A Rockin’ Instructor: Marianne Baker

A Rockin' Instructor: Marianne Baker

When POUND Fitness reached out to Marianne Baker, Director of Group Exercise at Concourse Athletic Club, to help them expand the POUND movement into Atlanta, she couldn’t help but say yes. And, that’s when our Atlanta Best Media team landed the opportunity to take the class. Having been a part of the fitness industry for more than 35 years, Baker gets to try her fair share of new classes, products and techniques. Each year she gets certified in 10 new programs to evaluate their potential fit for Concourse programming.  Once Baker experienced POUND’s unique, easy-to-follow format and cardio impact, she knew the workout would be a perfect match for Concourse. Baker says, “You will burn about 400 to 500 calories while having a great time!”

At Concourse in December

Left – Right – Left – Right … Move it, soldier! Can you keep up with our brave souls in uniform? Report to Concourse Athletic Club on December 5th and try a hardcore workout led by the USMC 4th Battalion. Start with TurboKick at 10 a.m. and then, at 11 a.m., move into a real-deal Bootcamp experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to sweat it out with the troops and support their ongoing commitment to Toys For Tots with an entry fee of a new, unwrapped toy donation… BOOYAH!!!

Details: 770-698-2195

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