At last, love has come along: Finding love after 40

At last, my love has come along, My lonely days are over, And life is like a song … I stood there wishing I could fill the space with this song the way Etta James would. This was like play to me—away from the office, away from my computer—I was at Authentic Beauty hanging out with two lovely couples, Uli and Gary, and Earsilene and Harry; and love was definitely in the air. These were two of the couples to be profiled in the February issue of Best Self Magazine and they were getting glammed-up for the photo shoot. (The third couple Perri and Gary had already submitted a lovely wedding photo of themselves.) I had gotten so excited the first time I had read the feature “Finding love after forty,” that I had emailed our editor telling her I thought this was one of the best articles our magazine had done so far. As I stood observing these people who had finally found the love of their lives after the age of 40, I realized that we had found the perfect couples to represent this article. What I love about the article is that it is real, and in addition to stories the couples share of how they found love, it also offers practical tips for helping others in the preparation of giving and receiving love. I walked around with my digital camera, capturing the moments as we engaged and got to know each other, as the staff at Authentic Beauty began the beautification process, and as the couples interacted with each other—I did not want to miss a thing. Even though some of the men weren’t happy about being made up, (as you will see from the slide show, click on the photo below) just wait until you see their after photos in the February issue of Best Self magazine and some in this slide.

At Last, Love has come

I love looking at before and after photos and I was fortunate to be there for the entire process. After hair and makeup, the already beautiful couples were stunning, and it was time for our professional photographer, Amy Hunsinger to take over. If like myself, you still look forward to sharing your life with that special person, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from our feature. As varied as our life experiences are, we can still learn from each other. I looked at these couples who seemed to be so “into each other”—the looks, the touching, the hand holding and the kisses. I smiled as I noted that as we grow older we never really get past wanting the romance, and a little bit of the fairy tale. However, growing older should birth the wisdom to understand that in order for love to last, there is also the practical side of love, where we learn to compromise, to forgive, to be patient, and to invest the “hard work” necessary to build strong, lasting love. Come, come, take a listen, for if I were Etta James I would offer up this song for all the 40 somethings and beyond, who still dream of finding love … “May you find a dream that you could speak to, A dream that you can call your own, may you find a thrill to press your cheek to, A thrill that you have never known … (Click here to read the “Finding love after 40″ article.)

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