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Best Self Atlanta Magazine Visits City of Refuge Dona Halliday (Best Self art director), Seth Lingenfelter (CRC Manager and Community Chaplain) and Sherri Adair (Best Self publisher) in the 180° Kitchen and Dining Hall

Best Self Atlanta Magazine Visits City of Refuge

Each month, Best Self Atlanta urges our readers to give back to the community. Whether through donations, volunteerism or attending charity-related events, giving back is a huge part of being your “best self.” Although we, as a company, give back throughout the year as much as possible, we decided to practice what we preach on a grander scale for the 2011 holiday season and host our first ever toiletry drive.

Best Self Atlanta publisher Sherri Adair knew that choosing an organization to partner with for our toiletry drive would be tough. After a lot of thought, she decided on City of Refuge. City of Refuge was incorporated as a non-profit in 1997, but the mission started long before. The organization offers both life saving resources and life building tools to individuals and families in Atlanta who are living in the margin. Located in one of the most challenging neighborhoods in Atlanta, City of Refuge is focused on providing deep-rooted support to men, women and children who have very complex problems. Unlike most “shelters,” City of Refuge offers multi-tiered solutions to these problems and works with individuals and families tirelessly through programs that will allow them to stand on their own two feet.

When Sherri, Best Self Atlanta art director Dona and I delivered the donations to City of Refuge in late December, I was amazed with what I saw. With an office space, youth center, children’s ministry center, two basketball courts, fitness center, Compassion Atlanta food distribution warehouse, emergency shelter for women, community resource center, 180° Kitchen and dining hall and Eden Village transitional housing for women and children, City of Refuge was actually a little city.

They are always looking for volunteers, and with as many programs as the organization has, there is something for everyone. You can come as an individual or a group to help with programs such as Adopt-a-Block, Safe Haven, Eden Village Dinners, Dinner on the Street, Helping Hands, Compassion Atlanta and more.