My Dancing Stars of Atlanta Progress

Sherri AdairI finally got to meet my Dancing Stars of Atlanta partner, Christjohn! We’re pretty much a match made in heaven!

I’ve decided to start practicing twice a week so I can be a little more comfortable (since I’m scared to death) when I get up there in front of hundreds of people. Practices are getting tougher and tougher but it’s a lot of fun! Christjohn and I have been trying to figure out what type of dance we want to do and busy selecting the “perfect” song. This week we also practiced drops. One’s kind of like a trust fall and the other is a “ragdoll” drop… and “drop” is what I don’t want to do so hopefully Christjohn will be staying on his toes… and catch me!

To explain a little bit more about the competition: I’m currently competing with 7 other people – Richie Arpino, Stephen Brown, Aida Flamm, Jenny Pruitt, Mindy Hylton, Kevin Rathbun and Shirley Franklin. There are two awards that are given out. One is “The Judge’s Choice” and is given to the pair declared the winner by the panel of judges at the dance competition itself. The other is “The People’s Choice” and this is where you come in! Each dollar raised is counted as a vote… so the pair with the most money raised (the highest number of votes) is the People’s Choice winner. So any amount will help! If you want to actually come to the event, then you can buy a ticket ($150) or a table with 10 seats which includes pre- and post- party ($2,000) in my name and it will go towards my goal (both include a seated dinner). I’d love to have as many supporters there as possible!

To donate or buy a ticket, visit my fundraising page here.

Make sure to watch the videos of my lessons – Here‘s this weeks video! And head to our Facebook page to see all of the videos!

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