2015 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board

This month, the Advisory Board members share their journeys and words of wisdom for a rewarding career.

IMG_6546 high res (1)Diana Hofsommer

Camp Horizon – Volunteerism 

When Diana Hofsommer took on her role as developmental director at Camp Horizon, she quickly realized it presents its own unique challenges compared with a traditional for-profit business. She explains, “Even though we’ve been around since 1982, the climate has really changed, it’s not as easy to secure funding from granting foundations as it used to be, and funders often don’t want to provide continuing support, so it forces us to seek out new funders constantly.” Plus it ironically costs a lot of money to hold fundraisers.

“Be open to new opportunities, even if they are different from what you initially envisioned. For me, even if my past experience seems a bit disparate at first glance, it has all come together to be exactly what I needed at the right time.”

Despite these challenges, Hofsommer has a plan to overcome them. “My goal as a development director for Camp Horizon is to foster better and increased relationships in our community.” She is working hard to get the word out about Camp Horizon to those who will make great partners. “We’ve got a lot of really great people and a lot of really great businesses in the Metro Atlanta area, and we’re a worthy cause,” she says. Now it’s just a matter of finding each other and joining forces to help Atlanta’s kids.

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