3 Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

3 ways to stay active during the holidays

By Amy Begley, Atlanta Track Club head coach

The holidays are approaching quickly, and all of the festivity can make it hard to stick to your regular fitness routine. Holiday parties, family gatherings and shopping can take up a lot of your time, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure you don’t neglect your health.

Get Up and At ‘Em

It can be tough to stick to your planned evening run or walk if you get a last-minute invite, so pick a time of day when you know nothing else will get in the way of your scheduled workout. Many people find success by working out first thing in the morning.



Incorporate Activity into Holiday Fun

Holiday fun and physical activities don’t have to be two separate things. If you get a little creative, you can keep moving while you enjoy the season.

While you’re out shopping for holiday gifts or food to feed your guests, park at the back of the parking lot to force yourself to take a few extra steps. Better yet, walk or bike to the store or mall. As you select holiday light displays, choose one that you have to walk through instead of a driving tour. You can even create your own personal light show by walking through your neighborhood and checking out the decorations on nearby houses.

Find a Holiday Run or Walk

Signing up for a holiday-themed race is a great way to focus on a specific goal and keep you motivated while staying in the spirit of the season. There are many races that celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s including Atlanta Track Club’s Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. If you’re not up for 13.1 miles, don’t worry! This event has a distance for everyone including a 5K, one mile and 50m dash.

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