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Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker | Livi Rae Lingerie | Breast Health/Self-Esteem

“Change your bra, change your life” is one of the unofficial mottos of Livi Rae Lingerie. It may sound cheesey to someone unfamiliar with their boutique, but Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker have helped enough clients to know that it’s absolutely true. Hopkins says, “We recently had a young girl who came in who was about four cup sizes different – she didn’t develop on one side.” They were able to fit her with the custom bra she needed so she could avoid a surgical procedure at a young age. 

Even with clients who don’t have a special circumstance like that, Hopkins says, “They feel like we’ve really taken the time to cater to their needs. Our clients become our friends,” Decker adds, “I don’t know any place that I can go that I’ll get a hug from the person that helps me. We find that we hug a lot in our store, and it’s very emotional and bonding.” A shopping trip that builds friendships and emotional support? It doesn’t get much more successful than that.


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