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Best Fun: March 2012 Kyle Griffith, the operations manager at Pine Street, prepares to demonstrate the right way to cut up ribs

Best Fun: March 2012

The Most Fun You Can Have with a Hairnet On
By Neal McSpadden
On a chilly Saturday morning, I spent a few hours at Pine Street Market’s whole hog class with about 20 other bacon lovers learning how to make bacon (and everything else). You may have heard of Pine Street Market as a stand at a farmer’s market or a supplier of artisanal meats to restaurants like Parish and Woodfire Grill, but you may not have heard about their butcher classes.

In the whole hog class, Pine Street owner Rusty Bowers and Kyle Griffith demonstrated the breakdown of a dressed hog while Tommy Searcy of Gum Creek Farms related how the pig was raised and cared for. I learned the difference between a ham and a hock, why a “butt” roast comes from the front of the pig and the principles behind making prosciutto. But the best part was definitely saved for last: cutting your own pork chop, making your own bacon and lunch!

Rusty and Kyle guided each of us in cutting our own pork chop, which we then got to take home with us. Next, we made our own personalized two pound slab of bacon with whatever herbs and spices we chose. Finally, we got down to the business of eating the slow roasted pork we had all been eyeing since we walked in. Also served with lunch were samples of several different Pine Street salamis, cheeses from  Flat Rock Lodge and a variety of breads from next-door neighbor Sweet N’ Sinful Bakery.

If you are a bacon lover like I am, skip the farmer’s market one Saturday morning and go to one of the butcher classes (sausage making is also available) at Pine Street Market. Cost: $100

Fun Facts:
• Pine Street Market goes through about 1,000 lbs. of salamis, prosciuttos, sausages and cuts of meat per week
• Winter is the best season for raising pigs because they convert more feed into meat and fat
• Sows (female pigs) build nests on the ground
• Hogs from Gum Creek Farms are a Berkshire/Yorkshire cross breed
• Gum Creek Farms raises pigs in forested paddocks, not in cages like “commodity meat”
Details: Pine Street Market, (404) 296-9672,

On the Big Screen

If you are a film lover and want to catch the next “it” actor or newest film director, then the 36th Annual Atlanta Film Festival is for you. This nine day event runs from March 23 - April 1 and features every type of cinema from around the world, ranging in genre from humor to horror. Over 150 films will be showcased, as well as special events like panels and workshops at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.

Packing a Punch

Whether you go with friends or co-workers or just want to watch from the sidelines, Dosser Works Paintball promises an action-packed good time. You are sure to get a good workout while running around on one of their covered fields, wielding your paint ball gun and trying to stay in the game. There are three separate fields to cater to each level. Field one is built for fast-paced competition complete with random obstacles that are frequently rearranged. Field two is for street type play and has a sniper tower, while field three meets regulation for NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) and is fully covered in athletic grade turf.
Details: (678) 927-9359,