Agility Competitor, Instructor and Blogger at “To Dog With Love” Diane Silver Gives Her Best Advice

diane and rocco hikeAgility Competitor, instructor and blogger at “To Dog With Love” Diane Silver shares her best advice on agility training for pets.

Why should dog owners practice agility training with their pet?

Agility provides awesome mental stimulation and physical exercise for your dog, which is so important for a happy healthy pet. And, since you practice agility as a team, it’s a super way to form a special bond with your dog, have fun and get some exercise yourself!

Which dogs are best suited for this activity? 

While you often see herding breeds like Border Collies excelling at agility, any dog can enjoy the activity! Even shy or fearful dogs can befit from the confidence-building skills learned in agility.

What are your favorite things about practicing agility training with your own pup? 

Agility is a super fun activity for Rocco and me, and it’s one way we can run and play together while getting a nice workout for both of us. And whether you plan to compete or not, many of the basic skills learned in agility translate to a well-adjusted, well-behaved pup at home.

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