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Facial Plastic Surgery:
Brian Maloney, MD, FACS, of Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

Fitness and Well-Being:

Suzanne Cypert of Concourse Athletic Club

Nonsurgical Facial Aesthetics:
Monte Slater, MD, FACOG, ABAARM, of Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging

Hair Care:
Amanda Hair of Bob Steele Salon

Body Plastic Surgery:
Alan N. Larsen, MD, of Buckhead Plastic Surgery

Hair Restoration:
Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS, ABHRS, of Anderson Center for Hair


Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS, of Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center

Nonsurgical Body Aesthetics:
Renee Smith, Robbie Spence & Dr. Alan Larsen of Slim Studio



AB 01 MaloneyFacial Plastic Surgery
Dr. Brian Maloney
Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery

That you might not know about Dr. Brian Maloney, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, is that growing up in rural Ohio he wanted to be an old time family doctor. Fortunately for his many patients today, he found a passion in facial plastic surgery and built his business to be a standard in the industry—in terms of both quality treatment and unmatched patient care.

Patient-Centered Philosophy
“We view our role with our patients similar to the old-fashioned family practitioner who really got to know their patients and was their guide on the journey of life,” says Dr. Maloney. “We have a very private, intimate setting at the Maloney Center. Our patients are like family, and we treat them that way.”
In fact, the relationships Dr. Maloney and his staff work to build and maintain reflect the character of their overall business philosophy—one based on prioritizing the patient. As a result, patients travel from all over the world to be treated at the Maloney Center, and the customer service is only the icing on the cake of an exceptional patient experience.

Continuum of Care
Dr. Maloney, who has written more than 80 book chapters and scientific articles on cosmetic surgery and participated in multiple FDA studies, works to educate patients so that together they can make the best decisions for treatment. This, in turn, helps him provide results that are exactly what the patient wants and leave them feeling more confident and ready to be 
their best self.
That includes helping patients understand how to take care of the skin they’re in right now. From sun protection and sunscreen education to eating and sleeping well, as well as getting regular exercise to boost overall health, reduce stress and increase self-esteem, he works with patients to help them understand how to care for their skin before moving onto facial cosmetic procedures.AB 01B Maloney
“Electing to have a facial cosmetic procedure when your face begins to show some signs of sadness or fatigue can help you feel your best on the inside as well as looking your best on the outside,” says Dr. Maloney.
The center also uses the most advanced forms of anesthesia for patient safety, comfort and convenience. Lastly, he provides the latest in technologically advanced procedures, including options that let a patient see potential changes in their appearance before treatment and introducing minimal-incision procedures that are less invasive and require less downtime than in years past.

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AB 01C MaloneyMaloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery
(770) 804-0007 |
6111 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Bldg. E, Ste. 201
Atlanta, GA 30328



AB 02 Suzanne-CypertFitness and Well-Being
Suzanne Cypert
General Manager
Concourse Athletic Club

Suzanne Cypert has been in the health and fitness industry since she graduated from college. Realizing she could help people feel better, look better and perform better for a living was all it took to pursue turning a passion into a career. Now, as general manager of the Concourse Athletic Club in Sandy Springs, she exercises that passion by inspiring wellness through a complete fitness experience for her clients—and it’s changing the way people view their gym experience.

Knowing Your Needs
Exercise was a way of life for Cypert’s family growing up. So the fact that there are so many people in today’s world who are unconditioned and inactive stays at the forefront of her mind.
“People just don’t know how good they would feel if they incorporated wellness into their lives,” she says. “Each person is different and, therefore, [Concourse has] a multitude of amenities and programs that will fit their profile. We go one step beyond and engage with them through their entire experience.”
According to Cypert, everything you’re capable of doing to improve your overall well-being, which is probably more than you think, is up to you. Understanding that is the first step to a healthier and happier life.
At Concourse, Cypert and her staff preach five steps to discovering that version of you. It begins with mindfulness, an integral part of wellness and happiness, that refers to understanding how your emotions are connected to your physical state. Secondly, getting moving aids in creating that better state of being. Simple things such as choosing to take the stairs or parking farther away make a difference. Next is being consciously aware of what you eat and drink, which not only changes your physiological function, but can also alter your mood. Understanding how your system works is essential to getting the most out of what you consume. Fourth, the simple act of giving back can increase feelings of self-love and soul-satisfaction. Lastly, regular checkups and physical exams highlight areas that may need attention and emphasize great results from healthy habits.AB 02B Suzanne-Cypert

Real Results
Cypert and her team know this process works because they can tangibly see their clients’ results.
“We get to witness the feeling people get when they know they’ve accomplished their goals,” says Cypert. “The most satisfying part of my job is seeing people improve their lives and inspiring them to continue to live their best lives. I’ve heard the statement ‘This place saved my life’ numerous times in my career. It’s the best thing in the world!”

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AB 02C Suzanne-CypertConcourse Athletic Club
(770) 698-2000
8 Concourse Pkwy., Sandy Springs, GA 30328








AB 03 SlaterNonsurgical Facial Aesthetics
Monte Slater MD, FACOG, ABAARM
Medical Director
Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic
& Center for Anti-Aging

There are many scary rumors to face when it comes to improving the way you look. But for metro Atlantans, Dr. Monte Slater, who is double board certified in OB-GYN and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, debunks the lot and redefines what it means to want to look younger. With a big heart for patients and a philosophy founded in quality treatment and customer service, he’s been changing lives for almost 13 years.

Younger-Looking Truth
Dr. Slater sees every day how men and women age 40 and beyond are wanting to look younger but they can’t afford the time off for surgery, and so they turn to him for his expertise in nonsurgical alternatives and anti-aging procedures that require little to no downtime. He offers, for example, a CO2 laser peel after which patients can wear makeup and be back at work the next day! 
Dr. Slater can tighten, lighten and brighten their faces, and the results, as well as his patients’ boost of confidence, is incredible. He is constantly receiving feedback from clients, especially those in the corporate world who are competing with younger colleagues, about how happy they are with the work his does to help them achieve their desired goals.
Dr. Slater’s practice is centered around enchancing a patient’s natural appearance rather than changing it. And that means staying on the cutting edge of current treatments while sifting through what really works and what doesn’t. Which is just one of the things that makes his work at Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging stand out.
“At ABS Clinic, we strive to provide top-quality service not only in treatments, but also in the overall experience that patients receive from our entire team,” says Dr. Slater. “Our staff is amazing and fun. It’s a very happy environment, and I think patients feel very welcome and comfortable.”AB 03B Slater

Trending Toward Technology
Having a finger on the pulse of new technology also plays a big role in being able to deliver great results. The office employs, for instance, treatments using the Discovery Pico Laser for tattoo removal, the Subnovii Plasma Pen for reducing deep lines and Hydrafacials to promote cell stimulation. Another treatment combining the Vivace/CoolPeel performed using high-energy radio-frequency energy with gold standard C02 skin resurfacing requires only one day of downtime. Each new procedure helps patients see better results without being invasive.
Furthermore, says Dr. Slater, “There are so many new pharmaceutical-grade, scientifically grounded skin care products available that use advanced technology for better penetration into the skin, that better stimulate regenerative cells and that accelerate the release of your own healing growth factors, reversing years of sun damage and aging.”

A Renaissance Man
When Dr. Slater isn’t busy taking care of his patients, he likes to hang out at Maple Street Guitars, where he says “the people are friendly and they let me play around with my dream guitars.” He also enjoys partaking in the British cuisine and culture at The Ship & Anchor Pub in Sandy Springs, and taking in concerts with Gail, his wife of 
40 years. “We share a love for music and are avid rockers,” he notes.

The content for this article is brought to you by Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging.

AB 03C Slater

Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center for Anti-Aging
(770) 777-7707
4840 Roswell Rd. NE.
Bldg. D #100
Atlanta, GA 30342
(478) 225-2379
400 Corporate Pte.
Warner Robins, GA 31088

AB 04 AmandaHairHair Care
Amanda Hair
Owner and CEO
Bob Steele Salon

Amanda Hair has always loved all things beauty and fashion, but as she honed in on a career as a stylist, her colleagues at Bob Steele Salon saw something else in her. And the rest is a long, stylish history.

Tressed for the Top
“I knew I could provide more value supporting our talent rather than being the talent after many years of watching the skill, care and passion our stylists take with each client in their chair,” says Hair, now the owner and CEO of 
Bob Steele Salon.
Running a top brand in the industry, she focuses mostly on attracting and retaining top talent. She’s helped solidify 
Bob Steele Salon’s reputation and ability to grow through managing the operational systems and by hiring people who fit the culture and core values. She also invests in training stylists, managers, guest relations and administrators to execute the services Bob Steele provides.
“Our continuous education courses help our stylists shine and find what truly fuels their passions,” says Hair, motivated by her drive to impact women and their professional growth. “I love forming connections with the team and seeing them create relationships with their peers and clients.”
Her philosophy for harboring those connections? Each voice is equally important, there’s power in numbers and collaboration is key. Now in her nineteenth year at Bob Steele Salon, Hair loves her job more than ever—something clients can see and feel from their own experience inside the stylists’ chair (and at home, in the mirror).
Building the Best
“We [purposely] hire people who live our core values in and out of the salon and are truly caring and relatable,” says Hair. “[Our stylists receive] education and training from successful, in-house educators before they even touch a paying client for the first time,” ensuring our newer talent is watching and learning from the best.AB 04B AmandaHair
The best delivers the best, including keeping their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends by offering color hazing, feather extensions, babylights and balayage in addition to expert traditional cuts and color services. In addition, clients enjoy fringe benefits including complimentary bang trims and brow tinting with paid services, a retail rewards program, convenient online and mobile booking, and access to top salon products.
Selfies popping up on clients’ social media pages after a visit are a big motivator for Hair, but she’ll tell you that the most satisfying part of her job is watching her “creatives” grow during their tenure with the company. It’s a passion that continues to fuel her drive to give both employees, and therefore clients, the very best.

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AB 04C AmandaHair

Bob Steele Salon 
(404) 262-9499 |

2500 Old Milton Pkwy., Ste. 130, Alpharetta, GA 30009

4403 Northside Pkwy., Ste. 160, Atlanta, GA 30327

2960 Shallowford Rd., Ste. 202, Marietta, GA 30066

625 W. Crossville Rd., Ste. 122, Roswell, GA 30075

1265 W. Spring St., Ste. C, Smyrna, GA 30080



AB 05 LARSONBody Plastic Surgery
Dr. Alan N. Larsen
Buckhead Plastic Surgery

Dr. Alan N. Larsen took a roundabout journey to plastic surgery. By way of astronaut dreams and admiration for the surgeon who saved his life afer falling ill as a young child.  
Dr. Larsen is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is known for his outstanding surgical results in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. For over 22 years at Buckhead Plastic Surgery, Dr. Larsen has been providing a comprehensive array of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

A Goal of Perfection
What helps Dr. Larsen stand out from his competition in a competitive, fast-paced world is that he is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. With a persistent “pursuit of perfection,” he spends ample time with his patients to ensure not only individual customization but a successful outcome through realistic expectations. This attention to detail is what keeps client referrals coming, and patient satisfaction rates consistently high.
Dr. Larsen is well respected in the medical field in Atlanta and sharpens his skills with the latest technology and methods through continuing medical education and plastic surgery conferences throughout the years. He is revered in the Atlanta area and Southeast for his impeccable facial surgeries, body lifts, mommy makeovers, and breast surgeries.
Dr. Larsen is a pioneer in some of the most challenging yet life-changing procedures in plastic surgery, like the body lift (belt lipectomy). Along with the tummy tuck, a body lift in a single operation can rejuvenate the entire abdomen and waistline and is one of the most transformative and life-changing plastic surgery procedures.

Debunking the Past
The past is also where Dr. Larsen has to work from, and misconceptions are plenty.
“People often think that plastic surgeons can accomplish and do more than we actually can. So sometimes it can be hard to meet their expectations if their expectations are unrealistic,” he says. “My staff and I do thorough preoperative counseling, where we educate our patients on realistic outcomes of the procedures we offer, which increases the likelihood that they’ll be happy with their results.”
Practicing his craft perfectly and treating his patients with honesty and respect are huge drivers of Dr. Larsen’s business philosophy. That genuine doctor-client relationship blended with his expertise and experience delivers great outcomes every time. Which, for Dr. Larsen, makes it worth giving up his one-time dream of being an astronaut.
“One of the things that keeps me motivated is that I love what I do,” says Dr. Larsen. “I’ve picked a profession that is what I want to do every morning I wake up.”AB 05B LARSON
Dr. Larsen has a unique medical complex. This complex is made up of three boutique-style practices and now an exceptional AAAASF accredited surgical center all in one location and allows for an individualized, intimate experience. Enjoy non-surgical face and body treatments at LUX Med Spa and non-invasive body sculpting at Slim Studio. 
This complex fulfills Dr. Larsen’s vision of personalized, whole-body care in a private and luxurious environment.
Dr. Larsen values giving back and helping others in the community. He devotes a significant amount of time providing breast reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients. For years he has helped women restore their confidence. 
He partners with the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund and BRADay USA, through ASPS (American Society 
for Plastic Surgery).
Whatever your aesthetic goals may be, they can be achieved by Dr. Larsen and his professional, dedicated staff, who will provide a thorough client education process to help you make your decision with the utmost confidence.

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AB 06 ANDERSONHair Restoration
Dr. Ken Anderson
Founder and Director
Anderson Center for Hair

In 2003, Dr. Ken Anderson discovered the field of 
hair restoration surgery as the perfect combination of his love for both art and medicine. He left the field of facial reconstructive surgery and has since worked to change both lives and the reputation of the niche anti-aging field, to the tune of some of the happiest patients he’s ever seen.

A Growing Reputation
Even with some of the most pleased patients in the medical field, he continues to battle the excess of misinformation that both men and women initially have when they come to see him about hair loss.
“Because hair restoration is immensely private and personal, it is not shared and talked about like other cosmetic procedures,” says Anderson. “There are a lot of unknowns and fears that can cause hesitation or anxiety. We work hard to educate our patients about hair loss and hair restoration options to overcome those things.”
Educating their clients is how Anderson and his staff work to stand apart from their competition. In addition, with hair restoration surgery as their sole focus, rather than amongst a long menu of cosmetic procedures, the 
triple-board-certified surgeon can work on honing his expertise and techniques. That includes bringing the first ARTAS™ Robotic Hair Restoration system to Georgia, followed by the iX ARTAS™  Robotic Hair Restoration system. Through robotics, regenerative medicine and more, he’s worked with the industry to evolve hair restoration into an anti-aging agent that delivers 100% natural results, debunking those prior misconceptions, and inspiring people to start talking about it.

Unlocked Potential
“When you lose your hair, it can have serious psychological effects. Restoring hair restores youth, confidence, and self-esteem,” said Anderson. “Patients will style their new hair and send me pictures of their new look. Patients find themselves in new relationships or tackling new professional challenges with newfound self-esteem and self-image. They’re always shocked at how easy the entire process is.” AB 06B ANDERSON
Delivering that feeling through a philosophy founded on being the best version of yourself at any age, is what drives Anderson.
“I love everything about what I do—it is a dream come true,” said Anderson. “I am able to take my passions and help others regain their confidence. When our patients feel good about themselves and how they look, they are more confident, more outgoing. It changes how other people perceive them because it has changed how they perceive themselves.”

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Anderson Center for Hair
 (404) 256-4247 |

2710 Old Milton Pkwy., Suite 170, Alpharetta, GA 30009

5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Suite 106, Atlanta, GA 30342





AB 07 YellinInjectables
Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS
Founder and Director
Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center

One of the biggest challenges for facial plastic surgeons is that altering someone’s face is an enormous responsibility. Dr. Seth A. Yellin, who is inspired to solve problems with creative, 
artistic solutions, is up to the task. As a facial plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience, including founding 
Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center nine years ago, and formerly as Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Emory Healthcare for 12 years, his reputation as a meticulous, talented surgeon has brought him national recognition.

One in a Million
“I am a healthcare provider first, so I take the time to delve into my patient’s medical history and really listen to their concerns,” says Dr. Yellin. “I have a unique and comprehensive way of evaluating faces and explaining the aging process and how it specifically relates to them. I frequently recommend solutions that my patients aren’t expecting, and deliver results that far exceed what they ever thought possible.”
Technology helps with that. New advancements lift and tighten skin and sculpt faces, necks and bodies. Dr. Yellin does extensive research to find the treatments that deliver real results, such as Profound® RF, which uses microneedle delivery of radiofrequency energy to stimulate elastin production, tightening skin and enabling improved neck and jawline contours, and the long-lasting, artistically demanding Injecta-Lift™ procedure that can balance left-right facial symmetry and create a more idealized facial shape, making the face appear more youthful and beautiful.AB 07B Yellin
Today, self-improvement is more accessible than ever before. It’s also more effective, safer, less invasive and requires less downtime for recovery. In combination with scientifically proven skin care, patients can often look great without major surgery.

Feeling Great About Your Face
“For many people, as their appearance noticeably changes due to the march of time or if there’s dissatisfaction with a particular facial feature, it can be emotionally difficult and chip away at their self-esteem,” says Dr. Yellin. 
“The confidence we have in our appearance matters. I am in the business of wellness, and one’s appearance is a vital component to that sense of well-being. Maintaining a positive outlook, especially during these trying 
times, is critical.”
Dr. Yellin notes that getting an early start with treatments such as Botox, fillers and skincare will lead to fewer lines and issues to deal with in the long run, thus keeping us looking fabulous longer. “Properly reshaping faces with injectable fillers is an art form,” he says. “Fillers should always create an appearance that looks beautiful, natural and undetectable.”
Creating a natural look is a hallmark of Dr. Yellin’s practice. “Patients always tell me that they love how people comment that they look beautiful, but can’t figure out what was done,” he says. “They ask them, did you change your hairstyle? Come back from a vacation? They just can’t figure it out.”

The content for this article is brought to you by Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center.

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center
(770) 425-7575 |
111 Marble Mill Rd. NW., Marietta, GA 30060

AB 08 SlimNonsurgical Body Aesthetics
Renee Smith, Robbie Spence
& Dr. Alan Larsen
Slim Studio

Renee Smith and Robbie Spence along with Dr. Alan Larsen own 
Slim Studio BodySculpting and together have decades of experience in aesthetic medicine. 
They’re passionate about delivering amazing results that can be produced by the combination of science and medicine. How that synergy improves self-confidence and boosts an individual’s overall well-being inspires them to provide the best nonsurgical body sculpting in Atlanta.

Expertise with Concierge Service
“We thrive on delivering amazing results and providing the highest level of patient satisfaction,” says Smith. “We follow very specific guidelines and only treat the best candidates to obtain optimal results. We became leaders in nonsurgical body sculpting through our extensive experience, concierge service and specific product offering.”  
Slim Studio exclusively performs EmSculpt and CoolSculpting. These noninvasive body sculpting procedures serve different purposes. CoolSculpting reduces unwanted fat in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. EmSculpt builds muscle fibers and muscle volume, resulting in increased strength and more defined and toned muscles. By building core muscles with EmSculpt some clients are even experiencing reduced back pain, improvement in posture and diastasis recti and are even achieving longer distances with their golf swings!
“EmSculpt and CoolSculpting are the most highly sought-after nonsurgical body sculpting procedures available for men and women of all ages,” says Spence.They are very appealing to individuals over 40, including busy moms, dads and professionals who find it difficult to find the time for self-care.  
In March 2020, 
Slim Studio was determined by Allergan Medical AestheticsTM to be the #1 provider of CoolSculpting by volume in the state of Georgia. AB 08B Slim
“Experience matters. Our staff has an incredible breadth of experience and tenure in performing these treatments. They have all had advanced training and are truly Atlanta’s body sculpting experts,” says Spence.
Look Good, Feel Great
Patients are raving about the experience and 
the results they receive from their treatments at 
Slim Studio. Renee, Robbie and Dr. Larsen share a passion for helping patients achieve their personal fitness goals and agree that self-care and well-being will ultimately lead to feeling great.

The content for this article is brought to you by Slim Studio.
AB 08C Slim
Slim Studio

4684 Roswell Road, NE., Atlanta, GA 30342