Alacarte Catering's Rhonda Miglioli Gives Her Best Advice

Rhonda Miglioli from Alacarte Catering is here to give her best advice on how to throw a great party this summer. 

Rhonda Miglioli

Q: How does the food at a party contribute to a great get-together? 

A: Food can make or break an event. You want to create a menu that enhances the party, tastes delicious, is beautifully presented and stays within budget. Having at least one “wow” item will ensure that guests will remember the food and the party. 

Q: What’s special about summer party food?

A: Summer foods are bursting with vibrant colors and fantastic flavors, which entice people to throw backyard parties and picnics. And you can grill almost anything tasty in the summer. 

Q: What are some fun summer party themes? 

A: Low country boils are always a big hit in the summer; the corn is very flavorful and a variety of shellfish is bountiful. Barbecues and dessert parties are also extremely fun and popular in the summer.

Q: What are some tips to keep a party’s food budget manageable?

A: Select foods that are in season and offer salads and vegetables. Two proteins are more than enough. If working with a caterer, tell them up front what your budget is so you can plan the menu accordingly.   

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