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Why You Should Hire a Coach

Why You Should Hire a Coach

Life is a journey, and it is very common to lose direction, to want to change directions or to need help moving towards a new direction. During these times, a coach can be beneficial. Often called a life coach, this person can help you improve your journey in a number of ways.


You may not know the specifics of what you want in life—you just know that you want more. According to Joyce Dillon, RN, certified life and wellness coach with the Atlanta-based Healthy Living and Balance, “Coaching helps the client identify their own strengths, core values, beliefs and life purpose. It also helps reformulate a sense of purpose at different periods in the life cycle.”


After a self-evaluation, your goals become clear, and the path to achieving those goals must be mapped. “A life coach partners with you as you develop an individualized road map to help you move forward in the direction of your vision for your life,” says Debby Stone, professional certified coach and president of InterVision Group LLC in Alpharetta.

The decision to hire a life coach is a decision to improve your life. “This is truly an amazing process that will move you with velocity to anywhere you want to go,” says David Leonard, certified empower coach and member of the Georgia Coach Association (GCA). “A coach is not your best friend, nor your mentor, boss or your psychiatrist. We are, however, advocates/champions for whom you want and strive to be, personally and professionally. If that image of yourself scares you a little, then that is a great place from which to start being coached.”

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