2015 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board

2015 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board Dr. Dina Giesler 

Dr. Giesler’s career in dentistry began during her senior year in high school in Houston, Texas. “I was fascinated with the whole field,” she says. She started working for an orthodontist and multidisciplinary practices, and her passion led her to the two-year dental hygiene program at the University of Texas dental school. “I wasn’t even thinking at the time about becoming a dentist,” she remembers. “It was after becoming a hygienist that God told me I was meant to do more. I worked for over 75 dentists and in all positions within the dental office prior to going back to dental school. “The insight and work experience was invaluable, and Dr. Giesler was able to serve as class president and student delegate to the ACA throughout her graduate training.

“Work harder than anyone else. Stay focused, never give up, and never ever forget who you serve!” 

After graduation and a residency at the Oklahoma Medical Center, Dr. Giesler ran a public health clinic in Plainview Texas. “I’ve always practiced health and wellness and I strive every day to talk the talk and walk the walk!” After selling her practice in Houston, to move to Atlanta in 1997, she started Atlanta Smiles and Wellness.

Dr. Giesler’s Atlanta Smiles Foundation provides pro-bono dentistry and plastic surgery to domestic violent survivors. “Your smile is the universal language and goes with you everywhere you go, and I know I am blessed to be a cosmetic dentist and help others achieve the smile they deserve.” atlantasmiles.com

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