.  And last but not least, set goals and work towards achieving them.
What makes you laugh: My husband Gary.
Name something on your Bucket List: Shark diving. 
Favorite fictional character: Why, Ms. Scarlett O’Hara of course.


Age: 42
Fab Factor: She is a corporate attorney with Chamberlain Hrdlicka. She has been a champion dressage competitor and is now a champion amateur ballroom dancer. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Unconditional love.
Your best piece of advice? Take responsibility for everything you do. No blaming! Never settle for mediocre - shine! Avoid drama. Decide what’s important to you and follow your heart, and in that process, forgive yourself. Be keenly aware and grateful of the fortunes that you have been given and let the joy and sheer delight of knowing that you are here for yet another day inspire you.  And most importantly, surround yourself with smart, compassionate people, who are talented in ways that you are not, and who are not afraid to constantly remind you of all of the above, so that you can keep working on it.
Favorite workout: Until recently I thought it was galloping through the finish line of a cross country course at a horse show on my horse Taz, but now that I started ballroom dancing I find that waltzing on the competition floor is just as exciting.
What makes you laugh: When others laugh - so infectious to see joy!
Who do you admire: My husband. The kindest, smartest and most patient person I know who makes me want to be a better person every day!


Age: 52
Fab Factor: She’s a personnel administrator, clinical research coordinator, artist, photographer, wife, mother, nana, and friend. Barb’s co-workers and friends know they can count on her. For the past eight years she has been her company’s team captain for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure.  – Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? I inspire myself and I’m self motivated. When I see something unique or interesting I’m inspired to paint. When I see something beautiful, I’m inspired to take a photo. When I hear a conversation about a relationship, good or bad, I’m inspired to write poetry. When I see or hear of a person in need, I’m inspired to help.  I’m inspired by the thought of a positive outcome.
Your best piece of advice?  People need to learn to believe in themselves. They need to take a chance - It’s 50/50 if they do take a chance and if they don’t, it’s 0%.  It seems obvious to me now, but I wish I would have taken my own advice earlier in life.
Favorite weekend getaway: Going to the mountains and staying in a cozy cabin, with a hot tub, of course.  Nature is soothing to my soul.
Name something on your Bucket List: Snorkeling and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Australia’s most remarkable natural gift, the Great Barrier Reef.
Who do you admire: I admire my friends; Friends who have made my life easier, more enjoyable and love me, for being me.


Age: 45
Fab Factor: Amy is the Chastain Horse Park President and Founder, and has a strong dedication to serving the Atlanta community. –Nominated by a co-worker
What inspires you? New ideas and inventions, old traditions passed down for years, and personal touches such as handwritten notes.
Your best piece of advice? Find the silver lining in each situation - and in each person (especially those you work and/or live with). That’s an ongoing daily effort which will take your focus away from the negative which sometimes tends to be easier to see.
What famous historical person would you want to meet:  Jesus.
What makes you laugh: The bright side of every situation, someone’s true wit, and my own follies.
Who do you admire: The people I know who possess genuine character, morals, and a true sense of what is valuable.


Age: 55
Fab Factor: She is an extraordinary mom, friend and community volunteer. She eats healthy and is committed to fitness. In addition to taking care of herself, and her two sons, she spends countless hours serving as President of the Athletic Association at Wheeler High School and working with the SCAN Foundation.  –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? I am inspired by seeing, feeling and knowing that I am making a difference; having an impact as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, school parent, employee, community volunteer. This means giving my all, doing my best, being my best in all aspects of my life.
Your best piece of advice? You must begin with a solid ‘personal’ foundation, starting with a strong body, mind and spirit. Do whatever it takes to get in shape and stay in shape; to feel good physically; to be physically fit. Feeling good physically is a pre-requisite to nurturing a healthy mind and to be able to truly connect with one’s spirit.
Favorite weekend getaway: California Coast Bed & Breakfast with an ocean view!  Actually, any Bed & Breakfast, anywhere.
Name something on your Bucket List: Italy
Who do you admire: My mom and dad and my friend Allison.


Age: 51
Fab Factor: She is a wonderful role model and the best mother and friend ever. She lives a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to do the same. –Nominated by her daughter
What inspires you? My inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle is biblically based. My body is my temple and I feel that I need to take care of it as such. It’s a reflection of my walk with my Lord. It’s difficult at times, but when I remember why I need to take care of myself, it’s not so difficult.
Your best piece of advice? To improve your life in all aspects starts with a deep rooted faith and a meaningful desire to achieve peace at all times and at all costs. I believe that there is always something positive that you can take away from any situation in life.
Favorite movie: Braveheart - can’t get any more romantic than that!
Favorite workout: Tennis, tennis and more tennis.


Age: 61
Fab Factor: She’s a business owner, wife, mother and grandmother and balances it all with grace. She chooses a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian and regular exercise.  –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? I am so inspired when I talk to individuals who have been through great difficulties in life yet they remain positive and giving.
Your best piece of advice? Other than the obvious (nutrition and exercise) I think one of the greatest benefits you can give yourself is to learn to be content in life. Happiness is a great anti-aging element.  Learn to embrace and enjoy every phase of your life.
Favorite book: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.  (It really makes you think).
What makes you laugh: Anyone or anything with a “quirky” sense of humor. Let’s put it this way, I love Far Side humor and British movies! 
Favorite weekend getaway: I guess I go for extremes—it’s a toss up between the sun and sand at Hilton Head or hiking the mountains around Asheville, NC.


Age: 41
Fab Factor: Among his many accomplishments, Murphy runs two successful salons and spas in the Atlanta area. He also conducts tremendous fundraising efforts each year and puts tens of thousands of dollars back into his community for important, child-centric programs.  A family man through and through, he enjoys vacationing with his wife and two children and coaching his son’s football team. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? My children.
Your best piece of advice? Stay positive and use negative to inspire successful thinking.  Always believe in yourself.
Favorite book: Body Confidence by Mark McDonald.
Favorite weekend getaway: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
What makes you laugh: I find humor and inspiration everyday through my work, my staff and my family.


Age: 42. I will be 43 in July.
Fab Factor: Billy is the Senior Vice President and Chief Animal Officer at Georgia Aquarium. His most recent achievement is helping create and manage the Aquarium’s largest expansion since opening, a $110 million dolphin gallery and show. He has traveled around the world helping conduct conservation and research projects in the field and transport animals to the Aquarium. –Nominated by a co-worker
What inspires you? My wife. She is arguably the best motivation in my life to be a good person, partner, and father. I also find inspiration from the animals I am so fortunate to work with; Mother Nature gets me every time!
Your best piece of advice? Start anywhere, any day. One small step becomes a journey if you keep taking the small steps consistently.
Name something on your Bucket List: Climb Everest.
What makes you laugh: Almost everything, but most certainly my children.
Who do you admire: My father.


Age: 63
Fab Factor: There are five primary characteristics that Bobbi brings that not only define her outstanding qualifications, but also describe her extraordinary abilities. These are personal commitment and integrity; embracing challenge; professional experience and expertise; passion and energy for the work; and leading in the community! -Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Observing acts of human kindness, especially when extended to strangers and when nothing in return is asked or expected.
Your best piece of advice? Be intentional about spending time with friends and developing authentic and meaningful friendships.  Also, maintain a positive outlook and attitude. It is not about what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you that matters.
Favorite weekend getaway: The Georgia mountains, although I prefer the Montana mountains but that is way more than a weekend.
Favorite book: Lonesome Dove.
What makes you laugh: My husband’s corny jokes.


Age: 48
Fab Factor: Mother, marketer, philanthropist, advocate for children with disabilities, author and athlete.
What inspires you? My daughters inspire me every day with the way they approach the world, love so openly, learn so quickly and face different types of challenges with surprising maturity and determination. I’m also inspired daily by all the parents of children with disabilities I come in contact with through my foundation “Reaching for the Stars.”
Your best piece of advice? The best advice I could give someone is to live life fearlessly and without regret as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to fail or try something new. Develop a love of learning. If you have children, love them unconditionally. Be authentic. Teach them the Golden Rule. Unconditional love is the greatest gift of all you can give them.
Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird.
Name something on your Bucket List: Visit Bhutan.
What famous historical person would you want to meet: Cleopatra.

Robert-Pruni_DSC01155DR. ROBERT PRUNI

Age: 45  
Fab Factor: Dr. Pruni takes excellent care of his patients, his personal training clients and his family. At the gym he is always willing to help anyone with questions and is always encouraging to those who want to better themselves. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? I can say with certainty my inspiration comes from the role I play in helping others achieve their goals.  As a rehab sports chiropractor I have treated athletes from all over the world and not only helped them but learned from them. 
Your best piece of advice? The best most simplistic advice I can give to anyone I walk with on their path to better health is don’t beat yourself up over perfectionism but strive for excellence in everything you do. Striving for excellence will bring fulfillment knowing that you have accomplished your goal to the best of your ability.
Favorite workout: Plyometric body weight and military style obstacle course workout with walls and cargo nets and rope climbs.
What makes you laugh: My two year old daughter.
Who do you admire: I admire people who try and make the lives of others better selflessly and Albert Einstein.

dina_cowgirlDR. DINA GIESLER

Age: I’ll be 48 on August 18.
Fab Factor: Her big heart and never-ending compassion has shaped who she is today and how she treats the people around her.  Professionally, she takes dentistry to a new level with her patients, using a dose of empathy and perfects her craft with an artist’s delicate touch. She is also a wife and mother of three active kids. –Nominated by a co-worker
What inspires you? The miracles, hope and grace of God.
Your best piece of advice? Always follow your passion.  Get your priorities right. Your spiritual life has to be number one; your family is number two; and your work number three. Once you have health and balance, your life will be positive, rewarding, productive and fun!
Name something on your Bucket List: The Kentucky Derby.
What makes you laugh: My family, we are a reality show.
Who do you admire: Women who do it all.


Age: 42
Fab Factor: She is president-elect of the Junior League of Atlanta and a fabulous, fun-loving woman who has made a significant impact in our community helping take care of others. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? I’m inspired by people who make other people’s lives better in any way. And by my kids--watching them in their activities makes me know the choices I’ve made make a difference to them.
Your best piece of advice? On improving life: simplify, simplify---you cannot do everything, trust me, I’ve tried. Focus on one thing you want to improve at a time and you will achieve it. Then you can move onto the next.
Favorite workout: A long tennis match.
Favorite weekend getaway: Rosemary Beach (well a long weekend)
Who do you admire: I admire anyone who sticks her neck out for the benefit of others.


Age: 47
Fab Factor: Not only does Beth take great care of herself, with a career focused in medical marketing, she also takes great care of her Atlanta community as well. –Nominated by a co-worker
What inspires you? Witnessing growth inspires me.  Whether it’s personal growth from challenging myself to try and learn new things, or watching others grow using professional advice I’ve given them to help improve their businesses, it makes me all the more passionate about what I do.
Your best piece of advice? Try your best to have a good attitude (it makes people more likely to want to help you and also makes challenges easier to deal with); improve your intelligence by continuing to regularly read and actually listening to what people share with you; show initiative and go after what you want, but don’t lose sight of your ethics in doing so.
Favorite book: I would have to say Atlas Shrugged, because it scares me while at the same time reminding me how much I appreciate our freedoms.
Favorite weekend getaway: Lake Hartwell.
What makes you laugh: My husband’s amazing sense of humor.


Age: 58
Fab Factor: When I asked Gail what she would like to be remembered for, she replied, ‘Being the best single mom I could be.’ Besides juggling a business and eating healthy and staying fit, her two kids are a testament to the type of role model she is. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Inspiration to me seems to be constant and constantly changing. It can be watching a random act of kindness, laughing at an adorable video of animals, spending time talking with a best friend, eating cake or watching how “grown-up” my kids can be now that they’re in their 20s. 
Your best piece of advice? Chill out!  The stress level of the normal person these days is crazy, and oftentimes it seems to be over the smallest things or things they simply cannot control.  Save the stress for the big things. When life’s hiccups occur, take a deep breath, drink a glass of wine, and chill out!
Favorite movie: Thelma & Louise. Gotta love those crazy, strong women.
What makes you laugh: Too much wine. Then, everything is funny.
Who do you admire: Believe it or not, my ex-husband.


Age: 47
Fab Factor: Jeff truly cares for other people in his efforts to raise funds for –Nominated by a co-worker
What inspires you? I’m inspired by people who recognize the needs of others in our community and step up to the plate to assist in any way they can.  If we don’t help those who need a hand, who will?  
Your best piece of advice? Recognize that every single day presents another opportunity to start a new and exciting chapter in the autobiography of our lives.  That said, don’t expect to fit everything into one chapter in a single day – that’s not how great books are written. 
Favorite book: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.
Name something on your Bucket List: Skydiving.
Who do you admire: Anyone that sets their sites on something seemingly impossible and goes for it. Whether or not they succeed is beside the point.

JonRoss-HS_01-MoabJON ROSS

Age: 42
Fab Factor: Jon left the corporate world to follow his dream of working in the endurance industry. He has been a motivational speaker and continues to deliver his message of motivation, determination, and the mindset that age is just a number. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Much of my inspiration comes from the possibility of one day having earned the responsibility of being in a position to inspire others.
Your best piece of advice? Set goals for yourself that are attainable, but approach achieving them with the mindset that they are always just beyond your reach.
Favorite workout: Running long miles on the trails
Name something on your Bucket List: To ‘buckle’ at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in California with a sub 24-hour finish.
Who do you admire: My parents, of course, and anyone who has ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to personal goals that I hope to accomplish.


Age: 45
Fab Factor: She’s an amazing woman, a wonderful mother, and a great role model.  She loves to run marathons and tries to eat healthy and exercises as much as her schedule allows. She always reminds us how important living a healthy lifestyle is. –Nominated by her daughter
What inspires you?  My life! I always wanted to be a mom, (check).  I always wanted to have a lot of children, (check times five).  My children and I live in town in our “love shack” that we are truly blessed to have.  We are surrounded by amazing people who are beautiful inside and out. Above all else, my faith.
Favorite book: 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry.
Favorite weekend getaway: The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.
Name something on your Bucket List: Ride the Leadville 100 before I’m 50.


Age: 59
Fab Factor: Fit, fun and all around fantastic is how I would describe my friend and mentor, Karen. Not only does she take good care of herself, but she has been an active volunteer her whole life. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? As co-president of the Alpharetta Junior Woman’s Club, I am inspired by the enthusiasm and joy I see in our younger members when they perform service for others. 
Your best piece of advice? I believe that if one wants to improve their life, they must first take care of themselves - both mentally and physically.  Try to reduce stress, which is always a challenge. Make time to exercise - and it is crucial to find an exercise you enjoy.  If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t make it a part of your routine.  Lastly, I believe you must make time to serve others less fortunate.
Favorite weekend getaway: Watching baseball (Braves, preferably) or college football (Go Dawgs!)
Name something on your Bucket List: To travel to the Netherlands to do genealogical research on my mother’s ancestors (she was a Holocaust survivor).
What makes you laugh: My two sons - Josh and Travis.

Karen-Vaughn_Cabo-146-copyKAREN VAUGHN

Age: 42
Fab Factor: She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She is also an exceptional registered nurse. She always makes sure her patients have the utmost quality of care. She is very dedicated to her job and her family.  –Nominated by her daughter
What inspires you? I enjoy helping people and seeing a cosmetic patient feel beautiful when their procedure is completed and how it makes a huge difference in their lives. Every day I drive over 200 miles a day so that I can run Plastikos Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Plastikos Surgery Center, Millennium Healthcare, Avatar Industries and a few smaller companies. I also am inspired by my wonderful family who I love to come home to every night.
Your best piece of advice? Don’t let anything hold you back and shoot for your dreams. No matter what position you’re in it is never too late to accomplish your goals.
Favorite workout: Taking my two dachshunds for a long walk with my husband.
Name something on your Bucket List: Scuba diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
What famous historical person would you want to meet: Princess Diana.


Age: 46 (in June)
Fab Factor: He is the founder of Taste of Earth and has an extensive background of more than 20 years spent as an herbalist, wellness consultant, fitness trainer and speaker. Hill grew up learning about natural health practices from his grandfather. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? My grandfather is my biggest inspiration. He lived a strong and healthy life until the age of 98, and I am lucky to say that he passed his knowledge of herbs and plants on to me. He always turned to herbal remedies to maintain his health and heal his body. He helped others too and was basically a medicine man.
Your best piece of advice? You are what you eat! When judging how you feel on a daily basis, you will find that you will truly feel better, healthier and stronger if what you consume comes from the earth - fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts.
Favorite workout: Mountain biking.
Name something on your Bucket List: To study with an ethnobotanist.
Who do you admire: My friend Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


Age: 41
Fab Factor: Over the last two years, Susan has helped create crosswalks, get crossing guards hired and get the state of Georgia to modify the stop lights to help make the walk to school easier. She also helped create a Nutritious and Wellness committee at school and has contributed to the overall health and welfare of our community. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? People working together to get things done. Over the past several years, I have realized the power of community activism.
Your best piece of advice? Do what you love. I’ve seen too many people struggle with the notion of success and end up living “successful” lives as defined by society, but they are really miserable. I think that each person defines success. Don’t worry about what other people think or say; if you are doing what you are truly passionate about you will make a difference. You need to set aside time to take care of yourself. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t be a good role model for your children.
Favorite weekend getaway: North Georgia camping trip (Vogel State Park).   
Name something on your Bucket List: Write a book.
What makes you laugh: My daughters being silly.

Victoria-Green_0506111936bVICTORIA GREEN

Age: 42
Fab Factor: Her strong, unyielding faith has carried her through several personal hardships. She is currently studying to be a nurse and she is one of those people, even after only a brief encounter, you leave feeling good and with a smile on your face. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? Having faith and determination.
Your best piece of advice? Take nothing for granted, be a blessing to someone else - and live, laugh & love!
Favorite book: The Bible.
What famous historical person you would want to meet: Malcolm X because when he went to Mecca, he saw that Muslims were people of all races living together in peace; hence, he then became an advocate for world brotherhood.
Favorite workout: Power walking outdoors so I can relieve stress and take in some of natures sights.


Age: Well, let’s put it this way, I can now be in your fab at 50 as well!
Fab Factor: He’s “young at heart;” absolutely, he’s hip; no doubt he’s current to the minute, but what makes him glow is that every morning, he wakes up and looks at the world and sees possibility – he’s a walking ball of yes!  –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? My inspiration comes from the friends and extended family I have surrounded myself with, and of course that dynamo Mitchell Anderson!
Your best piece of advice? Stay true to your goals, don’t let people talk you out of any ideas you may have. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I listened to the advice some “experts” have told me.     
Favorite weekend getaway: My lake house and jet skiing on Lake Hartwell.
Name something on your Bucket List: To live in Sorrento, Italy for at least five years.
Who do you admire: My parents.


Age: 48
Fab Factor: She’s a brilliant attorney; she’s a devoted wife and mother; she volunteers in the community; she’s passionate about life and making the most out of each and every day. –Nominated by a friend
What inspires you? The strength of the human spirit and the ability to transcend adversity. I witness this human spirit as I learn of those who look in the face of death, illness and poverty and who push forward to achieve their dreams. I am inspired by laughter; my own, my children’s. 
Your best piece of advice? I believe any movement toward improvement begins with a positive attitude. Being positive and making thoughtful decisions has always led to improvement in all aspects of my life. It is also important to make things happen.  We all need to live in the moment and make those moments count. We also need to be mindful that our children are watching us and being proactive sets a great example for them to follow. 
Favorite workout: Running with my buddies in the morning that have different political views. Don’t know what is racing faster our hearts or our mouths.
Name something on your Bucket List: Spend a year in South America or Central America.
Who do you admire: My grandmother.


Age: 43
Fab Factor: The CFO & co-owner of House of Payne Personal Training, Steve not only looks fabulous but he helps others be their best! From working with special needs clients to ordinary people of all ages looking to improve their health or lose weight, Steve reflects that his reward is in their results. –Nominated by his wife
What inspires you? Helping people reach goals beyond what they ever thought they could.
Your best piece of advice? Invest in others, the feeling you get from that is your greatest reward.
Favorite book: Guinness Book of World Records
Name something on your Bucket List: Go to Kansas to eat the best BBQ
Who do you admire: My dad.

Contest winners named but not pictured here: are Andrea El Fatin and Chuck & Beverly Williams

Publisher’s Pick

Our Over 40 and Fabulous winners were chosen by nominations received via email and through our website. One day I received a call and was asked if I would receive a nomination over the phone. I let the person on the other end know that I really needed to have the nomination in writing.

That is when I learned that Nina Fishman did not "do computers" but wanted to nominate herself and husband, Herman for the Over 40 and Fabulous contest. Shortly thereafter, I received their photo and nomination in the mail.

The act of using regular mail to send in the nomination was simple and refreshing at the same time – in this electronic world, the hand written nomination stood out.

Nina and Herman have been married for 60 years, raised three children who significantly contribute to their community, and have seven grandchildren, in school or working toward their education.

They have been honored over the years for their community endeavors. For their obvious ability to focus on what is truly important, I have named them as my Publisher's Pick for the 2011 Over 40 and Fabulous contest. —Sherri Adair, Publisher


Age: Nina, 81 – Herman, 85
What inspires you? We are both inspired by our faith and our wonderful family.
Your best piece of advice? Work like everything depends on you, and pray like everything depends on God.
Favorite weekend getaway: The beach.
Name something on your Bucket List: to travel more, see South America.
Who do you admire: Herman: My father; Nina: My mother.