A Season to Celebrate

Sarah Diller's PhotographsI must admit that the June/July issue is one of my favorites. Getting to know the winners of our Over 40 & Fabulous! contest during the photo shoot, events, and by reading their Q&As always inspires me. From the standout philanthropy work our 2018 winner, Lynne McDonald, does with youth who have Type 1 diabetes (which she also has), to the passion for health that lifted Lisa Mohager out of poverty, these 15 women and men are a shining example of what it means to be your best self. I’m sure their stories will leave you with the same feeling of awe that I felt when I first read them. Click here to see for yourself.

Also in preparation for this issue, the Best Self Atlanta and Atlanta Best Media team added some flavor to our usual Team Activity Day outing. In the past, we have taken a trip back in time to the ’80s by breakdancing with dancer Honey Rockwell and gotten Zen with Tai Chi. Recently, we took to the kitchen at Team Building with Taste. Far from the typical team-building activity, we bonded during a culinary showdown. Read about all the delicious fun here.

On a more serious note, we also dive into a life transition that can be one of the most difficult to navigate. According to the American Psychological Association, 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. The reality is bleak, but navigating the divorce process doesn’t have to be. In “Keeping It Together When Going Separate Ways,” we break down the legal and emotional intricacies of divorce such as custody agreements, therapy options and the impact it has on children. Sometimes, along this journey called life, we wind up on a road we never thought we’d be on or that presents challenges we don’t want to face. I hope the 2018 June/July issue reminds you that no matter where you end up, you always have the choice to learn and grow from every situation as our contest winners have.

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