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5 Tips for College-bound Students

Jason P. Flurry, C.F.P., National Center for College Planning LLC

College-application season is here, and graduation will be just around the corner soon! Make sure your student is ready to move on to the next level by following these critical steps.

1. Make another appointment with the guidance counselor.
It’s crunch time. Your student should make certain that all of the requirements are being filled in order to graduate. Have him or her make an appointment with the high school guidance counselor to be sure everything is on track.

2. Take the SAT reasoning test or subject tests if appropriate.
Your student will have four opportunities to take the SAT between Oct. 10 and Jan. 23. Make sure he or she is taking the right versions for the colleges to which he or she will be applying (and make sure the results are forwarded correctly, too).

3. Keep tidy and complete records.
You will receive all kinds of paperwork this year, and it’s very easy for something to get lost. Keep all application and financial-aid forms in one place so you know exactly where everything is. Having an organized and detailed record can save you time and effort if any questions arise pertaining to your student’s applications.

4. Keep studying.
Colleges will still be able to look at your student’s first-quarter grades. Make sure they continue to work hard throughout this final year of high school. Finish strong!

5. Keep your money safe from the financial-aid formulas.
Consult a College Funding Advisor about how to qualify for money for college and about ways to help protect the money you’ve worked so hard to put away for this important occasion. As they say, a fool with a plan is better than a genius without one. And remember, hope is not a plan.