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The Makeover of Breast Cancer Survivor Sharon Hayes-Terrell

The Makeover of Breast Cancer Survivor Sharon Hayes-Terrell

Atlanta native Sharon Hayes-Terrell describes herself as “tall as a Georgia pine and bronze as a Georgia peach.” As founder of RRS Talent and Modeling Agency, she provides models for local fashion shows, ad campaigns, tradeshows and catalog photo shoots. But in April of 2007, Sharon endured a stroke that left her sight-impaired for a year. Then, at the end of 2008, she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. 

Her treatment was very aggressive; she underwent chemotherapy treatments, a double mastectomy and radiation therapy at Emory Winship Cancer Institute. But today this wife, mother of four and grandmother is a cancer survivor. Now she looks forward to a bright, cancer-free future.

The Journey

Sharon’s journey was brought to light through a non-profit Atlanta-based organization, Pink Reveal. Its founder, Saint Hilaire, has been a fashion stylist throughout his career and was inspired to begin Pink Reveal to renew and restore individuals affected by breast cancer. When he thought about how he could pair the disease with his experience, he came up with makeovers for women who have survived breast cancer. Driven by the belief that individuals who have experienced breast cancer deserve this revitalizing experience, Saint has partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure in Atlanta to honor survivors and donate to the cause.

Sharon’s makeover began with a personal bra fitting at Intimacy. Having had a double mastectomy and reconstruction a year ago, Sharon was in need of a new bra wardrobe. She found out during her fitting with Carrie at Intimacy that she needed to go down a size in the band, and up one size in the cup. Sharon’s reconstruction surgery left her breasts uneven in size, which is very common in all women, according to Carrie. So they added a Number Two Takeout breast enhancer in one cup, and voila! Sharon was uplifted, even and proud of her new look.

before-and-afterThe Makeover

Stop two in Sharon’s fabulous adventure was the office of Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole, quadruple board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, of Oculus Plastic Surgery and Oculus Skin Care Centre. After an initial consultation with Dr. Cole, Sharon wanted to look a little more rested, and opted for the non-surgical Tear Trough Rejuvenation procedure, an in-office treatment of facial fillers. Dr. Cole injected Restylane, a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid, biocompatible with the human body, under Sharon’s eyes, instantly filling in the loss of volume that occurs naturally over time. Sharon can expect the results to last from 12 to 18 months.

“My eyes have never looked so vibrant, thanks to Dr. Cole,” says Sharon, “I no longer wear concealer under my makeup.”

While at Oculus, Sharon met with Harvard-trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Connors, who specializes in surgeries of the breast and nose. Not totally satisfied with the results of her breast reconstruction, Sharon asked Dr. Connors what could be done to improve the symmetry and overall look of her breasts. With the new Vectra 3D Imaging System, Dr. Connors took a three-dimensional picture of Sharon with Vectra’s six cameras, then manipulated the image on the computer screen to match Sharon’s wants and needs. Now armed with a realistic image of what she could look like post-surgery, Sharon is working with Dr. Connors on the next steps.

Chemotherapy had left Sharon with total hair loss a year ago, but now with about four inches of new growth, she was a perfect candidate for extensions. Sharon consulted with board-certified stylist Moe Coles, owner of Attitudes by Moe! He recommended her natural jet black hair be lightened with a color lift by five levels, using Matrix Socolor, bringing it to a soft chestnut brown to complement her complexion. He also added extensions using 100% natural Virgin Indian Remy hair. The final touch was a master cut and style, giving her a beautiful shoulder length stack revealing her new attitude.

“Color has never been added to my hair, and with the new sassy cut, I look ten years younger,” Sharon says. Ready for some rest and relaxation, Sharon spent a half-day at Spa Sydell having a signature facial by Valerie Armstrong, deep tissue massage with Tieshia Floyd and manicure/pedicure by Galina. Valerie noticed Sharon’s skin was dehydrated and sensitive, so she prescribed a hydrating facial for Sharon on a regular basis. Stress reduction is an important part of breast cancer treatment and post-treatment. Regular touch therapies, such as facials and massage, have been found to be beneficial for relieving anxiety, pain, fatigue and improving immune function.

The Last Stop

Feeling a bit too conservative for her inner-fashionista, Sharon turned to Crystal Rock of Authentic Beauty for a more glamorous look.

First Crystal defined Sharon’s brows with Wonderbrow gel in Eva, a dark golden brown. Then she blended black pencil along the upper lashline onto the lid, and topped it off with Goddess Shimmer, a rich, warm gold, perfect for enhancing her skin tone and eye color. Next, Crystal added false lashes to open up Sharon’s eyes. To highlight her high cheekbones, Crystal used a touch of Gold Rush and Black Cherry blush on the apples of Sharon’s cheeks. On her lips, Crystal used a soft brown pencil and finished it off with a warm, coppery bronze gloss.

Sharon completed her makeover experience with a shopping spree at Bloomingdale’s Lenox Square, where she updated her look in the New View department. Sharon’s innate sense of fashion and love of color mixed well with the teal silk Anne Klein pieces Bloomingdale’s Patti Batten selected for her.

“This has been a truly wonderful experience, being among a fantastic group of gifted individuals who care so much,” Sharon says, “My spirit has been uplifted tremendously. My friends and family keep saying, what’s going on with you? I’ve been so excited about the transformation that it’s been difficult to sleep. I’ve been wondering, why me? It is such a blessing.”

Makeover Resources

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