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Maintain your routine when life gets hectic
Andrea Riggs, CEO of Get Body Beautiful and franchise owner of Fitness Together-Vinings

Your fitness routine can be the first thing to go when you’re juggling the demands of the workplace, home and school deadlines. But don’t get lost in the frenzy or give up on your health goals.

Here are four strategies to help you find calm and ensure you’re looking and feeling your best at home and work.

1. Total body in 20 minutes
First, download five of your favorite songs—the ones you sing at the top of your lungs or can’t stop bouncing to—to your iPod. Then, master a basic routine that you can perform at home in 20 minutes or less with little or no equipment. The routine should alternate cardio and strength training, with 5-minute cardio segments to maintain your heart rate.

2. Cardio at work
Take that 1-hour lunch break and devote 30 minutes to your heart health. Rally a few co-workers to join you twice a week and devise a plan to increase your activity level. You may decide to walk to a restaurant, take the stairs each day or park a few blocks further than you have to. Whatever it is, find creative ways to increase your cardio during the workday.

3. Surround yourself
Tell your friends and coworkers that you have decided to lose weight or tone up for better health. They will honor your commitment and applaud your efforts—it will also put a little pressure on and create some momentum to carry you forward.

4. Boost your metabolism
Increase your metabolism through a few tried-and-true lifestyle tactics. Start your day with breakfast—this first meal serves as your body’s switch to turn on your fat-burning engines. If you include this meal, you’ve already increased your fitness results. Researchers at the University of Southern California report those who regularly have a morning meal have flatter abs, while breakfast-skippers have bigger tummies.
Make a commitment to stay toned and stick to it and you’ll definitely lose those extra 10 pounds this fall.