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My Best Self: Laina Orlando

My Best Self: Laina Orlando

Laina Orlando, founder of The Power of Awareness program, takes a fresh and fun approach to redefining spirituality. Her own spiritual awakening propelled her to trade a successful career for the privilege of inspiring others. An Atlanta-area author, speaker and coach, Laina offers simple techniques and practical tools to help transform weighty spiritual concepts into bite-size morsels that can be applied to everyday life.

What do you love most about your professional life?
I love to witness the birthing of a person’s magnificence! Whether through an individual coaching session or in my Power of Awareness workshops, I am privileged to assist my clients in rediscovering their authentic self: in essence, their best self. You know you are your best self when love is all there as self-doubt, fears, judgments and resentments disappear. By the way, this is the self we are all born as, before life causes us to become the self we think we need to become, in order to be, do or have love, happiness, approval and success.

What’s your least favorite part?
Knowing that most people will find time and resources to go shopping, get a new car or eat out, but rare are the ones that make the same time or money commitment to discovering that within them lies the source of the very things they most want:  joy, inner peace, love, health, abundance and happiness.

What do you see as the keys to being your “best self”?
An unwavering commitment to living from the inside out with my authentic self as my guide. Seeing the authentic self in others, even when they are not aware that part of them exists. Remembering that  I am the master of my mind and I use it as a tool. Since my thoughts define my emotions, I choose thoughts that cause me to feel happy. By the way, this is the secret to lasting happiness!

How did you come to this point in your career?
Kicking and screaming—literally! After the spiritual awakening I underwent 6 years ago, which literally turned my life upside-down, I knew that my purpose was to act as a guide for those who are on a spiritual journey.  I discovered the direct path to inner peace, joy, loads of fun and all the unconditional love that exists, through my deeper connection with life. I just have to share this awareness with others.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve ever learned?
That we are all living a double life: one part of us lives for the world outside of us, and the other part of us is kept hidden deep inside of us. What makes this lesson so hard to learn is that very few people really understand how this happens. To make matters more complicated, the part of us that is in hiding is our magnificent and authentic self.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Creating a magnificent divorce with my was-band Phillip. Just about about every divorced person I knew was primarily concerned with being right and making their ex-spouse wrong.  With that awareness, Phillip and I created a “magnificent divorce,” in which we deliberately decided to honor our family above all else.

What is the biggest mistake you see a lot of people make in their lives?
Searching for love, happiness and approval in all the wrong places: outside of themselves.

What is your cause of choice and why?
I love causes that help women and children, and most recently, I’ve provided assistance to The Children’s Restoration Network.

What do you do to relax and have fun?
My mantra is, “Life is fun and easy!” Being relaxed and expecting life to be fun is my natural way of living.